The Decision

“Kalt, by the powers invested in me as Head Hero I hereby grant you the title of Hero of the Academy, this is a new title to befit your status as all five hero types, I will organise your teaching and lessons to fit all five training courses in. You are special and as such will be given special treatment; however, now that you will be training to be all five types instead of the simple one your life will become very hectic and your chances of survival have now turned considerably lower, do you still wish to continue?” Druff said with a warning toned voice.

Kalt gave this very deep thought. He seemed he was going to be working five times harder than any of the other heroes and thinking realistically he was scared with just being one type, he didn’t know if he could manage all five.
He remembered the infirmary wing and all of the people in it; he was probably going to be going there a lot... or perhaps worse, he became a little scared and lost as to what to do.

He then got a flashing image of his dad on the floor not moving, and an image of the rain washing away the blood on his sisters and mother. He became sad but also determined from thinking about them; if he was all five types of hero then those bandits wouldn’t stand a chance against him.
As a Ranter he could find them.
As a Kertica he could see what they would do before they even did it.
As a Banet he could beat them up.
As a Mamto he could unleash all kinds of elemental magic on them.
As an Amilop he could tear them apart as a lion.
He could make them pay for what they did.

He then on that spot in front of Druff’s desk and Druff and Xectix themselves, in the middle of the arena with a gust of wind blowing his hair, swore to himself that no matter what it took, he would avenge his family and become a hero.

“Yes I will continue.” He said with a determined and proud voice.

Xectix made a noise that sounded like a bee while Druff smiled to himself and closed his eyes.
“Very well, I can sense your anger Kalt, and let me tell you, it is a noble action to fight for your family’s memory but don’t let that hate control you, now Xectix will you be so kind as to inform the academy of our special circumstances and new student please?”

Xectix nodded and sat on the floor, his eyes began to glow golden and light enveloped his body, he began to mouth words but no sounds came out of him. Kalt got the weirdest feeling just there and then that Xectix was trying to talk to him even though he was looking away from him with glowing eyes.

Druff stood up and began leading Kalt back towards the door back inside the mountain “well I look forward to seeing your results, work hard and don’t give up is all I can say, Hev will be along shortly and show you to your dormitory, you will be sharing with others. I trust that’s not a problem?”

Kalt shook his head and became anxious to tell Hev what had happened, and also began wondering what kind of people he would be sharing his room with, he hoped they would be nice and to not stare at him like the others did.

“Very good, your lessons will begin soon so get plenty of rest, we will start you off in history and theory classes, you have a long time to go before you become a real hero, and considering your age you’ll have 13 years of training but I am sure you were already aware of that judging by your unsurprised look. Xectix and I will make sure you are doing well throughout your studies; you are never alone in the Hero’s Academy Kalt. So please wait outside the door for Hev to come and get you, it was a pleasure meeting you Kalt.”

Druff did an odd smile and Kalt wondered why he was being so nice all of a sudden but decided not to say anything, the door opened and Kalt waved at Xectix who in turn made some papers next to him on Druff’s desk form a paper hand and give an odd form of waving goodbye to him.
Kalt guessed it was because Xectix couldn’t move at that moment because of the spell. He stepped back into the royal looking corridor and breathed in a large breath, he was a hero in training, he had never more determined and yet sad at the same time.


Druff walked back over to Xectix whose eyes stopped glowing and stood up.
“The academy’s been notified and everyone has been explained on the situation, I didn’t tell them too much for Kalt’s sake but enough to satisfy their curiosity.”

Druff went back to his chair and sat down with a long sigh. “Thank you old friend” He said.

Xectix began scratching his beard and looking at Druff with a fixed gaze. “So... what now? It is obvious why the bandits were after him” he said with a serious tone.

“Indeed, somebody must have known he was different.” Druff replied with the same seriousness.

Xectix leaned forward onto the desk and looked Druff in the eye. “You mean somebody must have known he was the Prophecy.”

Druff scoffed. “He may or may not be the Hero of Prophecy but it’s too early to jump to conclusions as you must know, in order for him to be the Prophecy the land needs to be plagued in a dark terror.”

Xectix stood up and crossed his arms. “One will appear who can wield all the powers of a hero, and yet not be one himself; if that isn’t Kalt then I don’t know who is. And Druff, I think the land might be in danger and that Yuit was just the beginning. When I arrived I felt something, something evil and powerful, I think whatever it was, it was leading the bandits to try and find Kalt.”

Druff ruffled his hair back even though it was already in a ponytail. “We need to keep a close eye on Kalt anyway, I believe what you say has truth Xectix, and I believe that if this power could gather a rather weak bandit clan and lead them to do that to Yuit, then if it knows or found out Kalt was here it would attempt to do the same again.”

Xectix gave a quick nod at Druff and started walking towards the arena edge and the rails “look out for Kalt please Druff, I will find out what I can.”

Druff turned his chair around and looked at Xectix walking away “I will make sure he doesn’t quit for your sake Xectix, how long will you be?”

Xectix raised his hairy leg and stepped onto the rail and looked out to the mountains in the distance taking a deep breath, he then turned around to Druff. “Four months roughly, I have a few ideas where to look first, if I find anything of interest I will let you know immediately.”

Druff nodded and turned back to his desk, pulled some papers out and began writing on them as Xectix eyes began to glow green, he jumped over the rails and down the cliff with a big “WEEEE!!!.


The last thing Druff sensed of Xectix was the old man flying away chasing a flock of birds and yelling something about stealing fish.


The End

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