The Rescue

The bandits stood there staring at Xectix until one of them shouted “who the bloody hell are you?!”

Xectix turned around and smiled his yellow teeth at the bandits. “Tell me why I should tell you when you’re going to be dead in thirty seconds anyway?”

The bandits all roared with laughter while the same bandit said “dead? Ha-ha! It’s twelve against one old man ha-ha! It seems almost unfair don’t it lads?!”
The bandits held their sides with laughter until they calmed down to get their weapons out and started smirking, while Xectix just stood there.

“Your right... it does seem unfair” said Xectix. He put Henry on the floor and cracked his knuckles. “Now it’s fair!”

The bandits all snarled and charged at the hero. “You have twenty seconds left to live" he said calmly.

It all seemed to happen in slow motion to Kalt as Xectix fought the bandits.
One came over and tried to hit Xectix’s head off with his axe but the hero knocked the axe out of his hand and formed a ball of fire and shoved it into the bandits face and exploded. Xectix then spun on the spot and side kicked another bandit in the neck and heard a loud crack.
Three bandits tried to stab into Xectix with his leg still in the air from his kick but he hopped and stood on their swords. Chuckling at the amazed expressions he back flipped while waving his hand which caused the swords to magically fly out of the bandits hand and float around Xectix.
When he landed neatly the swords pointed at their former owners and flew straight into them and knocked them back.

“15 seconds left” said Xectix calmly.

Two more bandits came up either side of Xectix and tried to thrust into him but Xectix lifted his legs and fell to the floor flat on his back as the bandits stabbed each other and both fell to the ground. Xectix rolled backwards, lifting himself off of the ground and high into the air as more bandits charged forward.
Xectix’s eyes glowed white and mist perspired from the ground underneath the charging bandits’ feet and rose around them. The bandits stopped and looked around them wondering what was going on when Xectix raised his hands and ice shot out from under the bandits’ feet and froze them solid.
Xectix landed and fired small ice stakes from his hands and smashed the frozen bandits into tiny pieces.

“7 seconds left” there was only one bandit left who looked around at his fallen comrades and decided to not risk it and ran for it. Xectix looked at him and put his hands together with his eyes beginning to glow yellow. 

“5 seconds.” The bandit got halfway down the street

“4 seconds.” Small pebbles around the bandit began shaking   

“3 seconds.” The earth around him began moving

“2 seconds.” The bandit began running harder 

“1 second.” A small pillar of earth rose from the ground and shot out in the form of a stalagmite which impaled the bandit.
He struggled for a moment and fell eventually silent, ceasing to move.

“Out of time.”


Xectix drew a long breathe and went over to Henry to pick him up and put him back in his beard. Kalt stared at Xectix in awe at the stuff he had just done to those bandits.

'So that was the power of a hero... amazing' Kalt thought.

Xectix walked over to Kalt and extended his hand.
“Come with me Kalt.”

Kalt sat staring at it blankly until he realised something far more important. Kalt stood up and limped as fast as he could over to his family with more tears going down his face.
Xectix had a look of displeasure on his face and slowly walked over to Kalt. “Their dead Kalt, and you will be to if we don’t get out of here” Xectix warned Kalt.

Kalt faced Xectix with anger building inside his beaten body until he could no longer contain it.

Xectix sighed and kneeled down to Kalt. “I'm afraid there is no power that brings back the dead... I wish there was but there isn’t Kalt... I am sorry this has happened to you.

Kalt wailed in frustration and started hitting the floor in anger.
“Look Kalt, these bandits appear to be after you and I don’t know why. It’s likely that there are more on the way so you have two choices; come with me and live, or stay here and die, decide now please” Xectix pressed an emotional Kalt.

Kalt was torn between his desire to live and his desire to stay with his family, his mind raced with what to do but eventually he made his mind up. Kalt looked at the hero and took his extended hand “I want to go with you” he feebly said.

Xectix smiled softly at Kalt and his eyes began glowing gold. “Prepare yourself, this always feels weird the first time.”

Kalt looked back at his family and a final tear trickled down his cheek. The area around Kalt began to look distorted and his body felt light and weightless, Kalt looked at his hand and it began disappearing.
Xectix muttered two words ‘Light Step’ and he ran, dragging Kalt along with him towards a house.
Before Kalt could scream they both disappeared into thin air, leaving the burning ruins on Yuit behind.



The bandit leader came out from behind a house straight after the two left and swore loudly, he turned back to his other bandits. “We’re getting out of here lads, he’s gone.”
The mob of bandits that numbered in the hundreds began shuffling amongst their selves and made an opening to a hooded person with a long black cloak in the middle of the crowd.

The hooded figure stepped forward and the heavy rain stopped almost instantaneously, as if sky itself was afraid to rain in this mysterious man’s presence, and walked up to the bandit leader who bowed before a man nearly half his size.
“What do you mean he’s gone?” He asked sending a chill down the bandit leader’s spine.

The bandit leader fidgeted around and looked down “that hero took him.” 

The hooded figure stood there for a moment in silence, the rest of the bandits looked at him ready to flee at the first sign of danger like a bunch of rabbits running from a fox. These cold blooded killers were gulping on the spot at the revelation this hooded figure was told unpleasant news.
The hooded figure suddenly turned and struck the bandit leader down with such force it made the ground shake and the crowd of bandits’ hair get blown backwards as if a gale of wind had blew at them.

“I am most disappointed in you my friend, I wanted the boy, that’s all, but you had to screw it up...damn that Xectix... he’ll pay for this.”

The hooded figure swished his cloak and marched down the bandits and into darkness leaving the bandit leader to pick himself up in pain from the mud. The heavy rain began to fall again the moment he was gone.

The End

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