The Hero

I was the first. At least that's what they say. It all happened back in the late summer of 1961. Yes, I know, this is the same year that that artist and writer from that comic company brought back the superhero comics in what is now known as the Silver Age. Was it coincidence? I thought so at the time. Now I'm not so sure.

As I was saying, the year was 1961 and I was a nuclear scientest working for the American goverment. We were testing a new bomb. I was in the hanger making sure everything was working properly when the thing exploded! Everyone in the room was vaperized but me. For some reason I was unharmed. Even my close were intact. I spent the next two months in chamber 160 feet underground being poked (sort of) by my pers.

The blast gave me incredible powers. I was super strong. I could fly and my body projected a field around me. Nothing could get through it! This field is what saved my life.

After a few months of seeing doctors come and go and the military wanting to use me as some sort of weapon, I left. I just flew strieght up until I was huvering above the Earth. Man, it was some view! I don't know how lone I was up there but it gave me time to think. What will I do with these powers? I couldn't just go back to being me. I was so much more than I use to be. I had great powers! But how to use them. I remember reading comics as a kid. Superhero ones were hard to come by since war and westerns were the craze at the time but I do remember reading about some guy in a blue and red suit with a cape. He used his powers to help people to make the world a better place.

That was what I'd do! I went home and started to design my costume. It was form fitting with a cape and mask. I thought it was a good idea to conseal my true identity. Not like the military and a few dozen scientest cou;dn't figure who this masked hero was but nobody else would. I was ready to protect the world. Okay, I started small.

I then bought a police scanner and set it up. It wasn't long until I heard that a local bank was being robbed. I flew out of the house making a mental note to open the door first next time and made it to the scene in minutes. It took me even less time to stop the robbery. Once the thugs started shotting me they were so confused that the bullets bounced off of me that thating them out was no trouble.

The next day the papers called me the Hero. Yes, just the Hero. Nothing fansyer then that. You'd think a schooled jurnalest would be able to think of something fantastic to call the first super powered being but no. They did get better with the others however.

After a few weeking of stopping crooks and saving people from  burning buildings and getting a cat out of a tree. I meet my first supervillian. He was to become my life long nemises. And yes the papers were just as create of with his name as they were with mine. He was dubbed the Villian. Like I said they did get better with this in time.

Unlike me he didn't start so small. In his first apperance he stormed into city hall and started to kill everyone he saw. By the time I got there he had murdered seven city workes. Our fight was both epic and devestating. After fourty minutes of tarring up two city blocks he vanished.

To this day I have never been able to defeat him. He seems to be my equil in every way. It's the same every time. Once enough damage has been done he ups and vanishes. Gone without a trace until the next time.

Over the years I have batteled a lot of other supervillians that have crawled out of the woodwork, but the Villian wil always be my formost nemises.

Well that's what I use to think. That was until I found out that the accedent that gave me my powers was not really an accedent at all.

The End

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