The Frustration

Kalt was very mad now ‘why does he treat this like some kind of joke? What kind of a name is The Back Scar Bees gang? If he really didn’t want to answer me he could have said so without making fun of me!’ he thought to himself.

Kalt had walked back down the long spiral hall of the mountain, occasionally walking past a student who said hello, giggled or just stared at him. He was nearly back at his dormitory when he started to force Xectix to the back of his mind and started pondering about what he would say to his fellow classmates who witnessed the wall accident earlier and more importantly, what he would say to Huji.

During his descent Kalt started to have second feelings about his new found powers, he wondered if Huji and everyone else would be ok with it. Kalt and Huji had their own thing that, despite Kalt being special, Huji had always been the better Mamto, and seeing as how this was not the case anymore it made Kalt wonder if Huji would truly be ok with change.

‘Should I tell him the truth? Would he be ok with it? Oh man what do I say?’ Kalt was beginning to fret as he walked towards the door leading off to his year groups’ section of the mountain where they slept.
He paused outside the front door and his mind was racing with what he should say, Professor Clim’s class would be over now and that meant all the Mamto’s would be back in the dormitory and no doubt all of them would be telling all of the other people in there of the incident earlier that day.

The only people that wouldn’t be in there would be the Ranter’s as they had class now, which if it wasn't for Druff’s order he would be in right now practicing in vain on his Shadow Strikes. Kalt smirked to himself, all the people that were trying desperately hard to make a shadow foot to kick a jar on the ground and now he himself could do that without thinking about it.
But Kalt shook his head and realised that he mustn't be big-headed about this development or else people would have a reason to have a problem with his powers, this brought his ego down and he promised to himself that he wouldn’t let the Prophecy powers make him arrogant.

He had always been able to do more than anyone else and he never let it get to him, and he wasn't going to boost himself up anymore now that things had changed a little, and he felt a little better knowing that if he didn’t change at all as a person then his friends shouldn’t treat him differently.

Feeling a little more courage in what was coming he went towards the door and put his hand on it, before he even turned it however it sprang open and somebody ran out and bumped into Kalt making both of them fall to the floor.

“Kilik! What was that for?” moaned Kalt as he rubbed his head from the fall and seeing Kilik ling on top of him looking dazed and confused.
Kilik noticed Kalt after a moment and rolled off of him and sprang upwards “Kalt! Thank goodness I found you; I was just going to look for you!”
Kalt dusted himself off and stood up “why?” he asked her.

She got all wide eyed and grabbed his hand.
“Werpic and some boy from your Mamto class are getting into a fight over you, all the Mamto’s told us about what you did to the wall and this guy was treating you like a freak and Werpic told him to shut up and-” she shook her head and dragged him into the corridor inside and started leading him to his part of the dormitory.

“Never mind just come and break it up please!” she begged him.

The End

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