The Types

“Dad!” Kalt cried “this man says he’s the Hero! But I don’t know who he is or where the real Hero is, you’d said he be here Dad!”

Walt looked at his Son and then to the man and looked puzzled. “Son...this is the Hero, dant’ he tell you?”

The strange man butted in “oh I did wise father but your son expects much out of something he knows nothing about Hee Hee Ho Ho!”

Walt spluttered and began fondling with his fingers “oh I am so sorry for me son’s rudeness, he dant' know Sir.”

Kalt was extremely confused at this situation. 'How does Dad know who this man is? They're both saying that this old man was the Hero; well if that’s the case I should ask him a question only a Hero can answer. Besides I love Heroes so I know all about them so this should be easy, and I can find out if he's lying.'

Kalt thought back to his lunch hours where he kept on asking his teacher questions about heroes, he started school only four months ago and has been asking her ever since.
'Now what question could only a hero answer? I could ask him what type of hero he is!' Kalt wondered about that question.  

There were five types of heroes that he knew, although his teacher said that there were probably more types beyond the land of Respoten  though the Dwarfen Mile Mines Mountains and into the Terytan Tribal Kingdom. Respoten had many wars with them in the past until the Dwarves made the border mines between them to stop the wars. Now only travellers, merchants and adventurers travelled through the gate of King Ludi in the mountains to get to Terytan.

The five types of heroes in Respoten were:

The great Warriors of battle: The Banet.

The wise and cunning rogues: The Ranter.

The powerful masters of elemental magic: The Mamto.

The animal shape shifting fighters: The Amilop.

The keepers of knowledge and seers of the land: The Kertica.

If Kalt asked him who he was then surely he would be able to tell if the strange man was a Hero or not. Kalt opened his mouth but then realised, if a five year old boy knew this then surely a grown up would. The strange man could lie about who he was and call himself anything. Kalt would have to ask him a personal question that only a Hero could answer truthfully.
Kalt pondered for what question to ask him that the strange man couldn’t lie about. After a moment of thinking very hard Kalt clapped and got it, his question would be what his weapon was called. Every Hero had a weapon that suited him or her for their own personal needs and it had a name that was unique to them.  If somebody entered the Hero's Academy and passed the trials they were to forge their own weapon to stay with them for the rest of their life.

Kalt sniggered silently. 'I'm so clever, there is no way this strange man could lie about that and that would prove if this skinny old man is really the Hero I want to see.'

“If you really are a hero then maybe you could answer me a question only a Hero could say” Kalt said with a smirk on his face.

The strange man looked at him and chuckled very loud in what sounded like a forced laugh and raised his legs and sat down.
“Which question would it be Kalt? What type of Hero I was? The name of my weapon? Or another question you’ve yet to think of? Well that would be quite difficult at this point.”

Kalt became very confused and a little scared of this strange man. 'How did he know what I was going to ask? And how on earth did he know my name?'

“Oh that’s very simple Kalt, because I can hear your mind Hee Hee Ho Ho!”the old man said laughing.  Kalt fell backwards and sat down and stared at the strange man, and when he did Kalt realised something that nearly made him cry in shock. Indeed it nearly made his whole family scream; The strange man was sitting cross legged but wasn’t sitting ON anything; he was sitting in the air floating!

At which point the strange man burst out into fits of giggles and fell on the floor holding his sides, Kalt’s sisters laughed a little too. It was a whole minute before the strange man stopped laughing and sat up; he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes and looked around the family’s shocked faces and then picked up another apple lying next to him and took a bite.

“Well the least I could do is answer your questions after giving me a good laugh; it’s been ages since I had a good chuckle Hee Hee Ho Ho! Well to address your confusion quickly I am a Hero young Kalt. Xectix is my name and I’m a Mamto type Hero, that’s how I’m able to read your inquisitive mind young Kalt you see, its magic! Oh and the answer to your other question, my weapons name is Henry and it’s a stick.”

Kalt shook his head at all this information, he couldn’t decide which to come to terms with quicker; the fact that the person in front of him WAS a Hero or the weird sort of way he described himself as a Hero.
The Hero stared at the apple he just finished eating and threw it away and whispered to himself “I really hate apples...”
Kalt was still dumbfounded by this truth, in fact his whole family was.

'This man would have been the last person I'd expect to be a hero' Walt thought.

“Amazing what you learn each day isn’t it wise father?” The Hero said as soon as Walt thought that. Walt looked at the floor and muttered something in embarrassment, Kalt stood for a moment until eventually excitement gripped him and he started jumping and cheering.

“Oh my gosh! A Hero! A real life Hero! I’m the luckiest boy ever! Wait until my friends hear about this! Hey Mr Hero sir can I see your weapon? Please! Please Mr Hero?” Kalt started running around in a circle saying please over and over again in which soon his sisters joined in, much to the enjoyment of the Hero.

“Sure young Kalt here it is” the Hero pulled a small twig from his beard and put it on the floor. “Careful though, don’t touch it, Henry doesn’t like strangers you see, most thieves find that out the hard way Hee Hee Ho Ho!”

Kalt stared at the twig with confusion. 'What a weird name for a weird weapon' he thought.

“Hey! Henry’s a normal name in my opinion, others just don’t see it that way, and just like you thought a moment ago young Kalt, a Hero’s weapon is unique and exclusive to each Hero, and well that’s what mine looks like, but I tell you now, Henry is a good weapon. Got me out of a few tight spots he has Hee hee Ho ho!”

Kalt didn’t understand how a twig saved his life but he didn’t care much because he finally found a Hero. “Mr Hero Sir how long are you going to be in our town for?”

The Hero stared at the clouds for a moment and replied “oh I go where ever the wind guides me really, but I guess I could stay here for the rest of the afternoon...and yes I will play with you and your sisters if you wish young Kalt.”

“YAY” cried the children.

The End

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