The Orb

Kalt became flooded with mixed feelings, his desire to look at the picture and his desire to run away, this fear in the cave was something Kalt had never experienced before, the fear that he was helpless, and that something could decide his existence like it was nothing.

He came to his senses momentarily and began to turn and go back down the path when something caught the corner of his eye just a bit further down the cave; he started to walk towards it and saw the end of the cave, at the base of it was a pedestal.
He walked towards it and stared at something the pedestal was holding in a holy manner above the table cloth. As the light shined on it and Kalt got a good look at it the fear overcame him and he fell over, unable to feel his legs. He was shaking like crazy as he stared at the thing on the pedestal and then back to the painting he was sitting on and realised he was surrounded by them.

The orbs that went round in a circle and shot off into the stars was what he was sitting in the middle of, he tried to get up but couldn’t, he didn’t understand what was going on, but as he looked at the pedestal he saw a black orb the size of his fist on top of it, and became wracked with fear.

He didn’t know why he was paralysed with fear but he just was. ‘Is it the orb? Or the painting? Or the cave itself?’ Kalt didn’t know, but what he did know was that this place was the last place anyone would ever want to be and he wanted to leave right now.

He looked at the jet black orb and became transfixed for a moment, he had no idea what that thing was, and he felt as if that thing would kill him, yet at the same time, the more he stared at it, the more he became drawn to it.
He wanted to get close to it, to touch it, to hold it. He couldn’t understand but the only thing important now was the orb.

He gathered the strength to get up and carefully walked towards it, eyeing it up and down, the orb itself was giving off a magnificent yet disgusting radiance in his Kertica eyes.

He didn’t want to get any closer to it, but he had to for some reason. He didn’t want to touch it, but he extended his hand for some reason.
He walked up to few steps of the pedestal and came as closest as he could be to the orb, he wanted to run, but he wanted to grab it, Kalt was torn with feelings. He didn’t know what to do as the orb seemed to call to him, as if it was chanting his very own name.

The orb was evil, yet the orb was good. This place was scary, yet he felt brave to stay.

That orb wanted him, and he wanted the orb, it was messing with his head.

Kalt was fighting with himself, tearing himself apart unable to make a decision, his hand extended by his own accord and was inches away from touching it when suddenly his legs kicked in and he jumped away from the orb and landed on his back.
He shot upwards and starting pacing away from the orb to get away from it. Every step made him feel safer as he went away from it, that orb must never be touched Kalt felt, but as he went away something blocked the exit.

A man stepped forward into the light and had a cruel laugh about him; he was huge with rag tag leathered armour that covered everything but his head and torso.
On his body were countless scars and burn marks with one scar in particular very eye catching.
The words ‘time jug’ was imbedded on the left part of his chest.

Kalt stared at him for a long while; he seemed familiar to him somehow, like he knew him from a long time ago.
Eventually Kalt gathered up the courage and spoke to him. “Who are you? How are you here?” he said with a quake in his voice, the giant man stood silent just staring at Kalt.

Kalt gathered himself up again and asked him again. “I said who are you?”

The giant man still gave no reply.

Kalt was losing his temper now and raised his voice. “I asked you a question, who are you? If you’re wondering who I am, I am the Hero of the Academy, and my name is Kalt and I demand to know who you are.”

The giant man cackled a little but still gave no reply.

Kalt was angry now, he wanted to get out of here but that wasn't the reason why, in fact when Kalt thought about it he didn’t really know the reason why he was angry.
It just seemed like this man made him angry somehow, and the feeling of knowing him before was starting to really get to him. He pondered to where he could possibly know him from.

“Have we met before?” Kalt asked.

The giant man finally stirred and smiled at him. “I’m the guy who killed your town kid” he said roughly.

It all happened on instinct, Kalt immediately fired several fireballs at him and transformed into a panther and leapt at him.
The giant man raised his arms and knocked the fireballs away like nothing which exploded on the wall, as Kalt pounced on him the giant man grabbed his throat and slammed him to the ground.

“You’re too weak kid, now die” He said smiling.


Kalt woke up on the floor before the pedestal, the giant man was gone and Kalt realised two things in an instance, the giant man was never there, and he was weak.

Kalt bolted up and looked at the orb. ‘did the orb do that?’ he wondered.

But he didn’t care, he went by instinct.
He was thinking it was wrong but his body couldn’t control itself, he went up to the pedestal and extended his hand over the orb.

Kalt felt as if his hand was going to explode as he tried desperately to move his arm away as his fingers closed.

The End

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