The Academy

Kalt dashed over to the window and stared out to see huge grounds with many people in them, obstacle courses and mini huts. All around the landscape were mountains that would have prevented seeing the academy at a distance and a shining sun in the cloudless sky.
It was as if the rain in Yuit had never happened and Kalt leaned more into the window to look sideways, he saw more windows and balconies embedded into a rocky surface. He looked down to see he was very high in the sky, and below him was a long drop down the side of what seemed like a giant rock.

Kalt could see that the whole academy was inside a mountain, Kalt turned around to Hev and questioned her “which mountain is this?”

Hev smiled in a beaming glow. “Well you are a smart little boy, looking out the window for a few seconds and you can already tell we’re in a mountain! That is really impressive” Kalt began blushing. “We’re in Mount Harvey about two hundred miles west of Yuit, quite impressive isn’t it?”

Kalt stared back into the window with an amazed look. “Whoa! So I’m in Mount Harvey? I knew it was big but wow…”

Hev came up beside him. “That’s really good you knew that Kalt, I’m sure you’ll do great in the practice test but not unless we get there now! Come on we have to go!”

Kalt flabbergasted a bit “s-sorry!” he said as Hev grabbed his hand and they paced towards the door and out of it.

Hev opened the door and led Kalt out of it, whilst being led Kalt finally managed to see what was out of his room for the first time and, better still, see the inside of the Hero’s Academy. When they stepped out they were in a large room with columns of beds with many of them occupied, they had curtains around them if they wished to draw them and several doors at the sides of the room with that were similar to Kalt’s door.

 “This is the infirmary wing remember, it’s where heroes in training come when they get hurt during training, it happens all the time so I would expect to see you here again when you pass” Hev answered his curious look as they rushed down the aisles of beds.

Some of the people in those beds looked at Kalt as he went past them and soon began talking to their neighbours in whispers when he got out of earshot, Kalt watched them stare at him as they paced past and got a little shy and tried to hide behind Hev as they went.
“Don’t pay attention to them Kalt, you’re the talk of the academy at the moment because of what happened a few weeks ago, you are the only survivor after all and well... I shouldn’t really say much more. Sorry!” Hev said realising Kalt was upset at the mention of that subject.

Kalt wished they didn’t look at him like they were because he felt like he was going to cry after hearing Hev talk about Yuit, he fought the tears back however and tried to act like a grown-up. The people he passed all looked different, some of them were human but there were Elves and what he could have sworn to be a few Dwarves as well.
They all looked different within themselves as well, some of them had eyes like Druff, even some humans, but in total there were only a few of them, others were big and had huge muscles, others had a certain aura about them and were doing weird actions in their beds like clapping or poking at their bodies, some covered themselves in hoods despite being in hospital beds and closed their curtains when Kalt drew near them. The rest of the people had a sort of wild look to them.

Many of them, especially the wild looking people, waved at Hev as she walked past and she waved back with the same smile she did with Kalt, as Kalt looked around quickly he noticed that lots of people were sick or injured. In fact there were around fifty beds in all and only a few of them were empty.

Kalt gulped a little as he thought to himself ‘all these people in bed here are probably hero students, so if I became one of them what would I have to go through? Would I get hurt like these people too?’

They reached the door at the end and went through it and walked out onto a huge hall with support pillars carved from iron to hold up the stone roof, it stretched on for a long time in both directions but was very short in width. Kalt could see the opposite side of the hall as he looked over, the distance between the two sides was as long as his street.
In the walls on both sides going left and right from Kalt were dozens of doors exactly like the door to the infirmary wing; the hall was lit up by fire torches dotted along the walls with ten feet distance away from each other. The middle of the chamber was lit up by giant glowing, floating orbs that gave off powerful, warm light that lit up the whole hall to the roof, Kalt looked up and saw a rocky rough ceiling and realised it was part of the mountain.

The walls above the doors was decorated with emblems of the same gold diamonds emblazed in the middle of them as the crest on Kalt’s t-shirt, along with emblems were red and gold drapes and curtains, as well as paintings of people and places Kalt didn’t recognise as well.
It had the sense that this hall was very old and very royal as well, Kalt felt scared but awed to be inside this place.

They proceeded right and it felt like they were going up a gentle hill as they trotted along, in between the pillars every now and then were statues of more people, they had a very commanding and inspiring presence about them, some looked like they had been there for a long time, and some looked like they were made yesterday.
Even more people were in the hall then in the infirmary wing either walking in the direction of the nurse and the small boy or away from them, coming out of the many doors that dotted alongside the wall, just to disappear into another one. Once they walked past them, even those people began whispering and staring at Kalt which made him even more shy.

There were loads of people just like the same people in the infirmary wing and they looked as if they were all equal in number, except for a significant lack of people with Druff like eyes. Kalt wondered why there were so less of them than anybody else as they walked on for another ten minutes, proceeding along the same hall and steadily going up, once in a while they would come to a curve and they turned and continued to head onwards.
Kalt had the impression they were going around in a big circle but the statues were never the same, they were ascending slowly like they were climbing a huge, spiral staircase. Except that there weren’t any steps to climb, and the spiral was inside the mountain itself, they climbed the mountain inside of it to go up whereas if they wanted to head down they would half to go the other way.

Eventually they came to the end of what looked like mountain itself however, carved into the towering wall that was the end of the huge spiral hall was an enormous monument of a sword being held by a man dressed in lion skin. He was holding the sword up to what would have been the sky if it wasn’t covered by the mountain ceiling and it had huge words carved into the base of the statue.

‘Let it be forgotten’ were the words in the statue and upon reading them Kalt got curious and wondered what was meant to be forgotten, Hev saw him staring at the giant statue slowed down and looked at it with him.

“Wondering about the statue huh?” she asked him with her hand on his shoulder, Kalt nodded and looked up at her as she continued to look at it.
“He’s the first hero who appeared in Respoten over five thousand years ago, nobody remembers his name but we do know that he united this land and made it the Respoten we know today. We also know that in order to do that he had to challenge what has been described as the ‘law of a god’ but we can’t figure out what that really means believe it or not. But he is the drive for most of the students here to become as great as he was, even if nearly all of the records on him have been lost to time”

Kalt stood there staring at the hero with a great admiration in him; this was the first Hero, the first person to become what he had always dreamed of.
They looked at the statue for a minute until Kalt asked Hev without moving his head away from the statue “but... what do those words mean? ‘Let it be forgotten’ what is it saying?”

Hev gave a slight giggle as she turned to Kalt “well... we don’t really know, whatever he wanted us to forget sure worked since nobody knows what it was we were supposed to forget!"

She beckoned Kalt towards him and he followed, they walked up to the statue and then walked along side it, the statue was really huge, much bigger then both Kalt and Hev even if he stood on Hev’s shoulders , if the statue could move then it could touch the ceiling above them if it raised his hand.

The End

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