The Heliosphere and the Subprime crisis

The old man finally sat down.

After many months of secret meetings around the world, encrypted chats through the parallel internet and phone calls that no one could understand, it was finally settled and done.

The negotiations were over and the old man, as a leader of this ancient multinational secret society, had been utterly successful in the most significant challenge it had yet faced in a thousand years.

A crisis had been made up in just a few months, a housing market crisis or something, he did not care. What he needed, to assure their survival, was the massive amount of financial resources goverments around the world would provide him and his organization.  

He could remember, just nine months ago, when the phone rang and he was briefed on the Heliosphere (a kind of shield that deflects cosmic radiation away from the solar system) sudden menace to humanity and life on Earth.

Not even a man in his position could secure the necessary assets to build a contention plan. A plan which would save his kind - and not many more.

As a controller of national governments around the world what he had needed in fact, was just to provide a public excuse for those countries to inject billions on his, so to speak, 'Noah Ark project'. He then bred the housing crisis and its sudden bubble collapse as his master plan, and when it succeeded he warranted the resources.

The real problem now was the second cover up: how to deal with such a huge research project, which would include many of the world top scientists and research facilities, without calling worldwide attention? 

Maybe that neurocybernetics and induced collective hallucinations stuff, which that neuroscientist had explained to him - and he did not understand much - was the answer.

The End

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