The Class

Kalt memorised it and laughed and waved goodbye to him, he went down the ward and looked around at him, the boy he put into bed accidently during Banet training was there sneering at him, Hev was in a small boys cubicle checking his temperature as Kalt walked by.

“Don’t do anything else silly alright Kalt? I do worry about you, you know?” Hev called to him as he went past.
“I’ll be as I always am Hev” Kalt assured her, Hev didn’t look impressed.


“Alright children who can explain the fundamental basis in which all magic can be derived from, and to what use is that put to?” Professor Clim asked the rows of young heroes who were watching him pace around at the front of the classroom by the chalk board.

Professor Clim was a tall man with brown short hair and a clean face and a pink scarf around his neck, he wore white robes with blue streaks and sandals.

He leaned back onto his desk and looked at his students. “Don’t be shy now, one of you can answer this” he said while flicking an end of his scarf with his fingers.
Not long later a boy near the front raised his hand. “Yes Pickle Head what is the answer, do tell us” Professor Clim said as he pointed at him.
“My name’s Retio” said Pickle Head.
“Come now Pickle Head you’re holding up the class, never mind I’ve lost my train of thought with you, Kalt! You answer instead; I know you know the answer” Professor Clim said completely ignoring the boy.

Kalt made a sudden shift; he was at the back of the class talking to Huji and hadn’t been paying attention, he bit on his lip wondering what the question was when he stood up. The girl in front of him turned round and held up a note with the question on it.
‘Thank Marvin for fans’
Kalt thought.

“The basis of magic derives from our cells and their functionality of the user's body, when we search that deep within ourselves we find our magic storage buried within our bodies and we can then take as much magic as we need from there, with the cells slowly replacing the energy over time to regulate magic usage.”

Professor Clim nodded and started pacing back and forth once more looking at his students with a hateful look. “Now if it is that simple, WHY?! Why are none of you as good as you should be and why can’t you get the hand of wind element yet? I have no idea how you people are going to manage with darkness element! Supposing we ever finish wind element that is!”

Many people shifted in their seats but nobody spoke, Kalt had resumed talking to Huji. “Wait until he sees our results this time, he’ll be blown off his feet I bet, literally” Kalt said to him.

Huji sniggered while Professor Clim sat on his desk going red in the face. “Alright I want everyone in a line now! I want you to blow an apple from the windowsill out of the window; you should have been practicing like I told you! And no excuses about not being able to do it Pickle Head!”
“My name’s Retio professor” said Pickle Head.

Half the class had tried to blow the apple off and half the class had failed to do so; earning a scolding from Professor Clim.
Kalt was a few places behind Huji and Huji was up next, out of the two of them Huji was definitely better so Huji should be able to do it but Kalt might have to try a lot harder to move it, this time he was moving an object, not just blowing wind out of his hand.

Huji stepped forward with a confident smile while Professor Clim put the apple on the windowsill, Kalt leaned around the few people in front of him to get a proper look, and Professor Clim went to sit down and told Huji to begin. Huji focused on the apple and put his arm up and retracted his hand inwards, the class was staring intently on Huji because everyone knew that Huji was the best in the class and they expected something amazing.
Huji pushed forward and released his energy into the wind and shoved it forward, the result was a very hard and sudden gust of wind, the wind zoomed forward blowing a few papers away and hit the apple and knocked it clean out as well as rattling the windows on the hinges as well.

The class cheered and Professor Clim smiled as Huji stepped backwards with a big grin, he walked to the back of the line with people patting him on the shoulder and Kalt winking at him.
Professor Clim marked his paper and said, “Well it’s comforting to know at least one of you is doing it right and practicing, next up is Retio.”
“My name’s Pickle- what?” said Retio.


Eventually it was Kalt’s turn, he stepped forward and took a deep breath‘I can do this’he kept reassuring himself, everybody watched and cheered him on, he was a little nervous but was anxious to see if his training had any effect yesterday. Professor Clim put another apple on the windowsill (people who failed the test had to eat their apples as punishment.)
He went back to the desk and looked at Kalt “whenever you’re ready Kalt.” He told him.

Kalt looked inside himself and found his energy, he summoned it into his arm and then in his hand as he retracted his hand to his chest and focused on moving the apple. Kalt felt the energy in his hand and pushed forward; he released the energy and mixed it with the air, pushed his energy forward again and tried to make it concentrate on that single apple.

What happened next took everyone, including Kalt, by shock.

The End

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