The Eve

Kalt was sitting on his favourite swing on the hill in south end of the town overlooking the plains outside Yuit; he couldn’t stop thinking about the hero. It was nearly dark now and mum and dad said he could stay out for another hour, dinner would be soon but Kalt was too tired to be hungry. He was staring at the dark blue sky that would soon be black with the glittering stars in them; 'dad and me will probably look at our favourite star again tonight.’
Kalt’s dad was really interested in stars and was teaching Kalt everything he knew about them. But both of them liked a particular star best: a huge burning red star that was all alone from any other stars.
Kalt asked his dad once if that star was lonely and his dad replied that as long as people like them looked at that star, then the star would never be lonely as it would have all the company in the world.

A gentle wind was blowing in and shook the long grass in the plains outside the town and blew the tree leafs around, it gently kissed Kalt on the face as he closed his eyes and wondered what the hero was doing, he couldn’t believe that he mistook him for anybody else.
The hero was amazing and he proved it, and from now on if somebody said they were a hero then he would believe them until it was proved they were not, Kalt decided. He went on to imagine many things, including what other heroes were like and hoped that, just for one day, he could be a hero like them.


In the street called cobbles end, Walt, Raru and the girls were just reaching home. The girls were laughing and running around while Raru pretended to be the snow monster that she played during the snow fight even though all the snow had dried up now and they were just damp in the clothes.
Walt looked at the small cottage and the end of the street, there was smoke rising from the chimney from the fire Walt put on before they left as rain was rumoured to fall tonight and Walt thought it would be a good idea to warm up home by the time they got back.

The girls got to the door when Raru caught them, the girls giggled and hugged their mum and said, “We love you mummy, we’ll always be together.”

Raru was slightly confused by this saying and replied, “What makes you say that all of a sudden?”

 Walt came up to the door, opened it and walked inside when one if her daughters spoke up. “Because now we know there are people like the hero in the world now.”
The other girl butted in. “And with people like him who will protect us, nothing will stop us from being together forever now.”

Walt walked into the small building that was his home; there was only one room with a few extensions, the main room had a roaring fireplace in it and several desks and bookshelves and a small cooking corner with an oven, the extensions had three doors at the end of the room.
The first door led to Walt’s and Raru’s bedroom, the second door led to the bathroom with the toilet and bath while the third went to Kalt’s and the girls’ bedroom. The girls walked off to their room while Walt went to the fire and started to settle it down as Raru moved over to the cooking area and began to prepare dinner.

'After today' Walt thought 'Kalt will never be same the same again' he wagered.
The lights in all the houses were on, people who just closed shop were walking home and the final glimmers of the sun could just be seen on edge of the distance and the birds were returning to the nests. The sound gradually faded into nothing except for the sound of the muffled voices in the houses and the sound of the wind in the distance.


Outside Yuit a cloaked man stood by a tree looking at the town. A yellowy smile smeared across his face and a sparkle in his eye illuminated his pupils. “It's time.”

The End

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