The Cave

He slid down the slope of piled rocks into the pitch black cave; he couldn’t see a thing so he gathered energy in his hand and his eyes glowed red this time burst it out of it and muttered the incantation, “Orb Ignite.”
A small of ball fire ignited from his hand and floated towards the air, illuminating the whole cave revealing it to be very big and very deep, Kalt tried to keep his concentration on the orb and ignoring his fear of fire.

The cave itself was very damp and bare, it had no markings of infrastructure but it carried on inwards, Kalt started to walk down the cave with the orb of fire following him overhead.
The cave felt like a journey into the unknown as Kalt traversed its endless tunnel, the occasional drip could be heard coming from the walls‘this place must be connected to the lake somehow if there is water dripping from here... maybe an underground lake’Kalt thought to himself.

As Kalt went deeper it felt colder to him, and the more dangerous it felt. But at the same time the deeper he went the more he wanted to know what was at the end, he got the weirdest feeling that there was some kind of valuable treasure at the end of tunnel. He must have been walking for about ten minutes now, so he figured he must be reaching the end since he wasn't going down or up.
In fact it felt like Kalt was going straight forward.

It was unusual for a mountain to have a cave or pathway that remained forward with no slant or slope in it, then it hit Kalt. ‘It must have been purposely dug like this! So this is manmade!’
Kalt kept on going thinking he was getting closer, he felt the cave was getting narrower despite the fact it looked the same as he entered it.

Kalt kept on walking for another fifteen minutes until he made a discovery which shocked him, on the floor were paintings of arrows pointing forward, and in between the arrows was a painting large ball with stars around it.
The ball had bits of blue parts in it and green parts in it, it took a while to figure it out but Kalt recognised it as the planet from his astrology lessons as a Kertica, like somebody had taken all the maps of the world and put it down on one simple drawing. He didn’t recognise where Respoten was however, in fact the land masses seemed different to what he knew.

He walked along following the arrows with each set having painting after painting, after the painting of the planet was a man standing on a mountain with lakes of fire around him.
After that came a painting of people on the ground looking towards the sky where there were huge balls of fire that looked like explosions.
Next there was a table with sinister looking people sitting at it with what looked like a feast going on with the man who was standing atop the lake of fire at the head of the table.

Next was a band of travellers with unique characteristics about them, the most imposing was a figure covered in a hood and some kind of mask showing only his eyes, the group looked like a bunch of bandits but they also seemed too well dressed to be those kind of people.

The gallery of paintings were each more unique and more interesting than the last and kept on going for some time, telling some kind of story that Kalt did not understand. Eventually Kalt started to feel scared, anxious and worried and he didn’t know why, these feelings just came out of nowhere.
There was a kind of presence he could feel but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, not even his Kertica eyes could pick up anything unusual and all he could see was his own energy waves.

The pictures were becoming increasingly scarier as well, demons, monsters and a man of fire and death coming from him. As he went deeper he felt as if he was approaching danger, danger like he never felt before, it was becoming overwhelming on him.
He wanted to run back and scream at the top of his lungs and never come back here, this dark and scary cave.

The arrows finally then stopped pointing forward and pointed towards a final painting that covered the whole part of the floor, Kalt approached it and shined the light of the orb over it and gasped over its content.

The hero from the great statue in front of Druff’s office was in this one, he was standing beside a huge tree in the middle of the painting, and there were a few more people in the corner watching what was unfolding.

The tree was semi-transparent, see through almost and it was dropping seeds of light from its leaves, at the bottom was a barren wasteland with all the plants and trees and grass dead.
In the sky was the stars in the night sky and there was his red star dotted right in the centre of those stars, but the most impressive part of this painting was also the most shocking.

In front of the tree, in the middle of the painting, were two men, one shrouded in white and one shrouded in black, the man of light Kalt had seen a few times before in other paintings doing something that dominated the picture. The man of darkness however had been in a lot more, and his paintings were a slight different.

The man with darkness barely looked like a man, but more of a godly form, he seemed to command everything around him just with his presence, and he had the body of a seemingly otherworldly form that was deified to every extent.

In his other pictures he had been depicted as doing some kind of evil atrocity, or some world changing event done by his will, even some acts of true kindness where he was adored by the people around him. Whatever he was, he was no mere mortal.

The events however was the most awe inspiring, the man with the light aura seemed to be holding down the man with the dark aura and looked like he was doing something with his hands.
It almost looked like he was draining something from the dark aura around the god, but as this was happening; orbs of some kind were coming out of the god’s mouth and starting to form a circle around the tree with a few shooting off towards the stars.

The picture was more detailed than any of the others and gave the feeling that something great happened a long time ago, Kalt didn’t really understand what was happening but he bet that possibly some of the historians from the academy could decipher it.

The End

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