The Explanation

“Shut up Kalt, don’t you realise what this means?” Xectix said with a scared voice, Kalt stopped jumping and became silent straight away after realising the looks of shock on Xectix’s and Druff’s faces and the quiver in their bodies. Kalt hadn’t heard Xectix talk like that before, and it was scary. “Druff...what does this mean?” Xectix asked Druff very quietly,

“I don’t know... this has never happened before... ever, just who is this boy?” Druff said with an unmoving blank eye fixated on Kalt.

“Umm... what’s going on? What does what mean?” Kalt asked them. Xectix went over to Kalt and sat down on the floor in front of him.

“Kalt, there is a saying here in the academy, whatever the hermit decides is final. His decision is never wrong and he has never gone back on his word... until now. He changed his mind about you, when holding him he examines inside of you, inside the soul of that person, looking for that unique power that makes a hero and if he says it’s not there then they can’t be a hero. If it is there then he tells you what type of hero you are. But for some reason, he couldn’t sense the power within you until after he made his decision, which means three possible things.”

Kalt was staring at Xectix without saying a single word, he had no idea what was going on or understood what Xectix was saying but it scared Xectix and Druff for some reason. Druff went to his chair and sat down to begin a trek of heavy thinking while continuing Xectix's explanation.
“It means that either your power is just hidden more deeply than others for some reason and the hermit just needed more time to find it, or it means that the hermit’s magic is broken somehow or it means...” Druff broke off and appeared to get lost in his own thoughts.

Xectix looked at Kalt and continued. “Or it might mean that there’s something different about you, something unique... I know this might not make much sense to you Kalt but to us this is very troubling, it might actually be-”
Druff stood up and raised his hand to signal for Xectix to be quiet.

“We are not precisely sure as to what this means so there is no need to jump to conclusion Xectix, let’s just ask the hermit what type of hero he is, that way it will be much simpler.”

Kalt got a little confused by all of this, especially the part of asking the hermit. 'How can you ask a statue something?' he thought.

“But Druff, if this means what I think it is then shouldn’t we be happy?” Xectix said in a careful tone.

Druff rubbed his forehead showing that he was getting a headache from all of this “let us examine the hermit’s choice before we make our own.”

Xectix closed and bit his lip and simply looked at Druff, Kalt was looking back on and forth between them wondering what was actually going on. Druff stared at the statue and finally spoke in a commanding voice. “Hermit, what title do you bestow upon this new hero?”


The hermit statue began shaking once more but then did something completely different from last time; it started moving and blinking with its stone eyelids and then started walking around with a peculiar walk with his little stone walking stick.
The stone statue looked at Kalt from head to toe and then stared back at Druff.

“This boy is weird! His inner power was a lot harder to find then anyone I have ever met! It was as if it was there but wasn’t there at the same time, I’ve never met such an interesting human. But the weirdest thing above all is that he is so conflicted, a young boy who doesn’t even understand what I'm saying is torn up inside. He has feelings of warmness and happiness, something he cherishes deeply, and yet he has this awful dark aura about him and this is very new to him and it brings him great pain and sadness.”

The statue spoke with a very high pitched voice which made it sound funny to Kalt and scratched its stone head in confusion as both Druff and Xectix didn’t blink waiting for it to continue.

“He doesn’t understand how to deal with those feeling yet, he is too young to experience these emotions, you must keep an eye on him Druff because this boy is damaged and he needs careful attention to be fixed. If left alone I sense a dark future ahead for this boy, if left unchecked he could bring about great calamity to all those who brought him this pain and sadness. This is what I sense in this boy, but it is unclear as to what will happen to him.”

Druff spoke to the statue while it paused to think thinking. “Hermit... what does this all mean? In all your time of existence you have never changed your mind, even before my birth you chose who heroes were and who weren’t and you say you have never seen anyone like this. How is this possible?”

The hermit sat down with its tiny face scrawled up with deep thought, it was a moment before it spoke again.  “How this goes is not of my understanding, I have been here since near the founding of the academy as you know, and yet never has there been one person who I couldn’t read like a book. His feelings are so intertwined with each other and yet couldn’t be so different, what I am about to say will be up to you to decide what to do for it is beyond my capability to comprehend.”

Druff and Xectix did not avert their gaze from the tiny stone man.

“As I examined him, explored his thoughts feelings, listened to his heart. I have one answer to give; he does not possess the mainstream signature power of any of the five hero types or any mainstream power of the heroes from beyond Respoten. He does not have a physical or spiritual alignment to any of them; however he has a connection to each and every signature I am aware of, including some connections to powers I never even knew existed.” The hermit continued.

“How is that possible?” asked Druff.

“This connection he has comes from deep inside him, deeper than I’ve ever had to look before, and that means he can connect with the abilities of any and all heroes. He is not any type of hero but he can be any one of them, he has the raw potential to be a Banet, he has the cunning and quick thinking to be a Ranter, he has the intelligence and the key to inner energy to be a Mamto, he has the free nature and fierce temper to be a Amilop, and he has the insight and deep wisdom to be a Kertica.” The hermit statue concluded.

The statue finished talking and went back to his little stump and sat back down to look as if it had gone back to being a regular statue. Both Druff and Xectix stood staring at Kalt with an awed expression, as if he was a rare and exotic creature they had never seen before and just made a discovery.
Kalt didn’t understand what the statue had said but he understood their faces, somehow he was different and they were both amazed and scared.

“Kalt I’m pretty sure you don’t understand what that all meant but you will in time I think, but for now just understand this: you are all five types of hero somehow, you can be all of them.” Xectix said after a long time in silence.

Kalt understood what he said a little and became very confused. “How can I be all five? You can only be one type of hero.” He suddenly understood why Druff and Xectix were acting strange towards him upon saying that out loud.

“We don’t know Kalt, our guess is as good as yours” Xectix said silently.

“So... what’s going to happen? Am I going to be a hero or am I not” Kalt asked the two of them, Xectix smiled a weak smile and looked at Druff and back to Kalt.

“That’s up to the Head Hero to decide, you certainly have to potential to be a hero, but training you would be hard since you don’t have a proper type, you just have the ability to be all five” Xectix answered with uncertainty in his voice.

Druff thought to himself for a long while, thinking what he was supposed to do. Xectix was staring at him trying to pass a message across to him while Kalt just stood there waiting for an answer.
‘Both I and Xectix know what this is now… I guess that explains why this boy was hunted by the bandits that night, what I can’t fathom is how anyone else could know he might be the Prophecy? It wasn’t as if the boy had done anything miraculous except for survive the raid up to that point. If he had I would be able to see it. There was no way anyone could have figured it out it out then, it was only by chance did me and Xectix find out, but I’ll have to discuss these matters with Xectix in private.’


Druff thought long and hard as to what will happen and then finally came to his conclusion.

The End

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