Chapter Two

The image inside the door mirrored Damien's perfect world. The sky was bright blue and no clouds were in sight. The sun's bright glow beamed to the ground, through the leaves of a huge oak tree, creating spotted shadows cast by the green leaves on the floor.

The air that wafted through the land was cool and calming; it was refreshing, and was the perfect thing to balance out the perfect heat of the bright sun. At first, it seemed that nothing else was there apart from the tree and two hills behind that tree. But seconds later, the scene dissapated into a white land with a lane leading to a huge white hall, with columns to hold up the Greek-styled roof. The ground seemed like everything had lost its colour, but still looked beautiful; like an artistic black-and-white photograph.

A gust of wind lifted white dust from the ground, causing it to dance in the air, in perfect harmony with the wind. Damien knew that he should go to the building- it was the only place to go. He walked nervously up the pathway to find that encased in the confides of the building were millions of people. On the outside, it looked as if it could barely fit fifty. But the inside looked bigger- and grander. A great, glistening chandelier hung from the roof, creating a light that was everything but artificial. The walls (which were invisible from outside) were golden and covered in beautiful paintings of cherubs and doves flying together. The windows were very simple, but in a way that made them lok like they were made from the earth; as if they were made purely naturally to be there.

"Hello, everyone. I am God." A voice erupted from an empty throne-like chair. The voice was quiet yet heard by everyone. And it had an accent that wasn't from Earth.

The End

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