The Birthday

Kalt woke up and gave a big lazy yawn; it was a Saturday morning in the middle of spring and the birds could be heard chirping outside the window. He thought to himself that today was going to be a good day for relaxation because today was his day off.
His wind bending for his Mamto class and cloud reading for his Kertica class teachers had been called away to do something for the weekend and those two were his only lessons for a Saturday. It had been a very long time since he had a day off.

It had been nine long and arduous years since he came to the academy and he had gotten a day off only a few times, indeed only the holidays and evenings were his free time nowadays. He knew he was very lucky to get a day off on today of all days, and he had hoped he would have also been lucky enough to see Xectix today. But he knew it was probably unlikely.
It was true he was due to visit sometime soon but he doubted he would come today. With Xectix you could never predict what he was going to do, no matter to how many predicting classes you went to. Xectix only popped up for a few hours or so every few months because he was always being called away on some ‘secret mission that involves a lot of sculpture making’ to put it in his words.

Kalt was just glad enough to have a nice day of doing nothing, he had gotten used to and even missed Xectix's weird actions for it always made him laugh, it was a source of great comfort whenever he felt too pressured.
Druff was still the stingy old Elf he had always known him as, and Xectix was still the weird lovable old man he was, nobody had really changed except for himself, for today was a special day and he was no longer the little boy he was nine years ago. He couldn’t even remember the memory of the horrible incident that happened all those years ago, but he had not forgotten it.

Hev had been getting really excited about today, in fact everybody had. Even the Elf had called him to his office to wish him well, which Kalt found to be very touching yet cheesy.
He wondered how long it would be until the commotion began...

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” somebody shouted at the foot of his bed.
“That long” a now fourteen year old Kalt said to himself.
Kalt managed to sit up and look at the end of his bed which was covered in presents by all his roommates standing at the foot of his bed.

Kalt smiled and said in a hushed voice “keep it down guys! You don’t want the girls to knock down our door if they find out I’m not asleep anymore!”
The other boys sniggered amongst themselves as Kalt began stretching his arms and hearing some clicks and snaps from his sleepy body.
“No seriously! There are some out in the lounge listening for us!” he joked in a quiet voice.

Thanks to his Kertica training he could feel the energy waves coming from outside their door and noticed the presence of a large number of females poking their heads out of their own dormitories listening for any noise coming from Kalt’s room. When he said so the boys became a little quieter and Kalt reached down to take the present closest to him which had extremely poor wrapping and gave it a little rattle.

“This is from Huji I bet!” Kalt guessed. A boy on his left stirred a little.
“How did you know?” he said.
“Because Huji I would know my best friends wrapping from anywhere” Kalt replied.

Huji blushed a little from the compliment. He had dark brown hair that was long enough to cover his ears and a sweet face and a few freckles on his ears.
He was taller than Kalt but skinnier since Kalt was bigger than him muscle wise because of Kalt’s Banet training, and he was a Mamto, he shared the same magic classes with Kalt and slept in the bed next to him.

Huji was the first person to become friends with Kalt when he arrived; Kalt met Huji for the first time nine years ago when he walked into the very same circular dormitory with Hev only to see all of his roommates staring at him. Huji was the only one who didn’t stare which a young and frightened Kalt appreciated immensely.
Kalt was glad back then when he realised he would be sharing a room with people of the same age as him and it wasn’t too long before many other people began talking to him and he made loads of new friends.

Huji smiled as Kalt opened his poorly wrapped present and pulled out a huge chocolate bar that was bigger than Kalt’s head. “Thanks mate, how did you sneak this in?” Kalt said with a mischievous smile on him.
Huji did the same smile and said, “Remember we were trying to make our own illegal foods to replace the stuff we didn’t like on Thursdays? Let’s just say I’ve been practicing… happy fourteenth anyway Kalt.”
Kalt chuckled along with his friend when another boy spoke. “I don’t know why the old Elf doesn’t allow chocolate here” with murmuring agreement from the other boys.
Kalt looked at the boy and smiled. “APPARENTLY he doesn’t like it himself and you all know what he’s like, if he don’t like it none of us like it, that’s the way it goes.”
The boy closed his eyes and moaned. “Stingy old Elf just doesn’t like fun.”
Kalt gave a slight laugh. “That’s rich hearing you say that about your fellow Elf Werpic.”
Werpic frowned at Kalt. “It’s my right as an Elf to say if another Elf is being an old fogey.”
The boys gave another silent laugh as Kalt continued to go through his presents, “Speaking of which Werpic, if you don’t like him why do you dress just like him?” Kalt asked his friend as he looked at a new jumper with fighting dragons on them.

Werpic fondled with his ponytail and wondered what was wrong with it, Werpic had a very clean face along with his blonde hair and pointy ears, and he had bright green eyes and was as tall as Kalt with a very regal style of dressing and appearance. He was also a Banet.

“No reason, it’s just the simpler to dress in a smart sense of attire and take pride in the way you look, maybe he and I can see eye to eye in some things in the respect. If you really can count those ‘eyes’ of his” he replied while Kalt wasn’t looking at him.
“Oh that’s why! I was just wondering why you liked dressing like a granddad.” Kalt laughed while opening more presents.
Werpic laughed and said, “Oh well that’s just humans for you, no correct sense of style.”
Kalt scowled at him.

“You could always wear a cardigan like a real granddad” piped a deep grunt from behind him.
Werpic turned around to look at small Dwarf behind him, “Carsus, the day I take fashion tips from a dirty, hairy Dwarf is the day I shave my fabulous hair off.” He said with smirk on his young face.

Carsus the Dwarf looked up at Werpic and chuckled, he was short and the same age as everyone else but he already had a rugged face and long scruffy hair as if he was an adult.
He had grubby and dirty hands and a mean looking face but his eyes were blank like Druff’s, blank and grey like they were blind but that just comes hand in hand with being a Kertica.

Kalt was appreciative for being a Kertica and wasn’t its direct type otherwise he would have those eyes too and it had always been creepy to him. All of the physical traits a Hero would get from being a certain type he didn’t have; being a unique hero had its advantages Kalt always thought to himself.
He first realised a few years ago that he wouldn’t have blank eyes like the Kertica.
Or the bulky muscle stretch marks of the Banet on his body.
Or the shadows under the eyes and the tendency to be anti-social like the Ranter.
Or the strange habits that Mamto tend to get.
Or the wild and sometimes feral looks and temper of the Amilop.

The inability to get side effects had gained him a nice popularity within the academy along with being the only hero who took all of the lessons as all five types of hero. Within his time there Kalt he easily became the most famous student in the whole academy, his friendly nature, hardworking attitude and special status had helped his rise to stardom as well.

Carsus gave Werpic a passing notion of uninterested in his facial expression and spoke with his grunt. “Werpic, that’s fine talk coming from a beardless mummy’s boy.”

Werpic smiled and looked back at Kalt who was examining a carving of a bear with a salmon in its mouth made by Carsus.
Kalt smiled as he looked at his friends. Werpic and Carsus always went for each other because they were of different races, even though they considered each other best friends, it always made Kalt smile the way they liked one another and were always at each other’s throats.

A true love-hate relationship if he has ever seen one.

The End

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