The Jump

Huji suddenly turned to Kalt after hearing that thought. “Oh no, you wouldn’t!”
The boys and Gh’tarn looked at Huji and then at Kalt who was grinning mischievously while looking at the window.
A gust of wind came from inside the dormitory and the window opened by itself as Kalt stared at it and he wrapped his towel around his waist, the boys looked at Kalt and then to the window and suddenly began realising what he was planning to do.

Gh’tarn looked at Kalt and he could tell there was dissatisfaction on her face.
“No Kalt. Don’t do it” she said very firmly.

Huji smiled and waited for the inevitable; once Kalt had his mind fixed on something nothing would stop him. Huji knew this and saw it as one of Kalt’s more admirable traits.

Kalt let go of the door and sprinted towards the window, the door sprang open immediately with the girls standing in the doorway. Kalt turned around and winked at them quickly just before he got to the end of the room.
The girls cried out while the boys cheered him on, Gh’tarn tried to grab Kalt but was too late, Kalt dived forward and out of the window and was over four hundred feet in the air with the grounds and the lake beneath him at the base of the mountain.

Everybody dashed towards the window and Huji and Gh’tarn were the first ones to look out at a free falling Kalt.
“YEAH!!” Kalt yelled out in excitement. He plummeted towards the bottom of the mountain and was doing a diving motion with an odd flip here and there.

As he neared the bottom he manoeuvred in the air and his feet touched on the mountain face and he began running swiftly down the face of the mountain, turning his descent from a free fall to running down a vertical drop.

He dodged and manoeuvred around various rocks pointing out of the mountain face and avoided the gaps where there were balconies and windows, he kept running until the mountain turned from a complete drop into a steep slope.

Kalt ran freely down the slope and headed more sideways as he ran around the face towards the closest point towards the lake, the wind was blowing hard in his hair and the sun was shining in his face, it was a very good day today.
The lake was now at the bottom of the slope and he finished running sideways and started going straight down again with his eyes fixed on the lake beneath him until he got another idea.

The rocks on his bare feet began irritating him so he jumped upwards and became a ball in mid-air with his legs tucked in, his eyes began glowing white and steam was produced from his feet and before he hit the slope again, ice formed out of his feet and shaped itself into a board.

He touched down on the mountain again to begin sled boarding down the slope, yelling out in excitement and weaved in and out of the various larger rocks. He could see people in the windows he passed and he gave them all a quick wave as he zoomed past them.
He was going very fast as his hair was blown back by the wind and his mouth was being blown open with his lips flapping around everywhere. He couldn’t stop smiling and yelling, adrenaline filling his systems.

He approached the lake and saw a rock with a slope pointing upwards in the direction of the lake and he shifted himself in its path, as he got near the rock he bent his legs to jump as high as he could, he shot forward and upwards over the lake.

He flew over the lake still several feet in the air until he got to the middle when he began falling completely at which point he kicked the ice board upwards into his hands. He undid the towel around him, tied it onto the board and threw it towards the bank of the lake.
He did several flips which turned into a cannonball and landed in the lake with a humongous splash the carried the board on the wave to hit the bank and wedged itself into the sand as he floated around underwater.

Kalt raised his head above the water to take a deep breath and treaded water as he looked around the lake, the lake was very large, large enough to sail on a small boat, but was empty except for him. He made a few splashes and began swimming up and down the lake in a fast pace.

It was a while before Kalt headed for the bank for his towel, he never really got the chance to swim around in the lake as much as he liked, and he was going to make the most of it, he spent most of the time underwater examining, swimming with and touching the fishes.

The End

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