The Argument

Kalt followed behind her as she led him down the corridor and into the lounge, as he neared his room he could hear raised voices and a few people from the other dormitories along the lounge area had opened their doors and poke their heads out to listen to the source of the commotion.

He was getting nearer to his room near the end of the corridor and he could hear the unmistakable voices of Werpic and a boy with sandy hair and long legs called Yan shouting at each other.
There was a crowd of people outside the door as well, some from other dormitories and others from his dormitory that just wanted to get out of the way.

“Don’t you dare say that again or I’ll make you regret it!” Kalt heard Werpic shout and then heard a little thud.
“The guy’s dangerous! He had all the ability to do that all along and never told us? Do you have any idea what he could do to us? Yan’s just pointing out the truth, Yan is trying to protect us you idiot!” Yan shouted with a whooshing crash noise.
“SHUT UP!” screamed Werpic and Kalt heard a tussle and somebody coughing.

Kalt reached the crowd and they seemed surprised to see him as Kilik broke them apart to force their way in, Carsus and Huji weren't in crowd Kalt noticed as he went in-between them and stood at the doorway and looked inside.

Werpic was holding Yan up by his collar and was red in the face, Yan was squirming about to try and get free, there were a few more people in the room standing well back to avoid the fight as there were many smashed things on the floor.
Kalt noticed Carsus and Huji together at the other end of the room as Yan clapped his hands and his eyes glowed orange, Werpic let go of Yan grunting in pain as his hands were singed from flames shooting off of Yan’s body.

“Don’t you get it? He’s been lying to us, Yan saw his face when Clim took him away, it was the face of a madman!” Yan said getting his breath back.

Werpic roared and charged at Yan but Yan put his hands on the ground and his eyes glowed pure white, ice spread out on the ground where Werpic was running and he slipped and fell over sliding towards Yan whose eyes were glowing orange again and jumped over him and fired a single fireball at Werpic.
Werpic rolled over and dodged the attack and picked up a small trunk with little effort and threw it at Yan at an alarming speed, Yan ducked and the trunk smashed behind him on the wall and Werpic ran kicked him in the chest which forced him back onto Kalt’s bed.

Werpic walked forwards to continue the fight and Yan’s eyes glowed blue readying for some kind of water attack when Kalt stepped forward into the room. “Stop this right now!” he yelled at the both of them.

Everybody then suddenly seemed to notice Kalt and looked at him, Werpic saw him and stepped away from Yan taking a deep breath and retreated beside Kalt, Yan’s eyes stopped glowing and he stood up off of the bed looking at Werpic, daring him to make another move.
Huji and Carsus noticed Kalt and walked over to join him as Kalt looked back and forth between Werpic and Yan, Kilik waited outside with the crowd and Werpic and Yan glared at each other with a very tense silence.

“What the hell is this about?” Kalt demanded to the both of them. “Why is it so serious that you would literally use abilities that could hurt the both of you seriously!?”
Yan scoffed and Werpic threw him a dirty look and looked back at Kalt. “He was insulting you in all kinds of ways so I told him to shut up and get lost but he didn’t so I hit him.”
Yan pointed his finger at Werpic and yelled, “Yan had a right to say what Yan did! You had no right to hit Yan you Banet brute!”
Werpic cracked his knuckles menacingly. “I’ll do it again if you keep on insulting my friend!”
Yan put his hands together to be ready for a spell when Kalt interjected. “Whoa now! Just calm down you two, now what exactly did Yan say?”
Huji spoke up. “He was calling you dangerous and insane, that you belonged in a secure mental asylum because you were too dangerous and powerful to be around people with what happened today” he said with a certain tone of annoyance towards Yan.

Kalt looked at Yan with an inquisitive and friendly face to try and calm him down.
“Yan I’ve always treated you with respect... why did you say those things?”
Yan gave Kalt a dirty look. “Because with the whole wall thing that you did today, it’s clear that you’ve been lying to us about how strong you are, and Yan and the others were scared of you! Yan had always thought you were a bit different from us considering what you can do, but Yan had no idea that you could do this and that makes you dangerous!”

Kalt got a bit annoyed as a few people he recognised as Yan’s friends murmured in agreement, he stood in the middle and faced everyone and prepared to say what he had dreaded most.

The End

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