The Change

“Lying?” said both Druff and Xectix in unison. The flat statement that came from Kalt surprised both that cause Druff’s eyebrows and opened his mouth as if to say something but got lost for words, and the rocks Xectix was juggling to fall on his head. Although he didn’t seem to notice as he simply scratched his beard.

“Yeah, lying” Kalt repeated himself.
“I have just spent the last twenty minutes of my time explaining the history of our country and the Prophecy, how your destiny is intertwined with it, and you think I’m lying?” Druff said with a constricted voice to attempt to hide his annoyance.
“What could possibly make you think we were lying to you Kalt?” Xectix said while finally rubbing his head after a delayed reaction of pain from the rocks kicked in.
“Did you ever listen to yourself? It’s ridiculous all of it! You really expect me to buy into a farfetched make believe tale like that? Do you think I’m stupid or something? If this prophecy is so damned important, how comes we’ve never learned it in class?” Kalt said while mocking them.
“I assure you everything I said was true and it’s not any particular importance to the educational curriculum in the academy, and as such it is not taught, but if you actually confer to the library once in a while like other students you would see entire columns dedicated to the Prophecy” Druff said glaring down Kalt.
“Then how comes you have never said anything like this to me in the past?” Kalt questioned.

Xectix interjected before Druff spoke. “Kalt, use a little bit of logic to make sense of madness, do you really think a five year old would understand, or even comprehend what was just told to you?”
Kalt stuttered “well I... I guess not...”
“Indeed” Druff continued “when we first met it was not the time to explain such things, and the reason we haven’t told up until now is because we didn’t want to burden you with any unnecessary pressure, why just being the Hero of the Academy is pressure enough without knowing the Prophecy.”
“So why tell me now?” Kalt asked.
“Because what happened today with the wall and the sudden enhancement of magical prowess had something to do with the Prophecy and your dormant powers” Xectix replied.

Kalt sat forward trying to wrack his brains around all this new information, “So can you explain what really happened with me today?”
“The only choice, as illogical is it may be, is that your prophecy power has been tapped into and released, meaning that now all obstacles that were otherwise hard for you to overcome before because of your lack of power or experience are now no problem for you” Druff said quietly still glaring.

‘This is happening so fast, what should I think?’ Kalt thought to himself.
An hour ago he was Kalt, now he was some kind of world hero who would beat evil in the world and bring it to peace; he was some kind of prophecy foretold two thousand years ago.

‘But why me?’ Kalt kept on thinking. ‘Why am I so special? Why do I have to be the one who’s always on the stage being the main character? Why can’t I ever be normal?’

“So can you please help me understand a little bit better, now you say that I’m a hero told in this Prophecy?” Kalt asked.
“Yes” Druff confirmed.
“And I have the ability to learn all the hero types in the world, not only Respoten’s powers” Kalt asked again.
“Yes” Druff reconfirmed.
“And what exactly happened today then knowing all that?” Kalt asked anxiously, this was his main question he wanted answered.

Xectix stepped forward. “Well the only thing we can come up with is that somehow you unlocked your dormant powers, thereby giving you the power of the Hero of the World.”
Kalt looked at Xectix “and what exactly does that mean?”
Xectix scratched his beard and went cross eyed as if he was looking at his nose “basically, not to mince words like Druff does, it means that you just went superhuman.”
“Superhuman?” Kalt repeated.

“Well what it means that, yesterday you could barely conjure wind right? Well now it’s no problem for you, your prophecy powers have been unlocked and that means your entire hero powers are at your disposal with no problem. And the fact the your still inexperienced means that over time those powers will grow to the level that the Hero of Prophecy could use, Banet focusing and power release will be simple for you now. Ranter stealth and predator senses are second nature, Mamto magic and energy bending is child’s play, Amilop transformation is pretty much complete thanks to this and Kertica energy reading and being able to see life in all ways is as easy as blinking for you now” Xectix finished with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“But take heed” Druff quickly added, “you may have been enhanced but there are certain things that your body will not be able to handle yet, time and experience can only give you that. A hero is always learning, why even me and Xectix learn new things about the extent of our powers from time to time and it still requires rigorous training to get a hang of them.”

Kalt was dumbstruck; he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Once again his life had turned upside down but somehow this time for the better. “So basically what your saying is, I don’t really need to train anymore? That I’ve just learnt all these powers just like that?”
“Not exactly, you can’t use what you don’t know, there are certain spells that you will learn over the years and even when you leave, certain abilities and skills you will come to be aware of” Xectix confirmed.

“Meaning that I know in your lessons for Kertica training you are currently doing cloud reading and wavelengths correct?” Druff asked. Kalt nodded, “well it is our belief that those options are easy for you now, your dormant prophecy powers draw on the deep hidden power within you making you already skilled in their use, but as for later lessons like anatomy tone and foresight you can’t use because you don’t know how to use them.

Kalt still couldn’t believe this, it was like his prayers had been answered, he was being told that he somehow gained power, a lot of power and enough to finally learn his powers at a good pace. He finally had power to advance as a hero and to be able to beat those bandits. Although one thing did bother him, “so why did all this happen now?” he asked.

Druff looked at Xectix and Xectix looked at Druff’s chair, Druff turned back to Kalt. “Well we don’t really know, did something happen to you when that cave-in happened perhaps? This is why I find it hard to speculate in what Xectix believes to be honest, because why these powers have happened now with no explanation baffles me.”

Kalt remembered back to the cave-in and thought about all the events that happened. “No nothing happened, I just saved Xectix and brought him to the infirmary ward.”

The End

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