The Healer

It had been a few weeks and Kalt was feeling much better physically except from the pain and sadness he felt whenever the image of his family came into his mind but he held back the tears and thought to himself that his family wouldn’t want him to be crying for him. They would want to him train to be a hero instead, Kalt had been using that thought to console himself whenever he felt lonely.

The words Druff had said to him he took to heart, Kalt wondered what the training of the heroes was like and if he would be able to survive it, Druff didn’t seem to have much confidence in him but Xectix seemed certain which cheered Kalt up.

He hadn’t seen either of them since he came to his room a while ago and had been visited by different nurses instead, one he had gotten quite friendly with. Her name was Hev and she had always been able to make Kalt smile with her clumsy actions, whenever she came into the room she always tripped on the stool Xectix sat on that night. Kalt was scared of her at first because she had a certain wild look about her, but after seeing how silly she was he felt comfortable with her.

She was really friendly towards Kalt but hadn’t asked him where he came from or what happened to him; none of the nurses said anything about Yuit actually. Kalt was relieved in a way, he really didn’t want to talk about it because it reminded him of his family and his dad always told him not to talk to strangers.

But Kalt had broken that rule ever since he came to his room because he didn’t know what else to do now, he wondered about everything and decided that Xectix would be the only one he would trust and rely on since he saved his life after all.

Kalt still didn’t know where he was, he hadn’t moved from his bed much so he hadn’t looked out of the window or the door but he had sat by the fire place a few times, it was strange, whenever Kalt was cold the fire came on immediately and whenever he felt to hot the fire died away.

It must have been some kind of magic Kalt concluded. The nurses came in every two hours or so to check on Kalt and give him something to eat, even though Kalt wasn’t eating much because he really didn’t feel hungry and felt sick whenever he did eat.
Except for Hev, he always ate for her because she was so nice; she told him funny stories of her clumsiness when she was a child and it made him smile a little.

Hev wore a pink dress with a white apron along with the other nurses so that must have been this place’s nurse outfit, whenever Kalt started coughing they did the thing that Xectix did and made their hands glow green and Kalt felt better right away.

It felt quite nice when they touched him with their hands like that as it made him feel relaxed and warm inside. Hev had mousy, frizzled hair with small ears, grey eyes, and a really cute smile with rather odd sharp teeth.

She looked no older than twenty and was really energetic whenever she came along, she always said that Kalt would be right as rain soon and he was going to have loads of fun when he got out of bed.

Kalt would have said something but most times over the weeks he felt too weak to speak, and other times he felt too embarrassed to speak.

But now a while had passed and Kalt was lying in his bed wide awake wondering what would happen to him today, they were going to see if he had any potential of a hero through some kind of test Hev told him when she got into a one sided conversation with him about being a hero.

Kalt didn’t need to speak because somehow Hev knew what he was going to say like how Xectix did it. Kalt just began to assume that she was a Mamto hero as well and could read thoughts.

'Being a Mamto must be really convenient' Kalt thought to himself, 'being able to read minds and do loads of cool stuff like heal people and freeze people like Xectix. And Druff was interesting too.'

Kalt wondered how he could see him despite being blind; Druff gave him an explanation he didn’t understand so he concerned himself more with the fact that he had met his first Elf.

Everybody he met were all really amazing Heroes, Xectix, Druff and Hev; Kalt really wished he could be like them too one day.

As Kalt laid there he counted the minutes to go by, there was not much to do in that room but rest, well Kalt didn’t know that getting better was so boring, he just wanted something to happen to distract him from thinking about his family all the time.

He didn’t feel like playing too as he had entered the serious world of heroes now and he needed to be grown up and act like his father all the time now to become a hero for himself and for his family as well.

It was not long before he heard a knock on the door and it creaked open; Kalt sat up and watched Hev poke her head through with her usual smile.

“Rise and shine Kalt dear, today’s a big day for you and-OOPS!” as predicted when she walked through she tripped on the stool that she moved out of the way last time but the other nurses always put back.

Kalt smiled as she got up and brushed herself off and walk over to Kalt, “oww... don’t tell anybody about that please. Ahem, anyway I’ve been sent to get you Kalt, it’s time for your little hero’s test today, no pressure ok, just a little formality.”

She pulled off the covers and reached under the bed and pulled out a trunk, Kalt slid off the bed and stood beside Hev wondering what she was doing while she opened the trunk.

Hev stood up and turn around and had some clothes in her hands, “I’m afraid the ones you were wearing were ripped so we got you some more formal ones, I hope they fit” she giggled.

Hev went over to the window and looked out as Kalt began to change; he changed out of his pyjamas and pulled his new clothes over himself.

He now had brown trousers that were just his size and a red collared and white t-shirt with a gold diamond crest on his chest and black sturdy boots that were a size too big for him but were generally ok.

Hev came over and picked up the pyjamas and dumped them into the trunk and slid them back under the bed, “umm... Hev... I have some questions that I’d like to ask please if you don’t mind.” Kalt said very quietly.

Hev leaned up and had a surprised look on her face “wow! That’s the most I’ve heard you say in forever Kalt! Finally warming up to me huh? Yay! I’m so happy, what is it hunny? I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

Kalt smiled and thought about it, 'what should I ask her first? If she is a Mamto type hero? Where I actually am or what I am about to do?'

Kalt smiled and stared at Hev and waited for her to answer seeing as how she could read minds.

Hev and Kalt stared at each other for a good thirty seconds before Hev said “err... what is it you’re going to ask me Kalt?”

Kalt was surprised by this and began stuttering “didn’t... didn’t you hear me say it in my head?”

Hev chuckled quite loudly and replied “goodness gracious me Kalt, if you say things in your head how on earth am I supposed to hear them?”

Kalt stared at her for a moment and quietly said “but... you’re a Mamto hero aren’t you? You can read minds right?” the last statement made Hev laugh very loud in a patronising way which made Kalt very embarrassed.

“A Mamto?? How on earth could you mistake me for one of them Kalt? Mamto are supposed to have brains, something I lack all too often I’m told. Never mind, but since you’re curious I am a hero, but just an Amilop Kalt, but I spend most of my days as a healer now since I can do a lot of healing spells. You don’t need to be a Mamto to do a few simple healing spells, Mamto’s can use magic like it’s nothing, and everybody else has to concentrate like crazy.”

Kalt listened to every one of her words soaking it all up, he never knew all the heroes could do magic in some form, which means even he could do magic if he became a hero regardless of his type

“Also... where am I? Nobody said where I was, the old man in shorts only said I was safe.” Kalt nearly whispered.

Hev was surprised by this. “Wow! Nobody’s told you anything have they? That’s a surprise but then again I guess that’s Xectix for you, wise as heck but never gives a straight answer, you’re in the Hero’s Academy Kalt, in the infirmary wing. You really didn’t know you were in the academy? You must have been out of it. Oh and look at me prattling on, come on Kalt, their waiting for us in the Head Hero’s office.”


Kalt was speechless; 'I'm in the Hero’s Academy! I'm actually IN it!'

The End

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