The Shadows

Xectix slumped away behind Druff’s desk and crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows. “Now tell me Kalt, what is a Shadow Strike and the fundamental basis of its use?”

Kalt did not look at anything in particular as he responded and sounded as if he was reading from a textbook.
“Shadow Strikes are the summoning of one’s shadow into a physical form in which to rearrange objects or use as assassination tools for the user’s needs of the occasion. It is applied by mixing energy with your own shadow and summoning it from the dark netherworld from where it is said that every man, woman and child’s shadow replica of themselves live in an alternate reality. After summoning that shadow side of themselves they may rearrange their own shadow so long as the caster stays within shadows to suit their needs.”

“A Ranter’s memory is a useful thing to have” Xectix said in an observational analysis yet also clearly jealous of Kalt’s Ranter skills, “and where have you gotten to know in that regard?”
“I used to be able to only summon blobs of various sizes from my shadow which I could hold onto for a minute or so, but now I can’t say” Kalt responded.
“Well just give us a minute” Druff said waving his hand “Xectix if you would please?” he said staring at a hairy stump behind his desk which was Xectix’s beard,

Kalt heard a snapping noise and dark clouds formed overhead blocking out the sun and made it look like it was going to rain. The area around them was darkened to the point where they seemed as if they were standing here at night despite being able to see the blue sky in the distance.

“You may proceed Kalt, form a full body shadow and have it shake my hand to past the test” Druff said expectantly while wiping his hand against his clothes as if he was about to touch something very dirty and wanted to keep it as clean as possible.

Kalt gathered in energy and accustomed it to the darkness around him; with the energy mixed in with the area he could release it at will and focused it on the very dim black spot on the ground which was his shadow.

Almost as soon as he directed the energy to his shadow it already started oozing out of the ground at a fast pace and in a few seconds it was a massive blob on the ground, Kalt began thinking about his own body texture and shape and as soon as he did the blob began shooting around on the spot forcing itself into a new form.
After a few seconds it sprouted legs and began to stand, after that it shot out one arm after the other and formed fingers and thumbs on the hands of them, then it shot out a head which formed a small textural blob in the shape of ears and a nose.

A moment after releasing the energy, a lifelike black and solid shape in the form of Kalt was standing in front of him: a full body shadow. But that was the easy part; the harder part was keeping its form and making it have physical contact with another thing be it inanimate or not.
Usually whenever Kalt formed a shape with his shadow it would break up into little blobs and ooze back into the floor to become his shadow once again as soon as it touched something other than the ground.

Kalt’s focus was a lot easier than he was accustomed to in order to control his shadow, he willed his shadow and commanded it to move over to Druff, the shadow complied with complete obedience and walked over to Kalt like any normal person.
Druff extended his hand and Kalt commanded his shadow to shake it, the full body shadow extended its hand and took Druff’s and began to shake up and down. A look of disgust on Druff’s face told Kalt that Druff could feel it, the shadow wasn't breaking up and it obviously felt weird for Druff, all of which pleased Kalt inside.

Druff immediately withdrew his hand when he was satisfied with the shadows density and realness and the cloud overhead broke up and the sun shined on the arena once again, as soon as the clouds broke the shadow disintegrated and returned beneath Kalt’s feet.
A few seconds later Kalt’s face was back to normal as he exited his Ranter and he broke out into a massive grin as his eyes illuminated in happiness.

“Well that's the last of it, and as expected your Ranter abilities have improved exponentially as well, so in conclusion the awakening of your prophecy powers has begun a brand new chapter for you as well as this entire world, but you are too young to realise the graveness and depth of that statement yet” Druff said with a shake of his head.

The End

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