The Hero

Kalt had run on ahead of his family and made it to the top of the hill in no time; he looked around trying to find the Hero and started running throughout the apple trees keeping his eyes open whilst he barely contained his excitement.
'The Hero is on this hill! He's around here somewhere!' he kept on thinking.

Kalt went in and out of the trees and looked behind him but couldn’t see his family. 'They're so slow, didn’t they want to see the Hero? Oh well, if the Hero went now only I would have seen him, and my sisters and friends would be so jealous of me.’

Then it struck Kalt. 'Where is the Hero? I can't start bragging about seeing the Hero until I actually meet him' but Kalt couldn’t see him anywhere.

Kalt began to wonder what the hero looked like.'Maybe a giant knight in white armour! Or maybe a powerful sorcerer with one of those pointed hats... or maybe even a powerful swordsman with the skulls of all the evil kings he's killed!'

Kalt had no idea and the thoughts made him even more excited. He looked around and squinted as hard as he could but he couldn’t see the Hero anywhere, and then a thought hit him: 'What if the Hero has already left?'

Kalt fell over and cried, "NO!"

"The Hero couldn’t have gone already! I haven’t seen him yet! It’s not fair!" Kalt cried out in frustration. "It's Mum and Dad’s fault! They were too slow; I missed him because they took too long, this can't be happening! The only time I could see a Hero and my chance is gone forever!"
Kalt leaned back on a tree and started hitting the ground and pulling the grass out,'This is the worst day of my life!' he thought.


Kalt jumped up and looked around trying to find out where that came from.

“Up here boy.”

Kalt looked up and saw a very skinny man wearing only shorts and a long grey beard. He was grinning with a mouth full of yellow teeth and was eating an apple; he looked like the sort of man Dad always told him to stay away from.

“So you’re the boy who wanted to see me huh?” croaked the strange man, he slid off the tree and hung from the branch still eating the apple and dropped neatly to the ground.

“My Dad told me not to talk to strangers” Kalt said firmly, the strange man chuckled in a weird laugh and got on his knees and looked at Kalt, he was acting very strange and looked it as well.

“Ah a smart man your father would be to; indeed I don’t talk to strangers either so why not introduce ourselves so that we won’t be strangers anymore hmm?”

Kalt was confused, he had just met this man and now he wanted to introduce themselves, so as to not be strangers? Thinking about it just served to confuse him more.

Kalt took a few steps back and said “I’m here to see a Hero, not a strange man who climbs trees” Kalt closed his eyes and crossed his arms and looked away.

The strange man did a little spin on the spot and clapped. “Oh ho! So boy you’re here to see the Hero hey? Well maybe I can help, what does the Hero look like?”

Kalt opened one eye and said quietly “I don’t know. But my Dad does and he’ll be here soon.”
'In fact where is everyone? They are taking their time getting up the hill' Kalt wondered.

The strange man got off his knees and stood up revealing himself to be quite short, shorter then mum at least Kalt thought.
“Well I know what the Hero looks like; he doesn’t like clothes much because it itches his skin and gives him a rash. Ooh and he has a natural beard he hasn’t shaved in twenty eight years, seven months, sixteen days, two hours, eighteen minutes and fifty six seconds Hee Hee Ho Ho! His teeth are still intact, despite having hit them many times, and only between the ages of fifty to fifty Hee Hee Ho Ho! Oh and he really hates apples.”

Kalt took a while to process it but then realised what the strange man had said and then looked the strange man up and down. “Wait, are you’re the Hero? But that can’t be right.”

The strange man had an inquisitive look on his face “oh and why’s that boy?”

Kalt looked the strange man in the face and firmly said “Heroes don’t look like homeless people.”

The strange man laughed out loud and looked Kalt in the face “but you told me you don’t know what a Hero looks like boy so how exactly would you know that a Hero doesn’t look like me?”

Kalt still didn’t open his eyes or unfold his arms and simply said “because all Heroes are good and cool and look like great fighters, and you don’t.”
With that, Kalt’s family came round the trees next to them.

The End

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