The Heavenly Beyond

Death is such a feared thing, yet known by all and expected by all- but no matter how definite death is, someone's life- their everything doesn't have to end there.
Heaven is a place widely known, but rarely delved into; a supposed beautiful okace, one which consists of many different myths and legends of th presence and the looks of the place, but there is only one.
And when Damien Black enters the other world, he finds exactly what he didn't expect.

In most stories, death is normally the final stage of the book; the last turn of the page consists of the last breath- wether it be the main character, the enemy or a friend, it normally evolves into a tragic tale of how life leads to the inevitable end.

But this is not just a story. But for argument's sake, we shall call it a story. And this story starts in a graveyard.


Here lies Damien Black


Son, Brother and Friend

1994 - 2011


A woman dressed from head to toe in pure jet black stood emotionlessly by the melancholy scene unfurlding in front of her. A cloud of black netting interrupted her empty eyes as they lingered on the stone which represented the ending of a life; in a sense, the ending of her life.

A tear rolled insignifficantly down her ivory cheeks. She didn't seem to notice the small drip leaving a trail of wetness behind. She didn't notice anything; her eyes mind and soul were locked onto the gravestone. Because though she didn't- or couldn't- show it, the emotions were erputing around inside her like bombs.

Because to her, 'here lies Damien Black' means 'here lies my everything; my soul, my life, a part of me I can never let go. Here lies my son.'

The End

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