The Prophecy

“The two armies of the countries met five miles from the border into Terytan and stood staring at each other across the large open plains, just before the charge was announced the Dwarfen army appeared from the mountains to the west of the battle field and the Elves rode in from the woods to the south. Not too long after they arrived the armies from all the united countries appeared on the hills surrounding the soon to be battle site, the hero was in the in-between both of the armies in the centre of the plains calling for everybody to go home and stop fighting” Druff kept on going.

“Did you say soon to be battle site? So the hero failed?” Kalt asked.

“Moved by his efforts and speech, King Ludi ordered his army to turn around and leave. It was a tremendous victory for the hero; he had stopped the battle and every soldier on that field, including many soldiers from the Imperial army, cheered and applauded for him. Unfortunately this victory was short lived, the Emperor wanted blood and blamed the hero and his friends for this supposed defeat and kidnapped his closest companions including his lover and brought them to the middle of the field” said Druff.

“This Emperor Rayso seems like a horrible man” Kalt said feeling agitated at the Emperor’s actions.

“Emperor Rayso had an evil and cunning plan to make sure the battle would envelop, he called the hero and King Ludi to join him before the armies left and the hero was mortified to find his friends and loved one being held at sword point. King Ludi tried to reason with Emperor Rayso to let them go but the Emperor would have none of it, he left the situation to the imperial army’s greatest and most loved general” Druff explained.

“What happened? Did the hero save his friends?” Kalt asked.

“The general, who wanted nothing but glory for his country, gave the hero an impossible choice: kill his friends and lover and the army would return home and never battle with Terytan again, or save them and ensure that the army would charge and kill everyone here, thereby slaughtering thousands of lives. The hero cracked and fell apart, faced with his dreams of peace as well as his friends dreams of living in a world where everyone could get along coming true. Or making sure that the wars would never end and sacrifice countless lives for the needs of the few” Druff continued.

“Whoa… that’s… horrible!” Kalt said shocked.

“It is said that the hero tried to take his own life to avoid making the decision, but his life was saved by his lover. She and the rest of the captives made the joint agreement that to ensure their lifelong dream of peace they would gladly give up their lives” Druff revealed.

“You don’t mean?” Kalt said cautiously.

"The hero made his impossible choice and with the final farewells of his friends and lover, he took their lives quickly and painlessly. He collapsed in a mental and spiritual breakdown, while King Ludi and the general ordered their armies to return home out of respect for the agreement, even the general felt badly for the hero who had just killed everyone he ever loved. However, the hero had ensured peace but at the ultimate price, some might deem too high a price but the end result was achieved, peace for all” continued Druff.

“That’s awful, I couldn’t imagine ever having to kill my friends” Kalt said grimly.

“But it was not as it seemed, a spy was ordered by the Emperor himself within the Terytan army fired an arrow that hit and killed the general. Enraged of the assassination of the beloved general by the supposed traitorous barbarians and pretending to be grief stricken; the Emperor ordered his army to charge, and so began the battle of Guaconnamall plains. The chaos ensued and spread and during the battle all humanity was lost between the two sides, and they became armies of demons and monsters intent on slaughter. Even the unified armies and the Dwarves and Elves began fighting each other” Druff said sadly.

“I can’t believe it, all that pain and effort from the hero… and that terrible choice… all for nothing in the end” Kalt said depressed.

“The Hero’s friends, dreams and life were crushed in the space of an hour and he snapped into rage that is said could have be heard above all the battle cries on the battle fields, then something happened. Before he was just a hero called a Rashmi from the desert who had control over raw energy, one of the two types from that kingdom, but after that amidst all that fighting something clicked inside of him” said Druff.

“What? What clicked inside him? Did he lose it?” Kalt asked.

“He somehow gained the powers of all of his fallen friends and he became something else, he had control over every power in the world that a hero could muster. Something that was unheard of before and almost at once did the armies stop fighting upon witnessing his new power and began worshipping him as a god. This essentially meant that the battle was over, the fighting had stopped, and even Emperor Rayso had to admit that this went beyond his own authority; this new found power of the hero could have been used to finally unite the world in peace. But fate had a different plan; the Hero didn’t use these new powers for a good purpose" Druff went on.

“What did he do?” Kalt said joining Xectix in hanging on Druff’s every word of the story.

"Enraged by the fact he had to kill everyone close to him for his dream, and the fact that his dream in the end turned out to be a lie, the Hero went berserk and laid waste to all armies, he killed everybody in his path until he got to Emperor Rayso and executed him. The surviving armies realised what was happening and ran for their lives as the Heroes from around the world stepped forward to challenge the enraged hero" said Druff.

“So the hero had fallen to madness… I'm not surprised” Kalt murmured.

"After several hours of killing anyone he met, the Hero had reached and was just about to slaughter King Ludi when he snapped back to his senses momentarily. He realised briefly that the whole world had forgotten they were fighting each other and were fighting together for their own survival against him, ancient hatreds and age long rivalries were thrown out of the window against a new threat. He paused over this development, realising that if he wanted to honour his friends dying wishes, he would have to sacrifice himself as well to bring about change. He allowed himself to be hit with everything the world could throw at him, as he lied there on the destroyed ground that was made by his rampage he realised that the world can live together; they just needed something stronger to unite them" Druff carried on.

“So he sacrificed himself to save the world from himself? Ironic, but I knew he wouldn’t fall to evil so easily” Kalt speculated.

"The Hero of the World had such power but he misused it and so brought only temporary peace at the cost of his life. King Ludi was the only surviving leader of the countries from the hero’s rampage and he bent over the hero as he laid there dying to console him by telling the hero that the surviving people would do everything they could to rebuild the world in peace, and the King promised him he would do everything in his power to make that come true. The hero uttered one final saying into King Ludi’s ear, he said that one day another hero will appear who was just like him and would be able to use his abilities" Druff explained.

“Another Hero like him? Do you mean… me?” Kalt said confused.

"He said he would unite the world with the same power he had abused in anger.‘When the world is on the eve of a dark era, a beacon of light will appear, a hero of all powers will unify the world and the age of wars will end and darkness will be banished back to the pit it was created in’were the exact words of the Hero” Druff recited.

Kalt remained silent as Druff told his story from then on.

"After that he died and the armies of the world returned to their homes where they stayed for as long as anyone can remember, the forty thousand that invaded Terytan returned to their own homeland of Respoten with less than seven thousand remaining from the battle. There the Imperials stayed trying to keep the kingdom that Emperor Rayso controlled together, however several centuries later the line of Emperors was over and Respoten became the country it is to this day, a country where the capital city Jarus-Jukai is in charge with the Council of Elders acting as the leaders” Druff said dreamily.

Kalt nodded in deep thought as the story was continued.

“However the wars would not stop and the Council ordered the invasion of the north to begin once again, the war between Terytan and Respoten lasted another two thousand years with no sign of the Hero of the World coming back. So the Dwarves took the initiative and reshaped the earth in the land to create a new range of mountains we call the Dwarfen Mile Mines Mountains where no army can cross over into the other land, the war was forcibly stopped and the Dwarves sealed any military pass between the two" Druff explained.

Kalt continued with an unblinking gaze upon the Head Hero.

"Many years later the countries had grown used to the fact that they would never be able to invade the other again and so bargained with the Dwarves to allow access for travellers and merchants between the two countries to improve the economy and relations. The Dwarves accepted and created the gate of King Ludi to allow access from one to the other, the gate was named after the first and possibly only leader of the two countries that was prepared to sign a peace treaty and stop the fighting to symbolise peace. The final words that the hero said however remained in the minds of the people for as long as people were alive to speak of it, and they soon began calling it the Prophecy. But as the centuries came and went no such hero appeared until it became a myth, a fairy tale and nobody ever thought the Hero of Prophecy would come” Druff said slowly.

“Hmm” Kalt said thinking to himself.

"Until you Kalt. The war ended three centuries ago and the Mile Mines Mountains were established, the gate of King Ludi was created one hundred years ago, in all this time of darkness nobody appeared that could command more than one power. But now in this general time of peace somebody has, in honesty we were hesitant to admit it at first but now we see the land has definitely become darker over the years. Constant bandit raids, starvation and famine in certain lands and odd weather patterns, whatever if this darkness is starting to reveal itself and at the same time you appear Kalt. There is no denying it now; you are the Hero of Prophecy Kalt.”

Druff finally finished his speech and leaned back onto his chair, Xectix was juggling rocks behind Kalt and Kalt was looking at Druff with a calm face.


“You’re lying” Kalt said.


The End

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