The Possessed

Ropacti!” yelled Yan.

Snakes came out of Yan’s sleeves and lunged at Kalt with poisonous fangs, everybody gasped and a few girls screamed and many ran away, Kalt too was surprised as Yan just used a spell that no Mamto here knew or even heard of.

But just as Yan had used his spell, Kalt’s came into effect, small columns of rocks sprung out from under the beds and wrapped themselves around the snakes bringing them to the ground unable to move.
Sharp rock stakes sprung up from the floor around Yan and just like when he practiced on Xectix, they trapped Yan by surrounding and constricting him tightly.

Kalt went up to Yan and yelled, “What the hell are you playing at!? Where did you learn a spell like that?”

But as he was talking Yan’s eyes glowed green and he blew air out of his mouth which unexpectedly took Kalt off guard and he was blown away into the door way where several of the people who were just standing again ducked out of the way.
Kalt was beginning to get a little scared now; Yan had never been this good at magic, if anything he was just an average Mamto nowhere near Huji’s or Kalt’s level.

But somehow Yan was gaining the upper hand and as Kalt looked up he saw Yan had somehow managed to break apart the rock stakes, he released his spell on the snakes which immediately melted away into ash.
Kalt backed up a bit and got up as quickly as he body would allow, Yan smiled and advanced towards him again with a chilling look in his eyes that told Kalt everything about what Yan was attempting to do, Yan was fighting to kill.

“Hey Yan come on, calm down I’m sorry ok? Just let’s stop now alright?” Kalt tried to reason with him, other people were saying the same as well including Yan’s own friends.

Obviously everybody was scared at this odd behaviour and wanted it to stop, but Yan gave no hint of stopping and continued advancing with the same look in his eyes.

Just as Yan was about to reach Kalt somebody grabbed Yan’s shoulders and threw him half way across the room. Kalt looked to see Werpic back on his feet and dark red all over with his veins popping out of his skin, his normally blonde hair now fluorescent green and rage on his face, he had activated his Soul Power and Werpic was fighting seriously.

“If you lay another finger on him I’ll tear you apart!” Werpic yelled.

Yan stood back up and retorted with his own facial rage, his eyes glowed yellow as he put his hands together preparing for an earth spell.
“Everybody get out! This is serious!” Werpic shouted to everybody in the room.

Everyone reactively ran out of the room with only a few remaining by the doorway to watch, Kalt stood up and Huji and Carsus came side by side him watching Werpic with worry.

Yan made a slight move and Werpic disappeared and appeared behind him with side kick at Yan’s neck, but an earth pillar rose and took the force of the blow forcing Werpic back as Yan ran at Kalt again.
Werpic once again disappeared and reappeared right in front of Yan and went to punch his face when Yan did something nobody expected, least of all Werpic who was caught completely by surprise.

Yan blocked Werpic’s powered up punch by grabbing his arm, twisting it and holding it in position preventing Werpic from moving it.
“How did you do that?” Werpic said stunned at the fact a Mamto could match his Banet strength.

Carsus immediately ran towards them to help out his best friend followed swiftly by Huji, Kalt was going to follow him when Kilik grabbed his arm and dragged him away. “C’mon Yan is dangerous right now and he wants to get you! Let’s go get a teacher and stop him now!” she begged him.

Kalt begrudgingly followed him leaving his friends with what seemed like a possessed version of Yan and followed several other students through the lounge and into the corridor leading to the spiral hall, the last thing he saw of the was Yan preparing to do another spell as his eyes glowed grey and Huji and Carsus rushing to help Werpic.

“I wish Gh’tarn was here, she’d know how to fix all of this” said a worried Kilik as they ran back down the corridor out into the spiral hall where they could find help.
“She’s in lesson and there’s no time, let’s just get some help before the others get
hurt!” Kalt said hurriedly.

He was very worried now; Yan was the one who had changed into something completely different, something that was able to match Kalt’s new prophecy powers and for some reason it was after him and him alone

“Why has that boy trying to kill you?! You didn’t do anything that bad!” Kilik said as they made their way through the door and out into the mountain corridor.
A crowd had gathered consisting of a few witnesses of what just happened and many other student who were curious about the ruckus but they couldn’t spot any teachers.

“He looked possessed! But there’s no time to think about the why! He could be killing Werpic for all we know, I mean he looked like he wanted to kill me!” Kalt yelled.
“I doubt he wanted to go that far Kalt” said Kilik.
“You didn’t see his eyes up close! I’ve seen those kinds of eyes before!” Kalt defended himself.
“Since when has anyone tried to kill you Kalt?” demanded a surprised and worried Kilik.

Kalt was just about to think of an answer when the door behind them burst off of its hinges and Yan was standing there with his face entwined with anger and madness, both of them turned to face him as he clapped his hands with his eyes grey again and sent sonic shockwave with a loud boom.

Kalt was expecting him to do something so he instinctively grabbed Kilik and bent down and, relying on his new power, tried to get an earth shield up as fast as he could which to his great relief a large cocoon of rock and earth expanded over him and Kilik within a second.

The shock wave hit the earth shield and was deflected off of it yet continued going and hit the crowd, which in turn sent everybody else standing around flying further backwards sending some people against the mountain wall and others colliding in mid-air.

Before some of the people had even stopped rolling when they hit the floor Yan was advancing on the both of them, Kalt retracted his earth shield and stood up with Kilik “Yan get a hold of yourself, this isn’t you! Something's making you do this!” he pleaded with Yan.

The End

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