The Popularity

Kalt opened the rest of his presents from his roommates and thanked each of them and put most of his presents in his trunk beside his bed. Kalt got out of bed and grabbed onto the railings above him for his bed curtains and began doing pull ups, his normal morning exercise to get his blood flowing.
His friends all began getting ready for the day, all of them except Huji had lessons today and began at ten o’clock in the morning and would go on for the rest of the day. Kalt finished off his pull ups and dropped to the floor to begin his push ups and looked at Huji.

“So what shall we do for the day? I’m not really in the mood for anything big, just a day of relaxation. Not like last year.”
Huji smiled with Kalt as they remembered his thirteenth birthday a year ago where they nearly blew up the Head Hero’s arena after experimenting what would happen when they froze a fire bomb and put it in Druff’s desk. They were nearly expelled but got three months of detention instead; they couldn’t stop smiling all the way. The rest of the students however viewed them as the funniest things to ever walk in the academy and always took a moment to congratulate them and ask where they got their ideas from.

Old Elf Druff was always most displeased with their mischief and wouldn’t say where they got their ideas from.
In truth it was Xectix whenever he visited who gave the ideas to Kalt who in turn told Huji and then both got to work. Good thing Druff hadn’t figured that out or else Xectix would be in a lot of trouble, although the thought of the Elf yelling at the old man in shorts who was too busy chasing a butterfly to listen to him made Kalt laugh a lot.

Huji pulled his boots on and looked at Kalt. “Well since you have no ideas this year maybe we could just spend the day by the lake and have everyone else join us when they finish.”
That sounded good to Kalt but hastily added after Huji finished. “Make sure nobody else knows or else we’ll be swamped all day with fans.”

Kalt gave a short laugh at the end as he knew that if he went out of this room he would have to be prepared for the waves of people who looked up to him and wanted to wish him a happy birthday. Kalt wanted today to be quiet and simple.

“Shall we bring Kilik and Gh’tarn?” Huji asked as Kalt stood back up and began rummaging through his things, wondering if he should bring the girls or if he wanted an all boy day.
“Yeah might as well, do you think Hev could come or do you think she’ll be busy?” He decided to ask them otherwise he would receive an earful of it later.
Huji was doing up his laces and replied with a grin on him. “Nah she’ll be too busy after what you did to that guy in your Banet sparring class.”
Kalt blushed a little and remembered his last sparring lesson last Tuesday, Werpic laughed as he made his bed. “HAH! I remember that, well it serves him right, he was going way too overboard.”
One of the other boys questioned them from his bed. “Why what happened?”
Werpic turned to look at him and said, “Well this guy was Kalt’s sparring partner see; and we were using staffs for that lesson but were told we weren’t allowed to use Soul Power, well Kalt beat him very quickly and he got a little angry, then when Kalt turned his back he used his Soul Power and attacked Kalt! Kalt was too quick though and he was beaten up against the wall and made a massive hole in it from where his butt and landed.”


Most of the boys laughed but Kalt told them to stop continuing to blush. “No guys I could have seriously hurt him, I DID however take him to the infirmary. Boy you guys should have seen the nurses, Hev was all like ‘NOT AGAIN KALT!’ but it was the least I could do for him.”
The boys continued to laugh as Kalt took out a towel and some swimming shorts and pulled his curtains around him to get changed.

A few minutes behind the curtains and Kalt stepped out in his shorts and his towel over his shoulder and walked over to the door, Carsus called out to him “I wouldn’t go that way if I were you!"
Kalt laughed and looked over his shoulder. “Come on dude, I AM a Ranter you know. I think I can sneak past a couple of fans, besides I need to knock for Kilik and Gh’tarn.” He said with a detectable quake in his voice.
He put his hand on the handle and gulped as the boys looked at him waiting for something to happen, Kalt slowly turned the handle and opened the door and wished for the best.

It all happened so quickly, when he opened the door he was nearly blasted back by the sound waves of girls screaming.
“OH MY GOD ITS KALT!” some of them screamed in unison.

Kalt slammed the door shut as he felt the stampede of the girls running at the door.
The boys all burst into laughing on the floor as Kalt began to sweat with his dangerous situation; it appeared along with his popularity he also had relatively good looks that made him a hit with young girls of the academy.


These were the screams from the girls as they banged on the door trying to get in.
“Makes you wonder” Werpic began. “What would they actually do if they caught him?”
Kalt was pushing back against the door preventing the girls from coming in “I’d rather not find out!” cried Kalt as the boys continued to laugh.

Kalt put his mouth to the edge of the door and tried to call through it. “Kilik, Gh'tarn! Are you there?” It was useless however as his calls were drowned out by the noise the girls outside were making.
“I was here as soon as you opened the door” said a familiar hushed female voice.

Kalt and the boys looked to see where it came from when a young girl in a black cloak covering her body dropped from the ceiling and in front of Kalt.
“Gh'tarn!” Kalt called, some of the boys who weren’t fully dressed yet dived behind their beds.
“This is a boy’s room!” cried one of them.

The cloaked girl stood straight and lowered their hood to reveal a dark skinned girl with short black hair with red streaks in it, brown eyes and very dark under lids in her eyes. She was as tall as Kalt, very slim and nimble and wore an earring with a tooth hanging from it, the typical complexion of somebody who belonged to the Ranter type.
“Oh please it’s not like you have anything to hide!” she said in a patronising way, she turned to Kalt with a small smile and a wink. “Happy birthday brother.”

Kalt winked back at Gh’tarn, she had always called him brother even though they weren’t related. But he liked the idea that she thought him that close and he also viewed her as a sister.

“You and Kilik doing anything later?” Kalt asked still pushing back against the door.
“Why?” she replied flatly.
“Well me and Huji are going down to the lake to relax since I don’t have any lessons today and it’s my birthday. I was wondering if you two wanted to come.”
She smiled a little. “Well I don’t have any lessons today but Kilik does, she’ll be finished at around lunchtime, I’ll bring her down after that, I think she will be more than happy to go”
Kalt gave a big grin at the news. “Great! I’ll be there all day with Huji” Gh’tarn nodded and put her hood back up.
“Dude, you know you’re the only guy she likes right” said an echoing voice.

Kalt looked at Huji and realised he was sending mind messages with him, Kalt focused and visualised Huji in his mind and made a link with him.

“So what? I like hers and Kilik’s company, she can like whoever she wants to” he said in his mind which made Huji roll his eyes.
“Well she only treats me, Carsus and Werpic friendly because we’re friends with you, if we weren’t we’d be treated like trash too.” Huji thought back.
Kalt smiled and looked at Gh’tarn and back to Huji. “I know you guys like Gh’tarn but she IS a Ranter after all, you know how much they don’t like to socialise with other types, but do give her some slack, she does generally like everyone’s company even if it’s hard for her to show it.”

Huji shrugged his shoulders in a ‘whatever’ way and got back to talking with Carsus while Kalt focused on keeping the door closed. Gh’tarn went up to Kalt with most of her face covered by the hood, Kalt got the feeling Gh’tarn was looking into his eyes.

“So how are you going to get out if the doors blocked?” Gh’tarn asked Kalt.
Kalt sighed. “Man I only wanted to go swimming!”

But then he got an idea.

The End

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