The Search

Walt zoomed his way without caring that he was out of breathe or that his friends and neighbours were dying all around him. He ran past all the bodies, burning buildings, shattered streets and eventually covered his mouth up when he entered the heavy smoke of the part of the town that was burning with the sun’s intensity.

He kept on calling out for Kalt squinting through the dense smog and coughing uncontrollably as he glanced around for a small boy. He grimly started his search by looking at the floor among the bodies. Every time he saw a small body his heart skipped a beat but upon closer inspection it was either a little girl or boy that the bandits killed while they tried to run away.

Walt felt intense guilt when he felt relieved that none of them was his son. 

He fumbled his way through to the gate where he noticed there was smaller amount of bodies and lighter amount of smoke as he continued to shout out for Kalt. He saw a man with a smashed head from a hard impact on the ground and a big bush behind that. Walt couldn’t see anything alive around so he moved on towards the area with the swing.


Inside the bush where Kalt had been hiding was now nothing, there were two small holes in the bush. One where a small boy got in, and one where a small boy got out.




The swing was empty, the whole area was empty, and it looked as if no bandits even came up this way which was relieving and soul destroying at the same time. Walt had been looking around the area for a good ten minutes but couldn’t find anything, which meant Kalt was not here, and that meant that he was in the town somewhere.
Walt collapsed from exhaustion onto a bench and grabbed his head in frustration, he had no idea where Kalt was, no idea how the girls and Raru were and if they had made their way to safety.

It was growing quieter now and more and more houses continued to burn and the screams became less frequent. That probably meant bad news in the form that the townsmen lost the fight and the bandits continued with their killing spree.

‘But if that’s the case then the bandits could be heading for the where all the survivors where my family is.’
Walt began crying silently over how everything was unfolding before his very eyes as he looked down the on the town he had spent his entire life in burn to the ground.
‘Why did this all have to happen, today was a great day, and now everything is being torn apart’ he thought to himself in his dismayed state.

As Walt sat there resting, silently sobbing and pondering what to do a small sound was caught by his ear. A very feint sound of a voice coming from the town, the hill overlooked the whole town so Walt looked around trying to pinpoint where it was and what it was saying.

It was coming from one of the streets that wasn’t burning but had a lot of smoke in, it was the voice of a small boy Walt recognised very well; and he was crying out...

“Dad! Dad?! Where are you dad?!”

Walt belted upwards and went to the edge of the hill and bellowed out “KALT?! WHERE ARE YEE LAD?!!”
Coughing at the dryness in his throat and the desperation in his voice, Walt ran as fast as he could down the hill ignoring the path and getting cut and torn by the bushes along the way.

 When he reached the bottom he dashed straight into the streets and yelled out Kalt’s name while looking madly around trying to see something. He was aware that the bandits might hear him and he no longer had his axe but he didn’t care, his five year old son was in here somewhere.

Eventually Walt came back to the town centre and saw the bodies of bandits and townspeople all around, all his friends and kinsman; it was obvious that the bandits won this fight. The market stalls, the tavern, the shops, the mayor’s office, all of it was on fire, and the bodies of their owners were among the dead here probably.

Walt still continued to look around when his heart dropped from noticing something in the distance towards part of the town that had not been engulfed in flames. A house on his street was on fire, a stone dropped in his heart as he came to the realisation that the bandits were there on his street.
If Kalt was going to look for his dad he would probably go home, he would run head on into those murdering animals, and Walt’s search would have been in vain.
Walt picked up an axe by his feet and charged back up the street he led the men from back to his cottage.


By the time he got there it was very difficult to see with the amount of smoke, the roaring flames made it hard to hear as well. His eyes were watering and he was coughing hard.
Eventually he heard laughter that made his stomach curl, it was laughter of the bandits taunting somebody and gloating over something.

Walt prepared himself as he marched towards the voices, there was a lot of shattered glass on the floor but no bodies, which was a spirit lifter for Walt; if there were no bodies then everyone must have gotten away.
He proceeded slowly so he could concentrate on the voices and not run into fire until he made his way out of the dense smoke and could see clearly down to the end of his street.

He saw a group of men with torches at his house, it wasn’t on fire thankfully. But then he noticed something else that made his body go numb.                                           

The End

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