The Heliosphere and the Subprime crisis - Ch.2 - The Puppet Mind

His eyes opened slowly.

He was lying down and the room  was so bright that his eyes were just slit opened.

He could not move. Where I am?

Oh God... I remembered now. I have been abducted last night, when coming home late.

Panic climbed up from his legs to his chest and then his head, he tried to cry and to move, but he could not. What would they do to him? Would he get hurt, robbed?  His kidneys removed or something?

His eyes opened a bit more to try to devise something in the room he was.

Panic grew and he was losing his mind.

A blank LCD screen appeared in front of him, very close to his eyes. It began to lit up.

A commercial movie started, a cartoon, a cute purple elephant with a wide smile and big eyes. A song was present also, and together with the cute elephant invited him to try this DeliCrunch Cereal... 'DeliCrunch you got to try it...why not now?...Try it now!...'

He was surprised to see that he was calming down. Slowly at first, but definitively he was calming down from the panic and the storm his mind was just a few moments ago.

As a matter of fact he was feeling happy...

What this movie had done to him?

It was wrong...but he was so happy...yes he was now a happy man.

An out of focus face appeared in his sight, it was wearing surgical clothes and a mask, but he could see that it was smiling at him.

The End

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