The Bedside

“So just confirm for me one more time, what exactly happened?” Xectix asked Kalt while scratching his bandaged covered head.
“How much more simpler can I make this?” moaned Kalt. “We talk. Big rock fell on head. You go sleepy for day.”
“I trust they caught the culprit then?” Xectix said still wracking his brain over the incident.
“You mean the rock?” Kalt asked.
“Yeah that rock shouldn’t be allowed to get away with assault you know” Xectix replied.
“...Yeah sure, they got him... it... whatever alright” Kalt said a little confused.

Xectix was in one of the guest room of the infirmary, like the room Kalt was in when he first arrived, he was sitting up in his bed and was more interested in wiggling his toes then actually listening to Kalt.
Kalt was going through a bit of a smug moment, Xectix couldn’t believe a bump on the head knocked him out, and found it even harder to believe that Kalt was the one who rescued him, so much so he had asked Kalt what had happened seven times now.

Xectix was a bit sad that in his old age even rocks could beat him, but Kalt tried to comfort him with support, but that seemed to make him even sadder because to Xectix, their positions had changed.
This time Xectix was the one rescued and bed ridden with Kalt being the rescuer and sitting at the bedside checking up on him, a scenario that Kalt was very happy to experience.

It had been a day, and the mess in the corridor had all been cleared up, but upon clearing up all the rocks, the cave entrance seemed to have mysteriously disappeared and was replaced with a new wall, making it seem like only the ceiling had collapsed.
That kind of event made Kalt extremely confused, he tried to tell some of the Healers and  general helpers there was a cave entrance there but none of them listened of believed him, so Kalt decided to keep the details of the cave a secret, they weren't very important anyway.

Of course the news of the collapse spread around the academy in no time at all, and when he returned to his room covered in dust, all of his roommates quickly bombarded him with questions of him being all right or what happened.
Huji was worried but when he saw Kalt covered in dust and nothing else, he didn’t really make a fuss, Werpic and Carsus calmed down more quickly than any of the others and left him alone.

Gh’tarn simply nodded her head when she saw he was alright while Kilik hugged him to the point Kalt could have sworn she turned into a bear, his fans however were all in synchronised crying over the event.
Something that Kalt suddenly found funny all of a sudden but waited until he was alone to laugh.

Xectix was playing with his toes still when Kalt heard a knock at the door, Kalt walked over and opened it and jumped back quickly as somebody stumbled through falling over.
“You ok Hev?” Kalt asked as he helped her up, Hev straightened herself up and put her hair back into place and looked down at the floor.
“Oh no! Your food’s all over the floor, I’m so sorry Mr Xectix sir; I’ll go get you some more right now!” Hev said frantically while scooping up all the jelly on the floor.
Xectix shook his hand and made a sign to bring to the food to him. “It doesn’t matter; you won’t believe this but that foods actually cleaner now” he said with a satisfied look.

Hev looked confused and looked at Kalt for advice, who in turn simply shrugged his shoulder; she put all the jelly back into the bowel and gave it to Xectix, who gulped it all down within seconds.
“Yuck that's nasty!” Hev groaned with displeasure on her face.
“You get used to it eventually” Kalt whispered in her ear.

Hev took the trey out and left Xectix and Kalt alone for the rest of the afternoon, Xectix’s being in bed was the perfect excuse for him to avoid the roaming mobs of fans for him and stay hidden.
Kalt didn’t have a lesson until four in the afternoon, his wind bending lessons ironically, and was looking forward to showing off his results of yesterday’s practice to the class and to his Mamto teacher, Professor Clim. He just relaxed around Xectix enjoying the little time he would have with him until he had to go lesson knowing that Xectix will probably be gone when he was finished.

 “Oh yeah that reminds me” Kalt said while Xectix was concentrating on wobbling his belly around to feel the jelly inside him wobble. “When are you going to leave and where are you going this time?”
Xectix stopped wobbling and put his finger in his ear to scratch it while he replied. “Most possibly this evening after I have a chat with Druff, and I’m heading up north, near the border with Terytan, there’s a few villages up there that have been having some bandit problems up there lately.”
Kalt felt a little hot. “Are they the-?”
“That's what I am going to find out” Xectix butted in answering the question before it was asked. “There appears to be some sightings of a huge man with burns and such up there, he may be the guy I’m looking for, you see Kalt, I am still working on finding out what happened.”
Kalt shifted a little at the mention of a man with burns. “Does this man have loads of scars?” he asked Xectix.
Xectix scratched his head. “according to the rumours at least, why may I ask?”
Kalt didn’t want to say the reason why but just asked him anyway. “Is one of those scars a set of words saying time jug on his body?”

Xectix choked on what could have only been air. He looked at Kalt with complete surprise and bobbed his head left and right thinking of an answer. “Question one, why do you ask something like that? And question two, how do you know that?” Xectix asked after he stopped bobbing his head.
“I just seem to remember something like that for some reason, no other particular reason why” Kalt lied.
Xectix looked at him suspiciously and sank back into his covers. “Maybe, I wouldn’t know, I’ve never met the man.”

Kalt took this as a yes.

“Well anyway I have to head off to my class now, when will you come back?” Kalt said as he stood up and put his things back in his pockets.
“Not that long this time I am happy to say, probably on five months this time” Xectix said gleefully.
Kalt clapped and made shook hands with Xectix and made his way to the door and looked back. “Well I’ll see you sometime then ok, make sure you get better soon.”

Xectix made a lamb noise which Kalt translated as him being annoyed and smiled; he walked towards the door when Xectix said one final thing.
“Kalt, boil up some white powder with severed leech heads for twenty minutes. Then put them into a bowl and freeze it with magic, wait for it to defrost normally and scrunch it up into a ball, throw the ball at Druff and you’ll love the effect” he said smiling and stuck his tongue out.

The End

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