The Accident

The energy mixed itself with the air but did so repeatedly, so it became intertwined with each other, it became so easy to move the air that it was like nothing at all and it shocked Kalt as to how he did this, even though this all happened for a few seconds.
When Kalt focused on moving the wind forward it did, but in a way he did not expect.

The wind blasted forward with an extreme power that it threw everyone behind Kalt onto the floor from the shockwave backwards, Professor Clim himself was nearly knocked off his desk and Kalt braced himself but for some reason didn’t feel anything forcing him back.

The apple was knocked off the windowsill but didn’t fall down after being blown off; it kept going straight, like an arrow. The windows however as well as half of the wall it was attached to, were completely blown off making a hole in the wall in the shape of a hand where the window use to be.
The debris from it also went flying forward a little before falling down the mountain, Kalt stood in horror of what he just did and was speechless, the whole class looked at him in shock as well as Huji who simply looked at Kalt with his jaw open.

Nobody said anything for a while as everyone just looked at Kalt; Kalt was looking at his hands trying to figure out what happened, he just blew a hole in a wall with wind.
‘What just happened? What did I just do?’  Kalt thought to himself.

Eventually Huji went up to him and put his hands on Kalt’s shoulders. “Kalt, what on earth did you just do?” he asked him.
“I don’t know... I really don’t know...” Kalt replied.
All of a sudden Professor Clim jumped off of his desk and paced over to the boys. “Isn’t it obvious Hula? Kalt has been practicing and has just gotten ridiculously and stupidly good” he said with a forced smile.
Kalt interrupted. “But Professor yesterday I could barely make a breeze, tell me what I did!”
“You got ridiculously and stupidly good in an insanely short time” he replied quickly. “Now come along Kalt I must talk to you privately.”

Kalt was worried, something was up and it made Professor Clim scared, in fact after looking around the classroom it made a whole load of people nervous, before Kalt or Huji could say anything else Professor Clim took Kalt’s hand and led him towards the door.
“Ok now students, everybody start practicing again and nobody is to under any circumstances make another hole in the wall” Professor Clim said to the classroom before he closed the door behind him and brought Kalt out into the large dark corridor.

Kalt was still trying to process what had happened as Professor Clim sat down in front of him and crossed his legs and began mouthing words, eventually his eyes glowed golden and light enveloping his body appeared on the floor around him, Kalt knew he was talking to somebody at long range via light magic and sat down with him to try and get his head clear.

He was tempted to do another spell to see if the same result would happen but was too nervous to, he was frightened that he would hurt somebody or do more damage.
‘What's happening to me?’ Kalt kept thinking to himself.

Not too long later Professor Clim awakened from his trance and stood up, Kalt immediately did the same and waited for the Professor to explain himself and to shed some light on what had happened.
“The Head Hero, in all his wisdom, has decided to speak to you Kalt, we are to go there immediately prepare yourself” professor Clim said in a formal way.

Before Kalt could say anything Professor Clim’s eyes glowed golden once more and he took Kalt’s hand again and they both vanished from the corridor at the words, “Light Step.


Both Professor Clim and Kalt suddenly appeared in the middle of the arena that belonged to Druff with a small whoosh in the wind to mark their arrival, Kalt felt sick and started coughing and feeling as if he was about to throw up but managed to get a hold of himself. His body was not ready for the teleportation spell whilst standing still or in the speed that the teachers could achieve.
He had the nostalgic feeling that he had been through that experience before.

He straightened himself up and looked around, it was quite cloudy today but still very warm, the birds flying in the air were heading towards the lake probably looking for fish and the wind was blowing quite hard.
Professor Clim walked over to the desk in the middle of the arena where Druff was sitting with, to Kalt’s surprise, Xectix was standing behind him as well, Kalt had the sneaky feeling that he had seen this sight before.

Druff looked at him with his usual cold demeanour and signalled for him to come towards them, Kalt trotted towards them still feeling light headed from his experience and came right up to the adults in front of him.
“You may go now Professor” said Druff. Professor Clim nodded and gave one last look at Kalt and turned around to walk away towards the door and eventually closing it quietly behind him.

Kalt was wondering what was going on, they seemed to be looking at him as if he was a madman or something. Druff simply stared at Kalt while Kalt just looked down at the floor.
Soon Druff picked up a quill and dipped it into some ink and got ready to start writing. “So Kalt, would you care to explain what happened?” he asked politely.
Kalt responded immediately with an apologetic look. “I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to break the wall, I honestly don’t know how it happened, yesterday I was useless at wind bending and today I’m suddenly as good as that! I really can’t explain it!”
Druff raised his hand to silence Kalt and rubbed his forehead. “So you can’t explain how you suddenly became a seasoned veteran of wind bending? How very typical.”
Kalt felt a little hot. “You think I did that intentionally? I have no idea how that happened!”
Druff began scratching things down on a piece of paper with his quill, not looking at Kalt and responded. “This is very suspicious, now if I wasn't Head Hero I wouldn’t be considering this but I want you to spit on this paper for me.”

He held up the piece of paper with a few markings dotted around it, Kalt looked at it for a brief moment and realised what was going on.
“You’re going to test me for pep adrenaline pills? How the hell would I get my hands on them? They’re black market stuff, I hate that stuff, you should know that Druff!”

Xectix stepped forward and raised his hand with his eyes glowing white, Kalt’s arms and legs suddenly froze in ice and he couldn’t move them, his mouth was then forced open and his head faced down by Xectix. Kalt knew Xectix was just making sure he couldn’t struggle for the test; the ice didn’t even feel all that cold.

Druff stood up and walked over to Kalt to put the paper underneath his mouth which was facing down, soon Kalt’s uncontrollable saliva dripped out of his mouth and landed on the paper at which point Kalt could move again and Druff took the paper back to the desk.

Kalt was angry and shot Xectix a very dirty look. ‘One of these days I’ll freeze you’ he thought to himself, Xectix looked very sorry but Kalt didn’t take any notice of him.

Druff was looking at the paper and waited a while as Xectix came to join him to look at it. Kalt crossed his arms and waited for the paper to show green to show he wasn't using any drugs and soon enough, the paper did indeed turn lime green.

Both Druff and Xectix took a collective sigh of relief and stood straight and then looked at Kalt, Kalt was looking idly around them to avoid eye contact, he really didn’t like those two at the moment.
“I do apologise Kalt but we had to be absolutely sure” Druff said with arrogance.
“Sure about what? That I wasn't a damned drug addict or something?” Kalt said with an aggressive tone.
Druff shook his head and retook his chair behind his desk. “Absolutely sure that this meant what we think it means” Kalt momentarily forgot his anger and looked and Druff inquisitively, Xectix went and stood behind Kalt without making a sound.
“What you think it means? And what’s that then? Do you know what's going on with me?” Kalt asked cautiously.

 Xectix knelt down beside Kalt and looked him in the eye, making it hard for Kalt to avoid his gaze.
“We think it means that your dormant Prophecy powers have finally been awakened” he said without blinking.
Kalt stood there for a while, waiting for somebody to say something else until it became clear nobody was going to say anything and so asked the most pressing question in his head. “What prophecy?”


The End

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