The Tragedy

At the men’s feet on his very own doorstep were bodies.
Walt slowly walked towards them being dead quiet as he stared at them and the sneering men looking down on them until he saw them properly. He lost all feeling in his body as the sight he saw overcame him with grief. He fell onto his knees with uncontrollable tears going down his face.

“NOOO!!!” he screamed out into the night.   

The bodies or Raru and his daughters were crumpled on the doorstep with cuts and bashes all over their bodies. Blood was seeping down their face and the glint of tears on Raru’s face could be seen.

The bandits turned around and saw Walt crying and screaming on the floor with his hand extended in mid-air towards his dead family in a desperate attempt to hold onto them through the veil of death shrouded over them.

“Looky here lads, looks like daddy’s come to save the day” said one of the bandits in jest.
The bandits laughed at Walt as he sobbed uncontrollably and one went up to the bodies of his daughters and spat at them.

Walt stood up with rage in his face and distraught in his eyes “DON’T YEE TOUCH THEM YA CRUEL BASTARDS!”
The bandit looked at Walt and cackled as he kicked one of Walt's daughters.

Walt roared in blind rage at the bandits and charged at them swinging his axe wildly. The bandits dodged and ducked to get out of his way. Several bandits managed to slash Walt with their swords but he didn’t stop until he got to his family and the bandit who kicked them.

He yelled in anger and pain as he swung his axe at the bandit, the bandit however ducked under the swing and stabbed Walt with his knife. Walt was then pierced by several other swords from behind by the other bandits who then proceeded to beat him to the floor until he ceased to struggle back. They stopped and withdrew their weapons out and wiped the blood on the floor.

A drip touched Walt’s face and before anyone knew it, it was raining, which soon after a few seconds began pouring down. The freezing cold rain hit Walt like more knifes piercing him while the bandits covered their heads to shield themselves.

“Damn it, I hate rain, let get outta here guys, leave this worm. He’s dead anyway.” The bandits marched away quickly while laughing as they went to join with the rest of their friends, leaving Walt on the floor with tears, rain and blood on his face.

Walt remembered the last thing he heard the girls say‘we love you mummy, we’ll always be together.’
Those words were ringing in his ear like the bells of his own funeral over and over.

'How could this happen?' Were his constant thoughts as he cursed the Lord Marvin and everything that had been allowed to transpire tonight.
Everything was over; he looked at his family and saw the blood on them washed away by the rain.

'Why didn’t they leave in time? Why were they still here? Was Raru waiting for me to return? Were they just leaving when the bandits came? Why did I leave the battle? If I had stayed to fight I could have saved my friends, saved my family and look for Kalt later. It's all my fault, I could have stopped everything but I didn’t, I wasted my time looking in an area that was empty, Kalt was probably dead anyway, the bandits must have got him so there’s no way he could have survived. Damn it!’ he kept thinking.

He felt like the most foolish man ever to start a family, and now at the end of everything he felt worthless. He turned his head back up and saw a familiar red star in the dark sky, it could be seen through a small gap in the orange rainclouds that were illuminated by the fire from his burning town. ‘My favourite star... ironic... that star was supposed to bring us good luck.’

Now there was nothing left in the world for him, it was time to die as the useless father, husband and friend he thought himself to be. His only wish was that he could have found Kalt. Darkness soon gripped him, the screaming was becoming feint, and there was nothing left in the world for him now.



“Dad?” was the last thing he heard, and a small boy crouching over him was the last thing he saw. His breath escaped him, and Walt lived no more.

The End

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