The Grieving

Kalt was as still as a tree on his knees looking over his father’s body.
Not but an hour ago he had escaped from the bush he was hiding in after waiting until all the bandits had gone away and he began walking around town calling out for his dad.
Every time he came close to or heard a bandit he would fall to the ground and pretend to be dead like everyone else around him, this continued until he saw his dad running down a street towards their house.

Kalt had followed his dad but he wasn’t able to call out loud enough because he had been coughing too badly from all the smoke in the air. He followed until they eventually got to their street and was witness the bandits hitting his father with their weapons.
Kalt was too scared to help so he ran to hide behind a house, covered his ears with his hands and shut his eyes tight while they beat his father. When they left and it started raining, he gathered the courage to open his eyes to peek only to see his father on the ground and not moving.

Kalt stared at his dad, unknowingly moving his feet to get closer to him. Each step he took made him more numb to his body and it seemed that he was only getting further away from his dad in his mind. When he finally did reach his dad it took him a minute to realise he had actually walked over to him.

“Dad?” Kalt kept calling as he shook Walt’s body.

Kalt kept on shaking his dad, calling out to him louder and more violently as the minutes passed and the rain got heavier. Kalt was wet and cold but he didn’t care, he had to wake his dad up.
Tears were swelling up in Kalt’s eyes after getting no response. He stopped shaking the body after ten minutes of trying to wake his dad up, but he continued to keep on calling him in the slight chance that his dad could hear him.

Kalt got up and stumbled weakly over to his mother and started to rock her gently while calling out for her to wake up. When that didn’t work he soon moved onto his sisters but nobody, not a single one of them responded.
Tears streamed off of Kalt’s face as much as the raindrops hitting splashing with such intensity that nobody would have been able to tell the difference. The small boy was as quiet as a mouse as he stared at his family’s bodies with an inexplicable and insurmountable amount of sadness filling his tiny heart. 

Kalt collapsed and hugged his knees on the floor and began crying quietly as the rain soaked him through his clothes to his bones.
He stayed in the same spot crying for what seemed like hours to him but turned out to be a few minutes until Kalt looked up. He crawled over to his dad and hugged him, crying as loud as he could.
In his gut feeling somehow he knew that everything that had happened was his entire fault. He just knew it somehow.

'Why did this have to happen? Today turned from being the best day in my life to the worst.' Kalt didn’t care what would happen to him now; he just wanted it to end.
This horrible night, this great pain in his heart, he just wanted it to stop.         


“Well-well-well, look what we have here, a little boy all alone? Heh-heh”


Kalt looked up and saw a tall hairy bandit looking over him and his dad. The bandit grabbed Kalt by the hair and dragged him along the floor away from his dad.
Kalt struggled and wiggled to try and get free and go back to his family but couldn’t break loose. The bandit dragged him to the end of the street and pulled out a horn and blew into it that made a huge trumpet noise that echoed throughout the town.

“They know we’re here now boy, the rest will be here in a few minutes and when they do we’ll decide what we’re going to do to you” the bandit laughed hard and cruelly as Kalt kept on trying to escape.
Kalt tried scratching the bandits arm to get him to let go but it didn’t work, he thrashed around but the bandit would not let go of him until Kalt leaned up and bit his hand as hard he could

The bandit yelled in agony and hit Kalt in the head to get him off and knocked Kalt back to the floor.

“I know I'm not allowed to kill you but nobody said anything about having a bit of fun” the bandit said in an evil grin.


Several minutes later a dozen more bandits appeared and saw a bloodied and beaten Kalt on the floor and the bandit standing over him.

“What the hell have you been playing at you idiot!” Yelled one of the bandits to the man who had been hitting Kalt.

“He was struggling too much, I had to stop him, don’t worry I haven’t killed him” said the hairy bandit defensively.

Another bandit came over and looked at Kalt on the floor. “You know what he said fool! Keep him alive and unspoiled remember? He isn’t going to be too happy with you when he sees the boy like this.”

The bandit who beat Kalt laughed and picked up him and put him on his feet. “See he’s alright? The boss won’t care just as long as he can stand right?”

Kalt swaggered backwards and fell down keeping his face fixed at the bandits. 'Are they going to kill me? These were the men who slaughtered the town and my family; they probably will kill me' Kalt thought to himself.

He didn’t care about dying now; he just waited for the inevitable as he began crying again. The bandits’ arguing was becoming blocked out of his awareness now as Kalt didn’t care about anything else as he waited for that eventual strike.

“Well I don’t see why we have to take orders from him anyway, it’s not as if we know he’ll pay us in the end, I say we just kill the kid now and get out of here before the Country Guards show up” said the bandit who beat Kalt.

The other bandits were murmuring in general agreement as the hairy bandit pulled his sword out. “Let’s just kill him now; the boss is going to kill him anyway. So we can just say he jumped out at us with a knife or something and we just reacted.”

The other bandits agreed and edged the bandit on to kill Kalt and laughed at the pathetic boy on the floor. “Sorry kid, no hard feelings right? Ha-ha!”

Kalt looked up and saw the other bandits laughing at him as the man who beat him up walked slowly towards him with a sinister smile. The bandit cried out in a terrifying scream as he ran at Kalt with his sword raised over his head.

'Am I just going to give up? Let myself die?' Kalt didn’t care as the bandit got close enough to kick him.'I can't do anything to save myself! I'm just too weak…'                                      


The bandit swung his arm down but then yelled out in pain as a blue light flashed behind him. The bandit stood there staring at Kalt and then collapsed to floor dead.
Kalt looked at the bandit on the floor and raised his head to see something that made him gasp in surprise.


Xectix was standing there with lightning crackling at his fingertips from his outstretched hand and his twig Henry relaxed on his shoulder. He looked around the surprised looking bandits and then at a shocked Kalt.
“Sorry Kalt, I lied. It seems we were supposed to meet again far sooner than I expected Hee Hee Ho Ho!”

The End

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