The Magic

He spent a good hour in the lake until he got out and went over to his ice board which had melted from the rays of the sun and his towel was lying on the ground, it having been made damp from the melted ice and dried up again.

He lay back in the sand while drying his body out and stared out and the simple shining ripples in the water, it was past eleven in the morning now, he could tell from the position from the sun. Kertica classes were boring sometimes but they did have their uses a lot of the time.

This meant that his friends were in class now as was most of the academy say for the few people who had the same classes as him today so they would have a little bit of time off, it was impossible for him to attend all of the classes as they overlapped with each other so he took all the main core subject classes and was expected to learn all of the sub lessons in his own spare time.

This never really bothered Kalt however as he was always happy to learn more of being a hero, he placed the towel on the sand and laid down on it to begin relaxing in the sun, it was a hot day so he didn’t plan on going to get changed yet. Plus he had to climb all the way back up the mountain, something he was proud to say he was too lazy to do.

He relaxed for a good half an hour before he decided to do something else, he thought back to his lesson schedule and remembered that he should be have a three hour lesson on wind bending now,‘wind bending is hard’  Kalt thought.

He hadn’t really gotten the hang of it yet despite learning for a few months now, the furthest he had gotten was pushing the wind hard enough to blow somebody’s hair up but that was about it. Huji had gotten to the point where he could blow up girls’ skirts as they walked past, while the rest of the class hadn’t even got past using the wind to move a ball.

He decided to practice until somebody came and visited him, Huji had probably went and gotten a late breakfast and Gh’tarn was probably lurking in a shadow somewhere waiting for Kilik to finish. Ranter types had always made him feel uneasy, there was nothing wrong with it; it was just that they tended to be more creepy then other classes with their infatuation with staying hidden and detailed knowledge on human anatomy.
Thanks to the Ranter classes Kalt now knew forty-five different ways to make somebody brain-dead.

Kalt shivered and stood up, he decided to kill the time by practicing his wind bending despite the fact he sucked at it. In his opinion wind bending was the hardest out of all the elemental Mamto magic lessons he had, true he still had to learn lightning and darkness elements but out of all of them so far wind was by far the hardest.

With his water and earth bending lessons he got the hang of it pretty soon enough, earth was solid and it was easy to move solid forces, the difficult part of it was bending the earth to his will of what he wanted it to do, he learned in the end to have a strong and single mind to concentrate on moving the earth. This in turn affected his body, making it sturdier and more solid as he made the spell incantation which was helpful because simple distractions would break the magic.

Water was a lot harder but still found it a more easier element when he began learning it, water had a mass but it wasn’t solid like earth, so it was harder to move it like he was moving an object, if a hero tried it that way they would move the water only a little bit before it started to break apart and just become running water.

Kalt learned that in order to control water he had to focus less on the actual moving of it and focus on keeping the water intact by moving with the waves and turns of the water, his mind and body had to become shifting and flowing to move the water, become one with its flowing state. Difficult, but he got it in the end.

It was only a matter of time before he became a master at them, only by years of using the magic could a hero truly become a master with them.
However fire was a little different, it didn’t have any mass to use effectively so once again Kalt couldn’t move it like an object and also trying to keep it still and in shape and control it would cause it to go out.

He had a hard time with fire as there were two steps to learning it, the first step was summoning the energy inside him to create a spark that could be bent into making a flame and releasing it from his body, the second was to keep that fire there and to move it around as you pleased, eventually manipulating its shape and intensity.

It took a while for Kalt to find the energy inside of himself, six months to be accurate, and spark it into a flame to be released from his body. A while still to learn that he have to keep on feeding the flame and feel his bursting energy within it to move it, when he learnt how to control his ignited energy he learnt how to manipulate his own energy to create any form you wanted.

This of course required a long time and experience to use well and effectively, the best form that Kalt could make was a small sword while Huji could make a whip.

There was also another problem with fire that only affected Kalt, whenever he saw it or whenever he created it, he would fear it. Flashing images entered his mind of uncontrollable, burning flames and he lost concentration, only Huji knew that Kalt had a fear of fire, it was not something Kalt liked to discuss. So the element of fire was a magic Kalt avoided as best he could.

Ice and others were similar to that of fire, but all elements he had learned so far required some kind of control over them by using their physical mass as a base. However wind was a different, there was no physical mass to control and to make matters worse, no base in which to start his learning from, meaning that wind had no way to be harnessed.

It took a month for Huji and Kalt to get the theory behind it and another month to start doing it right, he had to release his energy from his body, similar to using fire, just without tampering it to make a spark or anything else.

When he had released the energy he had to direct it to become one with the wind and become flowing and gentle within his mind and body, this was much easier said than done since controlling his energy once it had left his body was much harder than any kind of elemental magic he had learned. His teacher Professor Clim had told his class that it was in fact one of the hardest, most advanced forms of magic a Mamto could do.

It made Kalt wonder how on earth other heroes could learn the magic when it was so hard for even Mamto types; Kalt ran his fingers through his damp hair and stretched his arms to get ready.
He cleared his mind and felt the wind around him, he let his body become flowed by the wind and he felt as gentle as he could be. He gathered the energy in his arms and focused it into his hands and, feeling the wind, released it and with an open palm, pushing his energy into the wind.

The End

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