The Senses

“How long can you keep up your Kertica vision now?” Xectix asked the young hero.
“No more than twenty seconds” Kalt replied.
“Ok, well I want you to go into it and also to be able to find me where original sight would fail you” Xectix said smiling.
“What?” Kalt asked confused.

Xectix replied by having his eyes turn gold and instantly his body shot out a brilliant light that near enough blinded Kalt, the light enveloped the entire arena and made it impossible to see through. Kalt felt like he was staring directly at the sun and tried to cover his eyes to shield them, but the light even pierced through the cracks in his fingers and through his eyelids making it impossible to not get blinded.

Kalt knew then that the only way out of this was to activate his Kertica vision. He concentrated and felt the world around him, the wind on his skin, the earth on his feet, the heat coming from the light and his own body and where it was in this world. He opened his eyes to reveal that they had gone blank, his pupils were gone and all that remained were grey blank eyes, as if he had just turned blind.

In truth, he had activated his Kertica vision. Now he no longer saw the world as anyone else saw it, he could see the energy waves flowing all around him, he could see the gusts of wind in the sky, he could see the mountains many rocks around him, everything that was natural and was a part of life he could see.
He looked at his own hands and noticed something odd, before today his own energy emanating from his body could be seen as a multi-coloured vapour like a rainbow in mist form. Now he was oozing a black mist in place of his usual rainbow coloured energy, Kalt looked around his whole body and saw that his entire body was creating it, he was confused at first but came to the conclusion that upon awakening his prophecy powers, his natural energy must have changed.

Kalt looked up and no longer saw the blinding light, he did see a glowing white orb that was generating the rays of light moving around and bobbing up and down like somebody was holding it and shaking it about.
Kalt concentrated and tried to see past the orb until he finally noticed the blue vapour mists coming of the body of an old man walking on his hands, Xectix. Kalt looked towards Druff’s desk and saw the grey vapours that he recognised as Druff’s natural energy, Druff appeared to not be affected by the blinding source of light and was simply watching the two of them.

Kalt walked towards the old man with a blue vapour energy signature and gave him a slight push, causing Xectix to fall over on his back. The glowing orb disappeared and Kalt knew instantly that the blinding light shining from it had gone with it, but Kalt didn’t release his Kertica vision yet.

“Good job! You were able to find me, that’s some high level Kertica stuff right there Kalt!” Xectix said laughing on the floor.
“Thanks” Kalt said blushing. “It’s amazing to see the world like this; I’ve only been able to catch glimpses before but wow!”
“How long has it been now?” Xectix inquired whilst pulling himself off of the floor and brushing his beard down.
“Nearly two minutes” Kalt said excitedly.
“Well keep going! See how long you can last!” Xectix cheered.

Around ten minutes after that did Kalt’s vision finally fade, he was absolutely gobsmacked. All the techniques that he had trouble with, all the magic and training and practicing, all seemed like nothing to him now because these new powers of his was making it all so easy.

Xectix put his arm round Kalt and spoke to him. “Right well the last thing to do is your Ranter abilities, now you don’t need to find how much better at stealth of killing you are” he said laughing.
“I guess not, what should I do then?” Kalt said also laughing.
“Enter your Ranter state and we’ll begin” Xectix said cheerfully.

Kalt didn’t need telling twice, he killed his feelings and focused on his mind and body, soon enough his mind became alert, his body ready and his emotions died as he readied himself to kill his next target.
“What’s the objective and where's the target?” Kalt said emotionlessly. His face was blank and his body was tense, he eyes darted around looking for any possible dangers and hiding places, he was calm but alert at the same time.‘I mustn’t lose focus or who knows what could get me’was his continuous line of thinking.

“Ah so you’ve already put yourself into your Ranter alert phase, very good, no wasting time I see! Now where exactly have you gotten to in your training now?” Xectix asked a non-blinking and blank faced Kalt.
“We are currently training for Shadow Strikes and mind control on possible victims for distraction purposes such as turning traitor on his or hers allies or suicide to make a scene” Kalt said with a little vindictive smile as Xectix took a few steps away from Kalt, clearly scared of his Ranter phase.
“Ok well let’s get straight onto business then, let’s start with mind control, make me do something against my will” Xectix commanded. Xectix had a little gulp of horror and began praying as Kalt turned towards him and focused for his mind controlling techniques to take effect.

Mind control needed a perfect collaboration of body, eye, control and energy uses to be successful; Kalt looked into Xectix’s eyes and focused on his own body language and his energy formation to be shot out of his mind into Xectix’s mind to take control of him.
Kalt always had trouble with this as it required precise coordination of his body and he could only manage such a feat for a few seconds, and he could only give his practice partners small commands like clapping or yelling their name.

As Kalt began to mix his mind commands with his energy he suddenly felt elevated, like he could summon more precise energy and blend it with no trouble, and so acting on impulse he summoned more energy despite that it would probably throw off his coordination.
To his pleasant but unintelligible surprise because he gave no sign of emotion, the extra energy didn’t throw off his coordination, if anything the extra energy complimented his body and helped his concentration in mixing them all together.

Kalt took the initiative of his gut feeling and began mixing them all over again to help his mind shots have more strength and despite him preparing himself for absolute concentration it was relatively easy to control. After a few moments he was ready to shoot it out to Xectix’s mind and take control.
Xectix was still praying on his knees for Kalt not to hurt him or do anything strange to him but the way he acted and thanks to the somewhat violent and sadistic nature of the Ranter, Kalt took pleasure on Xectix begging before him and knew he was going to enjoy this.

Kalt shot the mind control out of his thoughts forming an invisible spear of energy shooting through the air towards Xectix, Kalt noticed Druff’s eyes following it and knew that Druff could see it and was probably pleased with the amount of time it took to make it and send it out.
The mind control spear raced forwards until it hit Xectix and as soon as it did his face went completely blank and didn’t move at all, he sat down slumped and looked like a discarded puppet.

Kalt was very happy, so happy it caused his mouth to smile a little, because with Xectix in his state it meant he had complete control, Kalt had only seen teachers do this on other students to show them before but he had no idea he would have that much control over him. Kalt walked up to Xectix and began wondering what command he should give him, he wanted to start off small just to test it out.

‘Raise your left arm’ Kalt thought to himself, and almost instantly Xectix lifted up his left arm. Druff nodded and looked pleased at this sight of Xectix which he probably had not seen before.

“Tell him to stand up and levitate a few feet off of the ground” Druff said.
“Impossible, I cannot yet control another heroes actions over his or hers powers, only master Ranter’s can manage that kind of control” Kalt said flatly.
“You underestimate your own strength, just give it a try” Druff replied with his own flat tone.
“Very well” Kalt said. ‘I want you to use your Mamto magic and levitate several feet in the air and then back to the ground’ Kalt commanded Xectix via his mind.

It took a while for Xectix to respond, making Kalt think that he was not yet skilled enough to command powers, but eventually to his surprise Xectix eyes glowed green and he started levitating off of the ground and rose roughly five feet before landing back on the ground neatly.

“See I told you it was possible for you” Druff said triumphantly smug.
“That was... unexpected” said a blank Kalt.

He was half expecting this to happen after the amount of surprises he had had today but it was still very nice to see his years of long and hard work pay off to a level which he deemed was finally acceptable. Kalt was never satisfied with his abilities and that was the main reason he always tried so hard.

“You may release him now Kalt and we will move onto Shadow Strikes” Druff said hastily, Kalt did so but was beginning to feel, he did not want to stop experiencing this kind of power for the first time, it felt good and it made him warm inside.

When he was released Xectix immediately went back to a begging position and looked at Kalt still pleading with him to not make him do anything embarrassing to him.
“Please Kalt please! My mind is fragile; you could break something and then what huh? You’d have to pay for it and I would make you pay every penny for it, and I happen to know a very good lawyer so don’t think I’m not afraid to pursue this and – you’ve already done it haven’t you...” said a unhappy Xectix.

“Yes” replied a robotic like Kalt.


The End

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