The Future

Kalt was still buzzing his mind around everything; he couldn’t decide whether or not this was something he would ever be able to get used to. Xectix stood up from behind the desk and Druff went and sat back down.

“So I guess you’re not mad at us anymore right?” Xectix asked Kalt.
Kalt then suddenly remembered that he was a little annoyed at them still. “I’m still upset at the fact you never told me this… but I understand the reason and appreciate that you were looking out for me.”
Xectix smiled and ruffled Kalt’s hair. “Don’t you worry about it Kalt.”
“But I have other questions as well” Kalt started to say.
“I’m sure you do but you have had enough excitement for one day I believe” Druff interjected.
“Yeah but-”
“No you are not old enough to fully understand all of this.”
Kalt frowned. “Fine then, but also, since you’ve told me about the prophecy and how much you knew about me, I’m willing to bet you’ve discovered stuff about the bandit clan that attacked Yuit right?”
Xectix held onto Kalt’s shoulders and looked at his eyes. “You are too young to know about them too.”
“So you do know something then” Kalt quizzed.
“You will find out in due time, see my fear is that now you’ve unlocked your powers you will let it go to your head and if you found out what I’ve discovered then you will leave early to try and take your revenge but let me tell you it is a bad idea to do that” Xectix said seriously.

Kalt froze, the thought hadn’t entered his head but once he thought about it he couldn’t just leave the academy, well more like he didn’t want to leave just yet. The academy was his home and Xectix and Huji and everyone else was his new family, he didn’t want to just abandon them to fulfil his revenge sooner then he wanted to.

“Ok, I understand, I promise you I won’t leave the academy or do anything stupid now that I have this power” he told Xectix.
“Oh thank Marvin” Xectix said with a breath of relaxation.
“So when can I find out everything?” Kalt asked
“We’ll tell you everything we know when you graduate four years from now” Druff answered. “But that's a long way away and we’ve kept you here for over an hour now, I expect you want to get back. Go straight to your dormitory and take the rest of the day off, I’ll inform Professor Clim and Professor Chu that you won’t be attending lessons for today.”

Kalt paused for the moment wondering if he should press the matter but decided against it; before he left he turned to Xectix. “Can you at least tell me their name just to satisfy my curiosity?”
Xectix looked back at him and then to Druff and then back again, he breathed a long deep sigh and closed his eyes “The name of the bandit clan that attacked Yuit is The Back Scar Bees gang.”
Kalt stared at him “The Back Scar Bees gang?” he repeated. Xectix nodded and Kalt continued “what kind of stupid name is that?”
“That is more then you wanted to know right? You only wanted to know the name, not the reason behind it right?” Xectix said.
“Just a bit of a stupid name for murderers if you ask me” Kalt mumbled as he turned and walked towards the door to the mountain.
“It was nice seeing you before I left again Kalt!” Xectix shouted at him, but his only response back was the door being slammed shut as Kalt left.

Xectix turned back to Druff whose face was strained in annoyance at his door being used in such a way “ah you can’t blame him” Xectix began upon seeing his face “He always gets mad when I don’t answer his questions on the bandits.”
“Well it is best he doesn’t find out yet” Druff said in an annoyed tone.
“Yeah, maybe with this he’ll be able to deal with Time Jug” Xectix said hopefully.
“He still has a long way to go considering Time Jug’s history and reputation” Druff said in an ominous tone.
“I wouldn’t count Kalt down and out yet, there’s something about him that makes me want to count on him” Xectix encouraged Druff.
“Yes but this IS an ex-hero we are talking about” replied Druff.
“Have faith in Kalt, anyways I’m off up north, there are a few rumours of an Orc spy up there who’s had a few dealings with the rebels, I’ll see what I can dig up and report back within the next three months” Xectix said very seriously.

“Very good, I’ll mind things over here and keep an eye on our Hero of Prophecy, if word got out of a hero who can use all powers now before he’s ready... well I’m willing to bet that whoever slaughtered Yuit to get to him would either be desperate enough or powerful enough to try and attack here too” Druff said.
“Ok, see you soon” said Xectix with his eyes glowing golden once again, and soon enough he vanished into thin air leaving an awful smell behind him.


Druff sat down in silence for a few minutes going over everything. There was one thing that was bugging him all throughout the test however, ‘why did Kalt lie about the cave in? Did something really happen?’ he thought to himself.

The End

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