The Friend

Hard wind gushes blew the water in the opposite direction as the wind hit the lake and made small ripples as the water was blown away slightly, it was now two in the afternoon and Huji and Kalt where standing side by side facing the water.

Huji joined Kalt thirty minutes after Kalt began practicing and joined in with him, Huji was a big help with Kalt as Kalt studied him as he moved his hands and saw the way he manipulated his energy to become one with the wind thanks to his Kertica training.

At different points in the day Huji took a break to relax in the sun but Kalt kept on going at it, this was one of the things that he did that made his teachers like him, his willingness to keep on going and not giving up. In fact it was because Kalt never gave up and focused on trying to get it right all the way until he actually got it right was the main reason he was able to keep up with everyone else in his classes.
That and training in the practice rooms at midnight didn’t hurt.

Huji and Kalt had gotten a pretty good hang of it now, Huji just needed a few more hours of practice to get it right and because Kalt was not always able to practice with Huji he wasn’t able to learn off of him all the time due to his responsibilities with his other classes.

But practicing side by side gave Kalt a good understanding of releasing energy and controlling it to mix with the wind and also gave Huji that extra practice he needed to really get the hang of getting the wind to move.

Huji had always been the best Mamto in the class just before Kalt; he was always the one who would finish making a spell first or getting a hang of energy manipulation principles, something that made him and inspiration and jealousy of their class.

But Kalt enjoyed learning with Huji and Huji enjoyed guiding Kalt, it was this trait that helped them ending up becoming good friends.
When they were younger Huji always thought Kalt was a show off that he could do all five types until when they were six and Kalt asked Huji to help him with his energy build up lessons, this plea for help made Huji see that Kalt didn’t think he was the best and realised that Kalt was struggling to learn since he was doing so much.

Not too long after that the two began hanging out to refine their magic and ended up becoming the best of friends. Huji however always thought that Kalt was hiding something from him, while Kalt believed that Huji did not need to be burdened with the knowledge of him and Yuit. In fact only Druff, Xectix, Hev and a select few teachers and nurses knew that he was the only survivor from Yuit.

As Kalt and Huji stood beside each other with sweat on their brows and bodies they continued to try and push the water away as far as they could, they only managed to get to the part of making sudden violent gusts that sent big ripples in the still water of the lake.

Huji was always surprised to see that Kalt’s way of relaxing was to try and become stronger somehow and continue on lessons even though he didn’t have to, although to Kalt it was relaxing to work at his own pace and to practice next to his friend.
Kalt built up the energy within him and put it into his hand as he let his body flow with the wind and made his mind gentle, he pushed his palm forward and released the energy into the air, energy was invisible unless of course you could see through the eyes of a Kertica who could see energy particles.

As the energy pushed out through his hand he bent his mind to connecting with the energy and let it flow with the wind, as it spread out in the air he readied his arm and brought his arm in and with his palm pushed out and felt his energy in the air, he thought of nothing but going forward and his energy thought the same and before he knew it, a large gust of wind blew forward from his hand and made the water ripple backwards.

He bent and leaned on his knees and tried to catch his breath, this was tiring to him using as much magic as he had all day, Huji patted him on his shoulder and winked at him. “One more time? Together with all we’ve got?”

Kalt smiled and nodded and stood closely with Huji as they marked their arms up alongside each other. Kalt and Huji gathered all the energy they could muster and focused it all in their hands, they released the energy into the air and pulled their arms back in unison, with a grunt of effort from both of them they slammed their palms forward and did their best to push their energy forward with the wind.

The unison wind push mixed together for a split second and became one and pushed forward with a huge shockwave, it made a tiny wave the pushed the water back and made the water itself retreat for a second from the bank and then return.

Kalt watched with a smile on his face as he and Huji saw a tree across the other side of the lake shake its leaves very slightly showing them that their wind wave went as far as over there, Huji fell onto the floor gasping to catch his breath while Kalt sat down beside him since his head felt dizzy.

Kalt felt very pleased with himself after being able to progress a lot after a few hours practice and being able to learn from Huji, beforehand he had no idea how to manipulate his energy outside of his body but now he had gotten a good basis to practice from.

The trick was to not sever his escaped energy from him as if he was connecting an invisible string to himself and the energy. Through that little string he was able to influence his energy and shape it with the air around him, and then when he moved his energy he was actually moving the wind, then the trick after that was to shape the wind into a wall you could push forward which, when he did, was a gust of wind.

“Pretty good” Huji said to him with a gasping voice and a small grin, Kalt grinned back and laid back on his arms as he started to catch his breath again, they relaxed for a few minutes when Kalt sat forward and looked at a cluster of bushes to his right as he felt two familiar energy patterns approaching.

“Oh wow, I saw that just now guys, that was AMAZING!” said a familiar soft voice as two people came into sight from the bushes, two girls; one covered in a long black cloak with a hood and the other with mousy bushy hair, blue eyes, sharp teeth and small pointy ears, a yellow top that was torn in a few places and small skirt with a few rips in it at the base.
She was very pretty in a raw beauty kind of way and was beaming at Kalt and Huji as they walked towards them and was waving at them; she was also an Amilop.

“Kilik, Gh’tarn! Glad you made it!” Kalt called back at them while also waving.

The End

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