Chapter One

Colours sliced through Damien's vision, penetrating through his defenses, as if they were attacking him. He didn't remember how he got in this floating abyss, surrounded by colours floating around, morphing and moving, as if they were alive. Darkness surrounded him and the colours.

The last thing Damien could remember was lying in a street, fire slowly licking its way up him, intending on climing along his whole body to give him the final kiss of death. He could vaguely remember the shap, shiny metal knife connecting with his flesh. But everything other than that just wasn't in his mind.

But where he was now was infinitely better. There was no pain here, but it wasn't like the artificial numb feeling of anaesthetic. It was just... bliss. A bright, shining light ripped through the darkness, beaming on him, illuminating everything around him. It slowly grew into an open door. Timidly, Damien swam through the darkness to the door, and walked in.

He expected the light to blind him, but instead, it just made his vision better, and what he saw shocked him.

The End

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