The Energy

Xectix gave an annoyed grunt, being saved still bothered him it appeared, Druff put his hands together and went into deep thought as Kalt laid back to ponder everything he was told. So now he was a Hero of Prophecy and it was his job to save the world, he would go on to learn all the powers of the world’s heroes and become the strongest hero in the world.

‘Well that does explain why I am different, but why isn’t this affecting me in a bigger way? If all they said is true then I must be some kind of chosen one, I’m supposed to change this world hey? Then why don’t I seem to be more surprised at all of this, it’s like I... like I don’t really care...’ Kalt thought to himself.

Druff was wondering to himself how this could have happened now, he thought about the possibility that Kalt might be lying about the cave-in, he also gave thought to a possibility that it could only be Kalt’s Mamto magic that had improved by somehow stealing some of Xectix’s power while he was knocked out with some kind of spell.

There were so many possibilities but Druff was willing to give Kalt the benefit of the doubt and think that Kalt truly had nothing to do with his sudden enhancement. “Well thinking over everything I could come up with, the most logical thing I can assume Kalt is that your powers matured due to your birthday” he finally said.

“Yeah that would make sense to me” Xectix said supporting Druff’s opinion, “I can’t really come up with anything myself except the fact that it was probably your sense of being in danger and trying to save somebody else that might of been the key to unlocking what you are capable of.”
“This is starting to make a little sense to me now” Kalt said still thinking of the fact that he was now some kind of different person that what he was yesterday, he had changed in such a short amount of time to some kind of great hero that it was still barely believable.

“Well perhaps a test would suffice more than an explanation in words, it would help prove our theory to all of us” Druff said sensing the doubt still in Kalt.
“A test?” questioned Kalt.
Druff nodded and looked at Xectix who looked back and gave a very powerful and strange wink back and walked into the middle of the arena. “Let’s prove that you have advanced in all areas like we suspect, Xectix will test all of your areas and we’ll see just how powerful you have become.”

Kalt smiled, this made much more sense to him than anything else. He stood up and went to the middle of the arena with Xectix and waited for his instruction.

“Just a quick test my boy, nothing serious. I want you to raise earth around me and keep me pinned” Xectix said twitching his nose.
“But, I'm not that skilled! I could impale you!” Kalt resisted.
“Try me” Xectix said blowing raspberries at him.

Kalt gulped and focused his magic, his eyes glowed yellow and he focused on the ground at his feet, instantly he became aware of the entire arena as well as some of the floors beneath it. The earth was connected to him and he found it so easy to communicate to it that suddenly, trapping Xectix without hurting him seemed easy, he raised his arms in a sturdy stance and pillars of earth shot out from the ground and surrounded Xectix.

The old man was completely pinned and couldn’t move, causing Kalt to break concentration and cheer. Druff nodded whilst Xectix chuckled at Kalt’s cheering and returned the earth pillars back into the floor himself, he walked up to Kalt and patted him on the shoulder, whereas Kalt instantly hugged him.

“Steady now Kalt, we’re not done yet, what’s the hardest animal for you to turn into?” Xectix asked.

Kalt thought briefly and pictured a horse, without him even having to try his body reacted and he transformed into a magnificent white stallion, still hugging Xectix who was crushed under the sudden increase of size and weight. Kalt returned to normal and helped Xectix up, unable to help smiling a big grin across his face, Xectix too was pleased with the results despite have a huge hoof imprint on his bare chest.

“Ok try not to do that again” Xectix said with the both of them laughing.
“What should I try now Xectix?” Kalt asked eagerly.
“Try using your Soul Power, see how far your Banet abilities have gone!” Xectix said excitedly.

Kalt began right away by focusing to the point his mind was clear, then he felt the same energy he used for his magic within him and channelled it throughout his body. Soon enough his skin turned dark red and his veins popped out of his skin from the amount of blood pressure rushing through his body, his muscles tightened, he became very bulky and his hair turned fluorescent green.
Kalt immediately dashed towards the edge of the arena and got there in a second whereas normally it would have taken at least thirty, he dashed back and was on the other side of the arena in half the time.

He returned to Xectix and waited, trying to keep his Soul Power going for as long as possible, beforehand he could only keep it active for at least half a minute, Werpic was able to manage a whole minute. But now he was able to keep it going for much longer, this time he was able to keep it going for a full five minutes before he released because he didn’t want to do any permanent damage.

Soul Power was a very useful ability for a Banet, making him or her able to make their body function five times as fast, making them stronger, faster and give them a higher awareness of what was around them. The slight drawback to it was that the longer a Banet used it the more damaged their body would become, as the human body was not meant to operate beyond its boundaries, going for as long as possible could create some serious damage within the body.
Also, no matter how long they used it for, the body would collapse of exhaustion for double the time a Banet spent in soul power mode in order to readjust the body back to normal rates and reenergise.

The same was still true for Kalt, who straight away collapsed onto the floor out of breath and unable to move, only by a quick catch from Xectix did Kalt not slam is face on the floor. He laid there for another ten minutes until he was able to stand up again and was raring to move onto the next part of the test, begging Xectix to tell him what to do next.

The End

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