Chapter Four

It took only seconds for everyone else to regain their true sight. Damien saw them all stare up toward the throne, and as he followed their gaze, he glimpsed a bright, shimmering light in his preripheral vision. He whipped his head toward the throne, but was blinded by a bright, shining white light that was hovering steadily over the cushion on the chair. At first, he couldn't see, but his eyes seemed to adjust to the brightness.

But as soon as his eyes adjusted, the light morphed into a dull glow, and completely disappeared. And only seconds after, the light returned, but it grew quickly, like a light bomb. It didn't affect one person though, but when the light recoiled back to the throne, it was the form of a man. He had bright blue eyes, a pale face, and he wore a smile. He somehow had no features of his own; they were everyone's, in a way.

"You all know you are dead." He said. And everyone did. What other explanation was there- there sat God in front of them, proof of their burrievement. "But you are not completely banned from the Earth. You are not ghosts; you are angels.

"Let me tell you the rules of Heaven; there are different groups. One is Angels, which is what you are, and angels are assigned their true other half- and this is chosen by how they first saw Heaven when they got here. Someone might have seen a field, or a concert with their favourite band. There is only one other person in the world that has that same world as their favourite land. Of course, you cannot tell this unless they have died, but this is impossible; to be assigned to another dead person- instead, you shall be pulled to them by sheer force.

"The other groups are ghosts and poltergeists. They are divided into two normally; ghosts are only up here to be told what they are. Then they are back in Earth to haunt it. Poltergeists are taught by demons. Now, when I said Heaven was split into groups, there are two high groups. God and the Devil. Both groups can walk freely into either side of Heaven, but cannot harm eachother.

"Now the last group is people who were never meant to die. We bring them here, and wipe their memories, put them to sleep and give them back to Earth.

"There are no other rules to Heaven. You may come and go as you please, but you can not see your family. Well, technically, you cannot be seen by your family, but with everyone else, it's fine. And now, you shall be taken to your cabins. Good luck, everyone." God finished, and dissolved away slowly.

Damien wasn't shocked. He didn't know why- he had guessed that he had been so shocked lately that he run out of the ability to be shocked.

But he didn't have a clue as to what he was meant to do.


The End

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