The Cave-In

Kalt made a half moon shape with his arms and channelled his energy into his belly and then into his arms and fingers, his eyes soon began to glow golden as he prepared to channel the element of light. He was ready within a few seconds and failed to hear Xectix’s warning as he jumped and left a visible glowing pattern of a half-moon as he swung his arms and pelted them forward.

“Crescent blow!” he yelled.

The half-moon blew forwards and imprinted itself on the mountain rock wall, when Kalt saw this he became confused. ‘Is that supposed to happen?’ he thought to himself.
Xectix saw what happened and dived behind the pillar and put his fingers in his ears as Kalt wondered what was about to happen.

The imprinted moon of light energy began glowing more brightly and started pulsing, Kalt realised what was about to happen too late and braced himself as quickly as he could, the moon made a huge pulse and exploded a minor shockwave shaking the whole wall blasting Kalt back into the pillar.

Dust fell from the ceiling and a few pebbles dislodged themselves from the wall and fell to the floor as Kalt was covered in dust from the shockwave, Xectix leaned out from behind the pillar to check the all clear and noticed a distinguished second Kalt shape on another side of the pillar.

Kalt was on the floor with his hair blasted backwards and his face covered in dirt; Xectix picked him up and pointed at his face.
“Never, ever use that spell with inanimate objects around, use it in wide open spaces where you can focus on a single target” he said with his knees knocking against each other, showing he was still trembling.
Kalt laughed and wiped his face. “Whoops, that's erm... that's never happened before.”
Xectix found that hard to believe. “So where have you been practicing this whole time that enables you to not notice that side effect, I thought it was pretty obvious!”
Kalt grinned guiltily. “Erm, wide open spaces where I could focus on a single target.”
Xectix frowned. “And they called me crazy... well at least you're-“


Xectix fell to the ground and didn’t move, a huge rock fell on his head and the wall began trembling. Kalt yelled in shock over this and shook Xectix to try and wake him up but became distracted by the wall starting to collapse.
Rocks all piled on top of each other falling down from the ceiling and the top of the wall, Kalt grabbed the unconscious Xectix and dragged him away from the falling debris and into the duelling chambers behind them.

There was a bit of blood on Xectix’s head as Kalt wiped the bits of dirt off of it, he shielded him from any stray rocks falling down through the pile of rocks and through into the door of the duelling chambers.
After a few minutes the dust settled and Kalt could properly attend to Xectix although he didn’t know what he was doing, Xectix seemed hurt and wasn't moving which frightened Kalt. But upon closer inspection Kalt noticed that Xectix was only sleeping like a log, eventually making snores that sounded like ducks.

Kalt thought about his situation and decided to go and get help from the infirmary ward. ‘Hev would definitely be able to help’ Kalt thought.
He placed Xectix in a safe corner of the room and headed for the door and climbed out onto the pile of rocks that had covered nearly the whole section of the corridor.

He had to go and find the closest teacher first, who would then be able to get the Healers pronto, and then Kalt could lead back to Xectix. He watched his step as he climbed up and over the fallen rocks as a few of them slid down the pile, showing him that the rocks were not stable.
He got to the top of the pile which would have been the centre of the corridor and then proceeded right which would take him closer to the infirmary ward. He walked a few steps but then came to an abrupt halt as he found something he never seen before.

Where he had hit the part of the wall had crumbled away, revealing an entrance to a darkened cave, Kalt felt drawn towards it and started to walk to it slowly.
Kalt never knew there were secret or hidden passages in the Academy. ‘But then again the Academy itself is over five thousand years old, maybe I’ve discovered a long lost secret to the Academy... cool!’ he thought to himself.

He proposed that he would have a quick look inside before getting help, Xectix was fine and his curiosity was getting the better of him.

The End

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