Chapter Three

Though no one was actually physically sitting in the chair, the booming voice that erupted from it had a not-to-be-messed-with tone to it, so everyone crowded- not that crowding was possible in such a huge, extravagant building.

The throne from which the voice came from was all golden; it had a velvet cushion, and intricate patterns created from the gold, and the patterns seemed to depict a story of Damien's life; he didn't know how a few patterns could do that, but when he thought that, he fell into the story, and the curves and twists of gold seemed to move, and form a scene. Damien felt like he was dreaming.

A baby is taken from it's mother- taken away forever. The mother screams, almost inhumanly, for her baby. The people that helped her weren't doctors. but as to what they were, that was still a mystery.

But then, the scene changed:

A man knocks on a big, crust, faded red door. The same woman, yet older, answers. As the man pulls something from behind him, the woman's eyes glow with delight, tears spilling from them. She grabs the boy holding the hand of the man. She doesn't know how she knows that this is Damien, but she could tell with his pale, ivory face; his jet black hair and his icy-blue eyes.

And the scene changed again:

Older, taller, Damien is walking through crowded halls, ignored by everyone. He clutches folders to his chest, and walks quickly, as if trying to ignore everything. A huge, athletic man-like-boy shoves him forcefully against a locker, causing Damien to drop his folders. He makes no eye contact to anyone as he bends down to collect them, before running away toward a class-room.

And then the scene dissapated to the scene in the alley; the scene he had forgotten:

Walking along the dark, backstreets of Enfield, Damien keeps his head down. He isn't skinny anymore; more athletic, but still, as people would always have called him, a 'push-over'. He walks swiftly until he is stopped by a huge man with a knife. Damien jumps back, arms spread out in front of him, as if trying to stop the knife. He pleades desperately, but to no avail. The man pushes his knife into Damien's gut, as it easily slices through the skin, the tissue, and ties the last, fatal knot as he twists. He rummages through Damien's coat, and takes everything, leaving him there to bleed.

And then the scenes stopped, but though Damien seemed to have been out of it for hours, nothing seemed to have change, apart from the blank expression on everyone's faces. Were they all watching his life, too?



The End

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