Chapter 2 - #OneWithNatureMature

            Christabel had brought her camera along with her to the outdoors.  She had found a small deserted clearing by a waterfall and figured it’d be a perfect place to film.  She was wearing blue jeans and a butterfly tanktop, but that wouldn’t matter much because the video was only going to show her face and the natural beauty around her, or so she thought.  She turned the camera on, pointing it towards her face.


Lights, camera, action.  Pressing record marks my step into immortality.


“Hey guys, Heretic Heart here!  I just figured I’d showcase the little place I found.  Let’s see what we can find, yeah?”  Walking with the camera in hand was never fun, the shaky cam was never great on a video, but what the hell.


“Sorry for the movement.  It’s hard to walk and record at the same time.”  She stopped, leaning against the rock formations.  The camera was waterproof, and she held the camera away from the water.


“Ever done this? Just stand on a rock, letting the waterfall hit you. I don’t mean to sound mean but this is reality.  I’m not scared to fall and I don’t care if I get caught.”  A smile crossed her lips, closing her eyes and leaning her head back.  They need to see this.   

The camera moved backwards, showing all her body slowly being covered by fresh water from the waterfall.

“This is real.  This is reality in a nutshell, one with nature.  I can’t be near the heat producing artificial man made machine.  I love this!”  She moved her head forward, hair wet and slick against her face.  “Join me.  You are me!”

After walking out of the waterfall, and smiling even wider, Christabel continued to speak.

“I’m glad we could share this moment!”  Slipping on a slick rock, her camera tilted slightly, almost out of her grip.

“Fuck! I’m glad I caught that for you guys! Figured I’d do something special for you all!   Till we meet again, ta ta, Auf Wiedersehen, au revoir.”

She sighed, not knowing how to end this senseless rambling.

“Fuck it! Bye!”

The End

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