The Ninja

“There’s a sight I will never get used to you know, an Amilop who are usually the brightest most happy of the bunch so long as you don’t make them mad, with a Ranter who are usually the most secluded and miserable of the bunch” Huji mind messaged Kalt with a smile.

The girls walked over to Kalt and sat down beside them, Gh’tarn handed Kalt a bag with some clothes inside it “Werpic gave them to me, he said to give them to you” she mumbled. Kalt smiled and took a t-shirt out of the bag and bunged it on.

“How was class?” Kalt asked Kilik, she suddenly had a massive smirk on her face and Kalt knew she was about to boast.
"It was great! I’ve finally managed to perfect the entire feline family now, which means I just finished tiger form today!” she gave a good boasting laugh, Kalt smiled while Huji shrugged.

She was always like this; it always took her longer than anyone else to perfect an animal transformation and when she did she felt as if she was the best. Though Kalt or Huji or anyone else knew better than to point this out to her after Kalt did once a long time ago, the most uncomfortable week in the infirmary wing followed, teaching Kalt to keep his mouth shut.
Kilik was a slow learner but she more than made up for it in her ferocious temper as Kalt found out the hard way, Gh’tarn and Kilik were good friends since somehow Gh’tarn was the only one who could control her temper which Kalt was very grateful for.

“You’ve been working very hard today despite wanting to relax brother” Gh’tarn spoke quietly.
Kalt looked at her and grinned. “Hey considering how I usually work I was relaxing! The only reason I got more accomplished today was because Huji was with me.”
Kilik made a swirly movement with her hand in her hair and giggled frantically as she did. “You’re always so modest Kalt, it’s really cool.”
Kalt made a shrug and laid back with his hands behind his head onto the sand. “If you say so” he said in a bored tone.

He had gotten used to and bored with girls’ continuous flirting to the point he simply blanked it out, being himself wasn't easy he frequently told himself.
The four heroes in training spent the next few hours talking, sunbathing and playing ‘find the Ranter’ with Kalt and Gh’tarn as Ranter’s had the trained ability to hide anywhere with perfect stealth. They found Kalt after an hour of searching hiding in the seaweed on the lake bed after searching the bottom thanks to a little parting of water spell from Huji.

Kalt, Huji and Kilik were looking in the rabbit holes in the fields (they had long since abandoned their search by the lake) and were checking every possible place while Kilik and Kalt were arguing over one of Kalt’s stupid ideas.

“Look Kalt, no matter how much you beg him or anyone else you are NOT going to change the five thousand year old name of Ranter to the name Ninja” Kilik said while moving her arm around in a particularly large rabbit hole.
“But it just seems a much more fitting name for them to me” smirked Kalt while checking a thorn bush.
“Kalt I don’t think you’re ever going to replace tradition with a made up word” Huji butted in while putting his head inside a rabbit hole to search it. “How many times have you asked Druff that? And how many times has he shut his door in your face?”

Kalt quickly withdrew his hand from the bush after being pricked by a thorn and looked at Huji with a ‘you know the answer so don’t bother asking’ look, Kilik stood up and looked around the field measuring up how much ground they had covered.

“We’ve done about half of it, do you think she is actually in here?” she said while scanning her surroundings, Huji plucked his head out of the ground and stretched his back.
“Probably, I didn’t sense any movement around the lake after we found Kalt and we all know she likes giving herself a challenge so she’s probably hiding in a place where it is hard to hide” Huji said while groaning from his sore back after bending down so much.
“The only thing I’m glad about is that we haven’t been swamped by birthday wishes today” Kalt said with a satisfied tone, he was glad that nobody had found him today; though he suspected Werpic and Carsus probably led the fans off course.
“Yeah well get used to it since we’re going back soon. Look it’s starting to get dark so not much time left then” Huji said after he finished his stretching.

The three of them spent another twenty minutes looking for Gh’tarn and were beginning to give up and sat in the middle of the field looking at the sunset, Kalt was peeling his eyes for any glimpse of the red star he liked to look at.
Huji always questioned him as to why he liked looking at that star but Kalt always replied that he didn’t know why.

For some reason he felt a connection to that star and loved looking at it even though he couldn’t remember why he did, he had just done so for as long as he could remember.
He supposed it had something to do with his life before the academy, his life in Yuit, he couldn’t remember much of it including the raid that appeared in his dreams for a long time when he was little. He could barely remember what his family looked like even though Xectix gave him accurate descriptions, he had two older sisters who seemed to be twins, his father had a heavy farmer accent and his mother was a kind loving woman who only wanted what was best for him.

Even though he couldn’t remember them clearly he still felt a burning hatred towards the bandit clan that killed them, he didn’t know much about them except that they had grown larger and stronger over the years and their leader was a giant warrior according to Xectix’s information.

People had asked where he came from but Kalt just always replied that he was from a little town that nobody knew, the events of Yuit was a massive story for several years and everybody had heard of it, nobody in the land knew there was a survivor.

Not even Huji knew Kalt was from Yuit.

The End

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