The Teamwork

Yan did not stop advancing so Kalt got into a ready position to prepare for anything when Kilik stood beside him with a scared look on her face, Kalt turned to her and said “Kilik no! He’s way to strong, don’t get involved like this!”
She simply put a brave smile at him and replied “Kalt, there is no way in a million years I’m going to abandon you.”

Yan was almost at them and prepared to strike when something from behind hit him and forced him onto his knees with a loud grunt of pain.
Kalt and Kilik looked over him to see Huji standing at the doorway. “The same goes for me Kalt!” he shouted to Kalt.
Kalt and Kilik bypassed a disoriented Yan and met with Huji near the doorway, Kalt immediately looked at him with worry and asked him. “What happened to Werpic and Carsus? Are they ok? Are they-” Huji raised his hand.
“He just knocked them out, thought he had me to but I took cover behind a bed, he just ignored me and came straight after you, Werpic and Carsus are not badly hurt but we should get them to the Healers soon” he said to a now more worried Kalt.

“But in any case we need to deal with Yan or at least hold him off for the teachers to arrive, they must have noticed something wrong by now and should be on their way” he finished.
“I hope they get here soon!” Kilik said worriedly.
“But that's the least of it, before Carsus was knocked out he said that Yan’s energy was all mixed up going in directions in his body that it shouldn’t go, he thinks Yan’s being controlled somehow” Huji added.

Kalt was surprised by this, “Let me see” he said. He closed his eyes and reopened them to be blank soulless eyes to everyone else, but to him he could see everything more clearly than ever, he himself was giving off his new black energy vapour from his body, something he wasn't used to yet and Kilik and Huji where giving off their respective colours of blue for Huji and purple for Kilik.

Kalt thought back to using his Kertica vision inside his room when he was practicing and tried to remember exactly what colour Yan’s was, he remembered seeing him slightly in red but couldn’t be too sure of it now. But when he looked directly at Yan he realised trying to remember was a waste of time, and Carsus was right.

Yan’s energy was multi-coloured, like a rainbow and surprisingly similar to Kalt’s previous energy colour. His body also, instead of releasing his natural energy like everybody else's, seemed to be sucking it into the body as if something was forcing it to come in, he had heard of in lesson once that if there was a foreign energy source in somebody without their knowledge or consent it would mix up the natural order of their energy and would cause it to go haywire.

“Yeah something is wrong all right” Kalt explained to the others. “But it’s hard to explain, it like something is screwing up his energy without touching him or do anything to his body, his brainwaves are normal so he is aware of what he is doing and there is nothing out of the ordinary in his muscle systems, but something is making him do this by controlling the energy within him, its either that or he’s doing this wilfully and is somehow screwing up my vision.”

Kalt shut off his vision knowing it would do him no good in this fight and glanced between the two of them. “I don’t know how else to explain it, it’s like Yan’s fine but he is a different person right now” he finished with a very worried look from both Huji and Kilik.

But neither of them understood as much as Kalt, Huji and Kilik couldn’t know precisely what he was talking about as only those who have seen the vision could fully comprehend what he meant by it. Yan had finally come back to his senses, he stood up and faced the three of them with an even angrier expression then before and paced towards them.

All three of them got ready as Yan approached; Kalt whispered to the both of them. “Ok we can’t risk a frontal attack, that won’t work on him, Kilik if you charge in with me I can distract him while you somehow get behind him and give him a full on attack with your strongest transformation, Huji back us up with some long range spells and cover me when I distract him. Can both of you manage that?”

Both of them nodded and Kalt added “be careful” before they all gave Yan their complete undivided attention.

Huji’s eyes glowed green as he prepared for an air attack, Kalt and Kilik rushed Yan as Kalt’s eyes glowed white and his hands aiming for Yan’s arms and legs to paralyse but not harm him. Kilik transformed as she ran, her wild hair waved around as her body changed and fit in neatly as she became a lion and roared with her huge teeth exposed to scare Yan.

Yan did not budge but merely became excited as the two of them neared, he went straight for Kalt as Kalt ducked under his punch that Kalt felt had an extreme intensity behind, he probably would have been seriously hurt if he had got hit.

Kilik took the opportunity to lunge at Yan, she grabbed and gnawed on his outstretched arm with her teeth as Yan yelled in pain and tried to shake her off, Kalt jumped away and aimed for his original intended areas of paralysis as he shot small but sharp ice stakes from his palms.

Yan noticed this in time and threw Kilik away in a display of very impressive strength and ducked underneath the ice stakes, he barely had time to look up when he was forced backwards and rolled away from a blast of wind from Huji.

Kalt landed and his eyes glowed orange and he immediately fired four fireballs at a rolling Yan, Yan held onto one of the pillars in the centre of the hall to stop rolling and jumped like a frog sideways to avoid the fireballs, he responded by sending several fireballs back at Kalt.

Kalt ducked in fear sideways to avoid them with his arms over his head as they exploded on the wall behind him as Yan charged, though skidded to a halt halfway when he noticed the floor around him. He jumped up onto one of the pillars and held onto it like he was some kind of spider as a pillar of earth rose from the ground and would have smacked Yan in the chin which would have worked had Yan not dodged.

Yan saw Huji’s eyes glowing yellow and he jumped off of the pillar like a frog again and flew straight for him, Huji gasped and tried to block by raising his arms when Kalt appeared in front of Yan and kicked him into the ground then back flipping away towards Huji. Kalt’s skin was red, veins were exposed in his skin and his hair was fluorescent green as he activated his Soul Power, Yan looked up and snarled at him.
“Your fight is with me!” Kalt declared.

Yan got back up, his eyes glowing white, and formed an ice spear in his hand which he promptly threw at Kalt, it was very fast but Kalt was faster. Kalt grabbed it and ran at Yan which took him half a second to achieve before he was staring Yan in face.
Before Yan could react, Kalt smashed the ice spear over Yan’s head which made him grunt in pain and stumble backwards, Kalt went in to deliver a powerful blow when Yan grabbed his hand and Kalt felt like he had just punched a brick wall.

Kalt used his other hand to try and punch but Yan also used his other one to block, Kalt expected this and manoeuvred to grab Yan’s hand instead and succeeded, attempting to crush it.
Doing this was much harder than expected as Yan somehow matched his strength, Kalt was tempted to activate his Kertica vision and see what was happening to Yan’s muscles to enable this but thought to himself that if he did, Yan would probably mess with his vision.

Huji stood there and watched the two of them wrestle in place as both of them tried to gain the upper hand on the other in terms of strength, Yan was still snarling at Kalt while Kalt was grunting as he strained to try and overcome Yan.

Things had come to a complete standstill as neither of them could beat the other. Eventually Yan looked at him in the eyes and said, “Don’t you want to stop using your Soul Power soon? I know you can’t keep it up forever” with a strained voice.
Kalt responded “You’re right, so if you want to surrender you still can before I get serious!” also in a strained voice.
Both of them then seemed to increase their strength but only achieved in forestalling the standoff. Yan spoke again, “Just accept your fate and die!” going red in the face.
“You have no idea what my fate is, I can’t die yet!” Kalt said in an almost incoherent gurgle.

Yan looked like he was laughing but Kalt couldn’t tell if it was strained chuckles or forced down grunts of pain, neither of them would be able to hold on for much longer and it was simply a test of endurance now. But then Kalt had a pleasant surprise whereas Yan was taken aback completely.
Kilik in the form of a bear was behind Yan leering down at him as she stood on two legs roaring at him, Yan was shocked by this as Kalt’s plan had worked and Kilik had taken the opportunity to sneak up on him.

Kalt took the opportunity of the distracted Yan looking up at Kilik to pull his arms and force Yan into him; Yan quickly looked down and was head butted in the jaw by Kalt.
Yan yelled in pain as his head was forced backwards and Kalt let go of Yan letting him fall backwards, Yan’s face and body was curved and facing Kilik above him as Kalt jumped away and yelled “Now Kilik!”

Kilik raised her giant clawed paw and smashed Yan down into the ground with a force that cracked the floor. Yan’s lower body was forced up and then fell neatly to the floor and ceased to move, Kilik removed her paw and returned to normal, shaking her wild hair like a lions mane.
Kalt and Huji walked towards her and looked down at Yan who was now completely unconscious; everybody gave a sigh of relief as they wiped the sweat from their brows. Kalt released his Soul Power and Huji carried Kalt as he collapsed from exhaustion.

The End

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