The Bubble

Kalt turned to Kilik and asked breathlessly. “Where did you learn to do that?”
Kilik looked back and replied, “Do what?”
“Turn into a bear of course!” He asked.
“Oh that, well you’re not the only one who practices things that aren’t on the curriculum” she said with a cheeky smile.

Both Kalt and Huji smiled when they heard the sound of clapping, they turned their heads and saw all the students who was hit by Yan’s spell applauding for them, some even cheering as they had watched the fight and were impressed by how they took down Yan.
Huji was scratching behind his head in embarrassment and Kalt was looking at the ground trying not to look at anyone, Kilik who had never received much attention before was as red as a rose and buried her face in her hands to try and hide it.

Kalt looked at Yan. “Ok now all we have to do is get a teacher and find out what this was all about” he said with a bit of caution.
Huji then looked at Kalt, “And we err... we need to talk about what happened earlier as well” he said with curiosity.

Kalt began to get some feeling back in his body and looked up to see both Kilik and Huji staring at him intensively, he felt a little scared about how they would react again and began stuttering with words.
Eventually he gathered up the courage to say, “I’ll tell you everything after we figured out what is wrong with him” he glanced at Yan. “But first how about we head to the closest classroom and-”


Before he could finish something hit him hard and forced him on his back, he looked up to see Kilik and Huji flying into the crowd and before he could say anything, some kind of huge blue bubble appeared and encircled the area around him. A few students ran forwards but rammed into the bubble like it was as hard as stone and were forced backwards, Kalt rolled over onto his knees and looked forwards to see Yan back on his feet with a trickle of blood seeping down his head where Kilik had struck him.

“Now nobody can disturb us, they can’t even hear us now Child of Prophecy” Yan said with a different voice, like an echoed demonic voice, nothing like the simple young boys voice that he had just a few moments ago.

Kalt’s eyes widened at the mention of the Prophecy and he stood up with a look of wonder on his face, Yan had a blank face on him, devoid of expression, as if he had entered a Ranter state of mind but Kalt found that to be near impossible.

“How do you know of that?” Kalt asked Yan with uncertainty in his voice, nothing that was happening was making any sense, and Yan was definitely a different person now.
“It took me a long time to find you, how foolish of you to expose your powers like this, that old bastard Xectix hid you well but now I know where you are and who you are, there is nowhere safe for you left in this land” Yan’s demonic voice said in a cruel way.
“What do you want with me?!” Kalt shouted.
Yan shifted a little, “I only wish to finish what I began in Yuit” he said with widened eyes.

The mention of Yuit was a trigger for Kalt, without even thinking he activated his Kertica vision and once again saw Yan’s multi-coloured energy, his blank eyes glowed white as he prepared for a spell. The bits of debris and rocks from the spells that had been used previously all blasted away from Kalt and even Yan were also taken aback a bit as Kalt’s skin turned dark red and his hair fluorescent green as he unleashed his Soul Power to its maximum limit.

Kalt, for the first time in his life, used several Hero powers at the same time.

The End

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