The Hero of Respoten

Young Kalt has always dreamed of being a hero, and after his meeting with the wise (but very strange) old hero, Xectix. His life changes beyond his imagining, as he focuses on one aspect of life alone: Revenge.

“We love you Mummy; we’ll always be together” were the words that rang in his ear, the same words over and over, as a man lay in the mud with the freezing rain pounding on his bloodied face.
He could hear some screaming still: some people who refused to die cried for help - the screaming of the damned - and some people who yelled out battle cries as they ran around wildly - the screaming of the killers. The man’s head fell sideways and he saw what made the echo in his head. One hour ago they were running in the fields playing hide and seek.

Now the bodies of two little girls and a woman were crumpled in a heap by the house door, blood seeping from their bodies onto the floor and being swept away by the rain.

His wife and daughters.

The man looked back up into the cloudy dark sky. Although most of it was blocked out by the smoke from the burning buildings and the rain clouds, he could still see the red star he looked at every night, bright and attractive in a small gap in the rainclouds.
The ominous dim light that came from all corners of his eyes were all the same thing to him: more death, another life being destroyed, and their home being burnt. The fire that spread all throughout the town had thankfully not touched his house; unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for the bandits’ swords.

He tried to protect the family. He tried to protect everyone. But he was no warrior and these men were killers. He fell quickly, just as his family soon did before him.
Darkness soon gripped him, the screaming was becoming faint. There was nothing left in the world for him now.

 “Dad?” was the last thing he heard, and a small boy crouching over him was the last thing he saw. The breath escaped him, and the man lived no more.

The End

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