The Past

Druff put his hand to his chin while Xectix sat down on the floor and scratched his head; Kalt looked between them trying to figure out what was going on. “Tell me, what prophecy? Do you two know something that I don’t?”
Druff took a deep breath and put his hands on the desk. “Tell me Kalt, have you ever wondered why you and only you can use all five types of hero’s powers? Have you ever wondered why nobody else can do what you do? Have you ever questioned as to why you are who you are?”

Kalt was taken by surprise, he didn’t expect questions like those and he paused for a few moments to actually ponder the answer.
“Well to be honest I’ve never really thought about that, I’ve just focused on getting stronger to face those bandits” he eventually answered.
Druff nodded “I thought as much, that's the type of person you’ve always been, simple minded and unwilling to look at finer details.”
“Well are you going to tell me what you are talking about or do I have to keep on guessing to try and make sense out of your babble” Kalt said grumpily.
Druff and Xectix looked at each other. “Do you want to explain or should I?” Xectix said.
“I’ll do it” Druff replied. “Kalt, I suggest you take a seat.”

A chair of rock rose from the ground in front of the desk with a wave of Xectix’s hand and Kalt looked at the two of them suspiciously while he sat down. Druff took a deep breath. “Prepare yourself Kalt, this will be hard to accept and I’m only going to say it once.”
Kalt got into a comfy position “ok I’m ready” he said preparing himself for what could be the end of the world he assumed with these two acting the way they were.

“Thousands of years ago there was a hero who came to this land during the war of the world, battles enveloped all countries of all continents and countless lives were lost every day, the two most ruthless countries fighting each other was the Nomad Tribal Kingdom of Terytan with the fiercest warriors the world had ever seen." Druff began.

“What is this? A history lesson? I already know all about this” Kalt said rolling his eyes.

"The second was the Imperial Kingdom of Respoten who, under the command of the Emperor of that age, had the most advanced armies of the time and marched north at every opportunity they had to invade and destroy the barbarians." Druff continued like Kalt hadn’t even said anything.

"The hero came from a desert kingdom east of Terytan and sought to bring an end to the wars and bring the world to an unseen era of peace, he started his journey here to recruit heroes from the Hero’s Academy here. He wanted to start here as this land is the only land in the world that borders only one other country, Terytan to the north, and as we are surrounded by the sea to the west, east and south so Terytan was our only threat."

“Ok I didn’t know that” Kalt said becoming interested.

"The hero believed that if he gathered a hero of every type from every kingdom in the world he would be able to show the Kings and Emperors who kept the fighting going that the people could live in peace and help each other. This hero was a keeper of the peace and a protector of the weak, he made many friends and gathered many followers as the Heroes of the World, he stopped the wars of every kingdom by showing that peace and equality was an option. The leaders of the world were swayed by the unity and friendship of the heroes who, despite being from countries at war with one another, were prepared to die for each other as true comrades” Druff continued.

“This is where it gets important Kalt” said Xectix who hanged on Druff’s every word.

"All but two of these countries stopped fighting, Terytan and Respoten. The feud between these two could not be fixed by a single man and his choice of friends, the countries hated each other to the core and would not be satisfied until either one of their rivals’ lands was burning or the people exterminated. Despite proving that the people could coexist with the five members of his group hailing from Respoten, one of each of our type, and the three members from Terytan for their three types of heroes the countries would not stop” Druff explained.

“There are other kinds of heroes? I thought only Respoten had heroes!” Kalt said surprised.
“There are far more heroes then what you could possible know, the world is a big place” said Xectix.

"King Ludi of Terytan was prepared to start negotiation talks, he could see sense from seeing the hero and his friends, in return the hero realised that the two countries would not be able to live in peace in his life time. So after coming to understand each other, the hero and King Ludi settled with a cease fire and an isolationist treaty, essentially to stop the fighting as long as the two countries never had any contact with each other ever again” Druff went on.

“So this King Ludi seemed like a reasonable ruler then” Kalt commented.

"King Ludi and the Hero came to this agreement after King Ludi was tired of the loss of life and senseless killing and after the hero realised that centuries of war between the two would not be forgotten as easily as he wanted to. However Emperor Rayso was not prepared to stop and prepared for the final battle by marching his army of forty thousand Imperial soldiers to the border in the north for an all-out invasion. King Ludi responded by gathering up the entire Nomad army in his land numbering to thirty thousand barbarians” Druff continued.

“That isn’t fair! How could a leader or Respoten want war so readily?!” Kalt complained.
“This happened a very long time ago Kalt, things were different back then” Xectix explained.

"The Hero tried desperately to stop the approaching battle, appealing to the Elves and Dwarves, even sending out some of his followers back to their home country to gather support from all the other countries to stop the approaching battle. Due to the acts the hero had done across the world and the peace he had created, all races and all countries joined him into uniting into a single force to persuade Emperor Rayso and King Ludi to turn back and end the fighting” Druff said.

“Awesome, I knew this Hero of the World wouldn’t let that happen” Kalt said smiling.

The End

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