The Reunion

They spent a while relaxing and idly talking about their lessons when they heard a scuffle behind them and somebody’s footsteps, they stood up and saw Gh’tarn walking towards them.

“Where in the world have you been hiding?” Kilik demanded to know immediately.
Gh’tarn had a confused look on her face as she neared them. “I stopped hiding an hour ago; I was called to the Head Hero’s office.” All three of them frowned “Have you been looking for me this whole time then?” she added with a cruel grin.
“No comment” Huji said roughly which made Gh’tarn laugh silently.
“Oh never mind, anyway the Head Hero wants to see you brother, he said it was urgent and you should be by the duelling chamber entrance by the pillar in five minutes once I finished talking to you” she said to Kalt.

Kalt sighed and got up brushing himself off. ‘I’m sure I haven’t done anything wrong in the past few hours, so what could he want? And in a place where he never really goes to, something's up’ Kalt thought to himself.

“Are you going to join us for dinner later?” Kilik asked as she also stood up by stepping on Huji.
“Probably, depends on how long he wants me for” Kalt said in an annoyed tone, being the jewel of the academy was a tad annoying at times.
“I can safely say I don’t envy you mate for being Druff’s little summon toy” Huji said as he got up after Kilik removed her support foot and brushing the dirt off of him.
“Yeah being awesome is hard” Kalt said jokingly. He started walking towards the mountain while wondering how fast he had to go to get there.
“I would hurry if I were you brother! You only have four minutes left after all!” Gh’tarn called out to Kalt as he picked up the pace.

Kalt give a little affirmative wave and starting running at the mountain with the picture of the pillar outside the duelling chamber in his mind.
Huji watched him and grinned at the girls. “Look, he still has to run to do it, I can do it while jogging” he added to his smugness.

Kalt kept the image in his mind and started channelling his energy in his feet to throughout his body and eventually his eyes glowed golden as his body started shifting in and out of transparency.


He suddenly felt the pillar in front of him and reached out to grab it and burst his energy into rays of light.
His body fazed out of focus as he entered a warping state and he finished the spell with the final incantation.

“LIGHT STEP!” he chanted.

He appeared in front on the pillar but was going too fast; he slammed his feet down to stop but ended up skidding across the floor and ramming into the pillar. He fell backwards and rubbed his nose after he landed. ‘Looks like I still got to slow down on the re-entry’ Kalt thought to himself.

“Actually I’d say you have to speed up overall Hee Hee Ho Ho!” said a familiar old man stepping out from behind the pillar.
“Xectix!” Kalt yelled.
Kalt shot up and jumped at Xectix and hugged him round the waist and almost picking him up. “Easy now boy I’m not as young as I used to be, you can’t go around treating me like a young one anymore” Xectix wheezed.

Kalt beamed at him while Xectix just analysed him closely making a weird humming noise.
“Is it me or have you grown a little since I saw you?” Xectix asked inquisitively.
Kalt grinned largely and bolted upright. “Well that's what happens to people who you don’t see for nearly a whole year now, what have you been getting up to this time?”
Xectix hopped and patted Kalt on the head. “I’m glad you asked, but onto more important matters! As I said you need to go faster, you were three seconds late.”
Kalt moaned. “Three seconds during the light step? Come on I’m still practicing! I’m nowhere near your level but I am doing the best I can! And if I do go that fast how am I supposed to stop crashing into things like that pillar there!”
Xectix smiled and went to lean on the pillar with a significant Kalt like imprint on it now. “That Kalt is lesson two” he put simply. “One that I’m still learning” he added under his breath.
“I heard that” Kalt grinned.
Xectix slipped and fell on the floor with a loud bang that made Kalt burst into a fit of giggles. “Huh? Oh wait yeah... you’re a Ranter, you hear those things don’t you... damn” Xectix moaned quietly

Kalt regained himself and helped Xectix up, his beard was still long and grizzly like it always was, still hiding Henry in there somewhere, still only wearing shorts even though it was quite cold in the academy.
“So why are you hear all of a sudden?” Kalt asked him.
“Because it’s your birthday, why else?” Xectix smiled.
“Any news on the bandits?” Kalt asked intensively.
“Yes but you’re not ready to know as I have said before, I don’t want you to go off hunting them before your training is complete” Xectix replied with his eyes closed and clicking his tongue.
“Thought so... how’s Henry?” Kalt said disappointed.
“Henry has been acting weird lately, he doesn’t seem to want to be a stick anymore” Xectix said looking concerned.
“Oh? Well what does he want to be?” questioned Kalt.
“A tree” Xectix said looking sad. “But oh well; not long now boy and you’ll be getting your weapon, any idea what you want to forge?”

Kalt smiled and started reminiscing about his long nights awake studying about possible weapons from books he could forge.
“Nothing complicated you know, something that works, Huji said he’s thinking of making a Kendama, while Kilik said she might want a spiked whip. I’m thinking simple like a sword or something.”
Xectix crossed his arms and replied, “Nearly all of the greatest heroes in history have used swords, is history about to repeat itself? Will Kalt be the hero of legends, will he be able to take his place as the true saviour of the land?”
Kalt poked Xectix in the head and Xectix jumped. “You were thinking out loud again.”
Xectix slapped his forehead “damn it!”
Kalt laughed at him and started walking around the empty corridor lighted up by the fires on the walls. “it’s ok, you’ve said worse without realising it.”
“Yeah I have haven’t I” Xectix said dreamily. “Oh how has that light spell I taught you been coming along?”
Kalt laughed and shook his finger. “That spell? Finished it ages ago! Watch”

Xectix leaned forward with a worried look as Kalt faced the other way towards a wall. “No wait Kalt! WAIT!”

The End

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