The Town

The sun was shining, and the air was fresh. The hills in the distance had the usual peaceful sense to them and the town of Yuit was bustling with life during the normal shopping spree on midday Saturdays. The land of Respoten was in for another thriving, fun-filled day thought a boy with thick dark blonde hair, a button nose, rosy cheeks and heterochromic blue and hazel eyes skipping down the main street with a glee in his step.

“HURRY!!” cried the boy to his family as he looked back and saw his parents and older sisters four shops behind him. “We’re going to miss him, we’re going to miss him!!” he yelled at his family as he jumped up and down the spot.

“Hold ye’ orses’ son we’ve got plenty a time ta see ‘im” said the father who had fuzzy brown hair and mutton chops as he caught up to the excited boy.

“But that’s not the point! He’s a Hero! He could be called away at any second, that’s what Heroes like him do!” gibbered the boy as he took two huge steps forward and spinning around to face his Dad.

“Now see ere’ Kalt, the man’s not goin’ any where’s for the rest o’ the day, ee’ promised remember?” said the dad as he watched his son skip off again, the dad looked around and saw the whole town was with a buzz.

He couldn’t blame them though; it was not often a famous Hero would come to a small town like Yuit and considering how much time he listened to his son talk about them he thought it would be best to take his family to meet him.
Of course when he told Kalt that he jumped up and down hyperactively and nearly fainted, the result made him suffer a kip across the head from his wife for making him like that. The twin girls were excited to because they had never seen a Hero before, so was his wife Raru, in fact so was he himself.

Only the merchants that came to town on travels had ever seen Heroes before and the Dad didn’t know of anybody else in the town who had seen one too. He heard from the lads down at the pub that the hero wouldn’t talk to anybody except children and since he was taking his children to see him he would be the only one in the town to have been able to talk with him.
As the family trotted along the cobbled path of the high street the Dad looked around and saw all the familiar sights that were his home. The butchers cutting the meat, the blacksmith making the horse shoes, the street performers putting on an act with puppets, the fisherman haggling with the shop owners over the prices of the catch today.

Today was a good day. “Walt, isn’t this exciting? Kalt is finally going to see a Hero. He spends all his time daydreaming about them and now he finally has the chance to meet one!” Raru spoke to her husband as they exited the high street and made their way onto the country path up onto the hill with the apple trees. “You know what the rumours they say about Kalt right? They say he has the makings of a Hero in him, oh I do hope the Hero says the same, wouldn’t it be so wonderful if our son became a Hero?”

Walt looked at his wife and then his son who was already at the top of the hill to the girls who were pointing out the different flowers on the path side. “Bah! You shouldn’t listen to all em’ rumours Raru, our son is only five, ee’ dunno what ee’ want to be yet, we shouldn’t tell im’ what to be.”

The truth was that Walt wanted his son to be the greatest of heroes if his son wanted to be, but he was scared that he would lose his boy. He might not have ever met a Hero but he knew about their dangerous life style and the last thing he wanted was his son to be in danger.

The End

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