The Fight

“Yeah, it’s true about the wall; it’s true about this power everyone! But I swear to you I didn’t know up until now, that's what Head Hero Druff and I were talking about, yes I am different because I can use all five types, yes I can say that I’m a different kind of hero to you all! But when has that ever got to me? I have never acted like another person because of that and I have never looked down on anyone! If anything I expected people to look down on me considering how much more effort and work I have to put in!" Kalt said passionately, sweat dripping from his brow.
"I’ve gone through some kind of change and now I’ve gotten a little stronger, but that doesn’t make me any more different then what I was yesterday, last week, or when I arrived nine years ago! I’m still the same and I always will be! So if you want to treat me differently go ahead, but I’m not dangerous, I’m not mad or insane, and I certainly don’t want to have to deal with this!” Kalt finished with a stamp of his foot and a load off of his chest.

Everyone was staring at him.

Kalt glared at Yan who refused to make eye contact with him, everyone was silent and looking at Kalt as he spun around looking at everyone.
Huji was staring at Kalt with an odd look on him and Carsus and Werpic looked very deep in thought, Kalt looked back at Yan “I know what this is now, jealousy! Well I’m not sticking around to deal with one guy’s fears and envy.”
Kalt walked away and Yan scoffed and insulted him again, Kalt looked back at him “Yan, you are pathetic and don’t talk about me anymore you third person talking, jealous weirdo!”

Kalt wasn't too sure what part of that outburst towards Yan upset him the most, all he knew was that Yan yelled at him and he started thrashing his arms about wildly. He began to act very strange and caused several students to take some extra steps away from his lash out, after a minute Yan calmed down he stopped moving for a while with his head slumped down.

Eventually Yan raised his head and his demeanour changed, he stood up very slowly glaring Kalt down and an evil look on his face, his eyes glowed grey a few seconds after and he made a few hand signs that Kalt did not recognise at all.

Before Kalt could ask him what element he was using it was too late, Yan shouted “Qui-victus!” and a visible, yellow barrier burst out from him that expanded the entire room and touched but phased through everyone present.

Nothing happened for a few seconds, but soon enough a powerful blast hit everyone at the same time and threw everybody away onto their backs and a few people slammed into the walls.

Everybody in the doorway were forced back as well, except for Yan they were all on the floor winded from the sudden blast and trying to get the panting with difficulty, Yan then walked with his eyes glowing orange towards Kalt.
Kalt knew the Yan really wanted to hurt him as he tried to pull himself together, Huji, Kilik, Carsus and Werpic were all yelling to Kalt to look out as they tried to get up to help and even Yan’s friends were telling Yan to stop but Yan wasn't listening.

Yan raised his arm preparing for a fire attack when Kalt decided he had no choice but to fight back, his eyes glowed green and Kalt waved his arms at Yan who immediately was blasted backwards off of his feet and onto a bed from a sudden and strong gust of wind which forced all of the windows open.

Kalt got up thinking that the air attack would’ve been enough but Yan got back up and fired a fireball at Kalt who instinctively raised his hands to cover his head and fell to the ground in fright as the fireball zoomed past him and exploded on a window.
Yan didn’t give up and advanced towards Kalt with an enraged face and a cruel smile on his twitching lips. “Don’t like fire hey? Well I’ll keep that in mind” he said in a cold voice.

Yan was acting differently than earlier to Kalt, he was really trying to hurt Kalt and made Kalt think that all this surely wasn't over an insult, there was something else behind this and Yan was acting like a different person, like he was the madman instead.
In fact Yan was being very violent and going over the top by attacking everyone just to get to Kalt which wasn't like him at all, in all his years of knowing Yan, Kalt had never seen him act like this, nor had he heard him refer to himself as ‘I’ and not ‘Yan.’

Yan began to run at Kalt with eyes glowing grey and he made a few hand signs, Kalt reacted by making a few hand signs of his own as his eyes turned yellow.

The End

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