Sophie Goes For A WalkMature

Sophie woke up and stretched. The first thing she noticed was that Andrew was not in the room. This slightly disappointed her, and she realized that she had hoped to awaken to his face.

Sophie shook her head. What was happening to her? She couldn't be falling in love that fast, could she?

Deciding that she needed a walk to clear her mind, Sophie looked at the things that held her down. She very easily unhooked her heart monitor and oxygen tube. All that was left was the IV. Sophie took a deep breath and yanked. The pain almost made her want to scream and give up, but her entire body told her that she needed the walk. She couldn't stand being cooped up in that bed any longer.

So Sophie stood up and tip toed out if the room. She silently cursed herself when she heard a nurse come up behind her.

"Excuse me miss, but are you allowed to be out of your room with out supervision?" the nurse asked.

"Of course." Sophie snapped. Then she added, "just go ask Dr. Barnett. He'll tell you."

She figured that if he wasn't in her room with her, that he was either really busy or at home. So she figured telling the nurse to find him would buy her some time.

Deciding not to think about how angry Andrew would be with her for leaving her room, she headed off down the hallway. She wandered the hospital for what felt like hours, the walk clearing her mind. It gave her time to think about everything that had happened to her in just the past 12 hours, how much different her life was in just that short amount of time.

Without realizing it, she had stopped in front of the door to the children's ward. Curious, she stepped inside. She saw children everywhere; crawling on the ground, sitting on tables, laying on chairs. It was a madhouse, everything that Sophie's OCD usually told her to stay away from, but it somehow drew her in.

So she sat down and started playing with the children. She played for hours, barely noticing when the door opened behind her.

The End

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