The Brawl

An hour passed and half of the town was now burning. Many were dead in the streets and the bandits were still on a rampage.
The main mob had nearly reached the town centre while the single or paired bandits who were going around killing at will were fighting and murdering people in the streets and setting fire to every building they came across.

A second line of militia was escorting evacuees and survivors towards safety by the lake and holding off the raiding bandits in a vain attempt to delay them from making their way further into the village.

“Kill all of them!”

“Burn this one!”

“Stick him like a pig!”

These were the common shouts and taunts heard from the bandits. Few bandits had been killed while at least a quarter of the people had been killed or wounded, and only fifty people had made it to safety down by the lake.


Dense and heavy smoke was filling the air over the part of the town that was on fire, the bandits that remained in the area were rushing out coughing and leaving the wounded to their fate.
The massacre had been going on for an hour and a half now and it showed no signs of stopping as the main bandit mob came face to face with the band of men defending the town centre of Yuit.


Walt was getting closer to the town centre; he had looked everywhere but couldn’t find Kalt and was beginning to fear the worst but wouldn’t detach himself from his hope that Kalt was alive and lost somewhere.
Walt would find him no matter where he was and then take him back to the rest of his family where they could escape together.

The group of men turned the corner and saw the high street that Walt and his family had walked down just earlier today. It was empty say for a few discarded items on the floor, the smoke from the burning houses was starting to fill this area up and the glow in the night became brighter and clearer as they drew near to the bandits.
'Where could Kalt be?'  Walt wondered, as he and the rest of his friends, colleagues and neighbours paced towards the devastation and prepared themselves for a fight that would decide the future of their families.


The bandit mob threw insults and taunts at the militia who stood their ground in a defensive stance until one bandit stepped forward, a huge muscular man with padded shoulder braces, thick leather trousers and spiked arm guards, he was completely bare for his torso except the countless horrid scars that covered his body. He had no hair is it looked like it had been burnt off and his bald head looked no different then the rest of his mutilated body.
One scar was very eye catching; the words ‘time jug’ was embedded on the left part of his chest while all the other scars looked like they were caused by sword or arrow or burns.

“People of Yuit! I am the leader of this bandit gang. But I am a kind leader. Surrender now and we will kill you quickly BAH HA!”

He burst out in forced cruel laughter along with the rest of the bandits who followed suite.
The leader of the militia fired an arrow in response which hit a bandit square between the eyes, the bandit leader turned as the crowd of townsfolk cheered at their leader and denied his proposition and shook his head.

'That was a foolish mistake' the bandit leader thought while he turned and immediately raised his hand to grab an arrow that would have hit the back of his head in mid-air.

“Well-well... and they say I’m uncivilized... well then... MEN! KILL THEM ALL!” he screamed to his subordinates.                                

The bandits screamed and charged at the townsfolk who stood fast and ran into them, smashing some of the men over by pushing them or running head on into them.
Other bandits however were unlucky enough to either run into an arrow fired at them or have a hammer or axe smashed into their face.

Around half a dozen bandits fell during the charge as they pushed deep into the men’s positions, the militia were fighting for their lives against the bandit onslaught. None of them were warriors and the bandits must have had years of fighting experience.

The bandits pushed straight through the militia’s forces killing wildly and madly, the bandits were killed by the few while the militia were killed in their dozens. Some of the townsmen started to rout and run for their lives while others stood firm and fought bravely but were killed very shortly.        

The situation was looking grim for the militia as around twenty bandits broke off from the main group and ran in separate directions burning and killing at will with around ten bandits heading towards the entrance to the lake.

The bandit leader was in the forefront of the fighting and was slaughtering all who came near him; he wasn’t using any weapons, just his fists that snapped the neck of any man who challenged him.
The bandits were killing the men with lightning speed, a hundred men stood in the town centre, twenty had ran away and sixty had already been slain within five minutes of battle and only thirty-something bandits dead.                                   

The front line of the remaining militia ran backwards and ducked as the bandits that pursued them were hit by a volley of arrows. The bandit leader was about to be hit when he quickly grabbed one of his own men and used the bandit as a shield from the volley of arrows.

The leader tossed him aside and led his bandits toward the final line of men with an evil smirk on his ugly face when all of a sudden three bandits were killed from axes being thrown at them from the side.
The bandits in the middle of the mob turned and looked at the street where the axes came from and panicked to see Walt and fifty men charging straight into the crowd of bandits cutting and whamming them down as they went.

Walt charged in and hit a bandit in the chest with his axe and punched him on to the floor. He paused briefly with the disturbing realization that he just killed a man when he reacted to a second bandit by pulling his axe out and swinging it into the neck of his would be attacker.

The men following Walt charged into the crowd and it soon became a free for all in the town centre with fighting townsfolk and bandits all around, the bandits still outnumbered the men but were demoralised from the sudden reinforcements.

In the middle of it all the bandit leader was going crazy and killing at random, sometimes even punching and killing some of his own men. While Walt was ducking and diving, trying to avoid combat, calling out for his son.

As Walt pushed forward through the crowd of brawlers he swung his axe a few more times and killed three more bandits, he was currently facing another one that was sneering at him and panting like an animal, making sudden movements in an attempt to scare Walt.

Walt wouldn’t flinch or run until he found he son so he stared the bandit back without blinking. The bandit lunged and tried to hit Walt’s head with his sword but Walt ducked and came up to hit the bandit’s chin with his axe.
He missed however as the bandit was hit off his feet and thrown into a cart by a huge fist. 

Walt looked at who did it and came face to face with the bandit leader himself.

Walt instinctively lunged his axe overhead to him, when the bandit leader dodged to the side effortlessly and backhanded Walt in the chest knocking him away onto the body of another bandit, The bandit leader laughed and paced menacingly at Walt crackling his knuckles preparing to give him the final blow.

Walt was trying to back away and find another weapon to replace the axe that was knocked out of his hands when the leader stood over him, The leader raised his hands when he quickly dodged an arrow that came zooming past his head.
Followed up by blocking the lunge of a townsfolk with a hammer by grabbing the handle, snatching it from him and punching the man’s head with his inhumane fist and finished him off by smashing him down with the hammer as he was lifted off his feet by the force of the punch.


Walt took this distraction to get up and run past the fighters towards where the bandits first attacked.
'The exit gate to the town is near the swing where Kalt plays on' thought Walt. ‘Kalt might have been there when they attacked.’

The End

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